3 Ways to Avoid purchasing the Worst Restaurant POS Systems

How many of you were instantly fluent in operating your smartphone?

Yeah, we did not think so. Odds are, it took you a while to learn all the tips and tricks, and you’re most likely learning about new app capabilities every day.

Do not worry, it’s not a bad thing. New systems always have a learning curve. But when it comes to restaurant POS systems, not taking full advantage of this technology can possibly result in lost efficiency, and even lost profits.

3 Mistakes that Restaurant Owners Make with their Restaurant POS

Purchasing the cheapest POS accessible.

Let us begin with an all-too-common issue — restaurant POS software is no longer a”nice to have” thing for a restaurant. So as to keep up with competition, you want to adopt technology and leverage it to increase your restaurant’s functionality. As such, purchasing a restaurant POS solely due to upfront cost could ultimately cost you a whole lot more in the long term.

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Consider a POS system buy like hiring people to perform those jobs. Can you choose people based solely on low salary requirements? Or would you hire the people most effective at enhancing your business performance today, and to the future? Needless to say, you’d select the latter, right? Well, your restaurant POS is just the same.

A suitable POS system can be customized to your restaurant’s specific needs today, AND have the ability to adapt, update and evolve with your company, and the business. Who must constantly purchase new systems to accommodate changing payment tendencies, when a properly featured POS can do that, and grow along with your own restaurant?

This exact same logic applies to selecting a provider. A Fantastic POS service provider works with you and for you, not in the best interests of their own pockets.   Rather, take the time required to pick a supplier that gives your company the degree of operational and technical support it requires, to make certain you’re not left high and dry when things go awry.

Not adequately training employees.

Now, I need to admit, I am a self-taught computer man. And for years, I lived in a bubble of delusion about how proficient I had been in managing my PC, its applications, and tips and techniques to make things work better.

Then I met a person who took a $40 PC training class in a nearby Ramada. And I watched this individual fly through every conceivable program and app with simple abandon, realizing these things are capable of a lot more.

This story was a lengthy way of saying that coaching all restaurant team — by the front-of-house to owners and execs — on a new POS system is a must for making sure it delivers the ROI that you require. If your provider offers free training, ensure that your staff is there to learn, so you don’t waste time later, losing both efficacy and possible sales.

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Using your POS solely as a cash register.

For all of the advantages and features available in contemporary restaurant POS systems, it is downright shocking how many restaurants use them as really expensive cash drawers. Sure, they may make that process easier, but with a full-featured POS only for payments is comparable to purchasing a Big Mac for the sesame seed bun — there’s a lot more to enjoy, from itemized earnings payable to restaurant stock, that provides owners data to maximize operations from head to toe.

Although your iPhone is a natural extension of our heads and fingers now, it was not which  long ago that the majority of us fumbled about trying to make calls and unsend embarrassing texts. In precisely the exact same way, it is natural to make mistakes when using your brand new restaurant POS.

We would also suggest checking out review sites offering expert reviews of the hottest POS systems. But avoiding obvious shortcuts — like those detailed above — can go a long way to bringing your company a concrete return on investment.

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