12 tips for creating a Wonderful Client birthday App

What is the one thing people are most fond of, after their name?

Their birthday!

Annual events such as Christmas, Valentine‘s Day and Mother’s Day roster around every year, and while not everyone celebrates them, everybody has a birthday.

Even if something like 19 million people (7 billion people divided by 365 days) share the exact same birthday throughout the world every day, there is still something quite special about the day you were born.

We often recall their birthday parties as a kid, and how they celebrated their landmarks. With the passing of”snail mail”, a birthday card is becoming a rarity and thus it’s 1 marketing method that will make real cut-through with your client.

A birthday program can allow you to win the loyalty and focus of your clients — but only if you use it!

How often have you been asked for your birthday details by different companies? Dozens of times, possibly? And yet are you really surprised to get say, just a small number of emails or mass-produced postcards from firms sending you birthday wishes annually?

People today feel unbelievably indulgent in their birthdays and a few (like my partner!) Series out what he calls the”Festival of Me” for a fantastic week or so. It is their time to feel unique.

Since I introduced an email AND handwritten birthday greeting program, my sales have zoomed. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Of those repeat buyers who have received a birthday card for themselves, their spouse or their kid, 38% have purchased another product within three months.

Here is 12 tips on creating a Wonderful customer birthday program:

  1. If you do not already do so, request your client’s r day, month and year of birth upon registration. While the month and day is the minimal information you need, requesting for the year can allow you to target those particular milestones, like their 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th birthday and so forth, and fine-tune your demographic information so that you understand what age groups are purchasing your products.
  2. In case you’ve got a CRM system, and whether the information is appropriate with regard to the products that you sell, request their spouse’s or their children’s names and birthdates too. Added birthdays or anniversary dates offer you several opportunities to target them during the year.
  3. Design branded, but clean interior greeting cards that you can use for any occasion. Do not design it with a Happy Birthday message; it is not likely to be design-equally appropriate for young children and for adults, and if you request anniversary dates, they won’t be served with such a particular birthday card design!
  4. Create a basic message that may be tweaked depending on if they were the first purchaser or the recipient, an adult or a child, and if you are mentioning their age.
  5. You will make the most effect on your customer in the event that you really handwrite the birthday card (ideally you’ve got fine writing) and get more points for handwriting the envelope, too! Pre-printed, mail-merged greeting cards using their name to distinguish customers are not quite as special. What is the cost and effort of a handwritten card value to your organization’s business? Remember: the only real birthday cards most adults get these days are out of their mothers or grandmothers so yours will stick out!
  6. Enclose an offer to observe. Most people today feel very self-indulgent around their birthday and might treat themselves then to a special offer from your organization. Making it date-specific will push them to behave, while open-ended promotions save you printing costs.
  7. If you are sending the card into your client’s workplace, ensure the coupon or offer code provides over single-use: they might be delighted enough to demonstrate their birthday card to coworkers, and pass the voucher . I’ve had several orders come in from business addresses where I have just sent the client’s birthday card.
  8. Ideally, check your clients’ address details a month before their birthdays. Most individuals are open to getting something in their birthday. I’ve open rates of over 30% on those”Can I please check your address?” Emails with about 20 percent of customers responding with a new address.
  9. Send the birthday card at least one week before their actual birthdate. This gives it a lot of time to get there, allows them enjoy prolong the Festival of Me, and it lets them display your card (which might be the only one they get ) for his or her friends to see.
  10. Another reason to mail their birthday early is that they might have moved. If they’ve completed a mail direction it might still reach their new address in time.
  11. If you get their birthday card Return to Sender, email them to update their address and wish them a belated birthday.
  12. Do not mention their age when your client is a woman aged over 30, or a guy older than 40. Lots of men and women that are older than this are uncomfortable having people know how old they are, especially if you’re sending it to a work address where coworkers might see it.

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