3 Ways You Can Better Meet Customer Needs Online to Boost Revenue

When the pandemic moved most people online for the vast majority of our days, service providers proceeded to meet customers where they had been: At home on their computer or telephone.

For some, this was completely new. The provider might have never offered an internet appointment before, while their client might have not had a digital financial or legal consultation before.

Regardless of the learning curves for all involved, suppliers like marketing services, accountants, and attorneys have been able to do a very good job up to now. In a new ConnectPOS survey of individuals who listened with a service supplier online*, 83 percent of respondents feel fulfilled with current online interactions with service providers.

While that satisfaction rate is definitely positive, the remaining 17 percent of respondents who believe either neutral or dissatisfied with their online interactions can not be ignored. Now, more than ever, every sale counts. A happy client today might become a loyal customer for life, returning to a company when they want specific services or products.


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3 tips to enhance your internet experience so you never miss out on a sale

Here are three actions you can take to offer a top-notch online experience to fulfill customer needs so they will want to hire you over and over again.

1. Stay on top of communicating so customers are educated and wish to renew their contracts

The way you conduct business changed when the pandemic moved everything on the internet, and your customers‘ needs have changed, too.

Gartner research suggests that customers want longer communication, and they want that communication to be touchless, by remaining informed digitally (total content accessible to customers ).

“Be responsive,” said Max Gruber, director of Operations in FireCask. “Radio silence or inadequate communication can place real doubt in [customers’] minds. If you are there for them during times like this, and you can help them pull through and grow, then they will be thankful down the road.”

Consistent communication can help to keep customers in the loop and builds confidence in your brand, resulting in contract renewals and a consistent client base.

Software is crucial to online communication and can effectively manage how and when customers receive updates from you. Here is what this looks like in practice.

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2. Keep your site relevant and easy to navigate so customers can (and need to) get connected

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and your customers is your own site. A poorly designed site can drive away customers who prefer the glossy user experience provided by your competitor.

Your website needs to be customer-centric. According to Gartner, it is easy to figure out whether it is (full content accessible to customers ). Ask yourself:

  • Can my website map out product and service offerings according to our own perspective?
  • Can we use confusing language or industry-specific jargon?
  • Does our site offer disruptive interactions, such as sign-up pop-ups?
  • Does this take many clicks and activities to contact us or make a purchase?

If you answered”yes” to one of these questions, it may be time for a site redesign.

Because your site is the mediator between you and customers –both potential and present –you need to be certain it matches their needs and is not only a reflection of how you see your own business.

Technology presents a Catch-22 for some service providers: While it enables them to connect with customers when they cannot satisfy in-person, it may often feel cold, impersonal, or robotic. Here’s how one attorney went electronic without becoming impersonal.

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3. Request and implement customer feedback to show that you value your customers

Outsiders can often provide the most helpful insights. In cases like this, an outsider is the customer; someone who is not as near the organization and its internal workings as you or your employees.

Customer feedback can be crucial in identifying strengths and opportunities for advancement, but not all comments is created equal.

According to Gartner, more significant than feedback generally is making certain that you get the perfect kind of feedback to help shape new procedures (complete content available to customers ). There are many types of feedback you can collect from surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) steps how happy a client is with your company as it stands. (Ask:”How satisfied are you with your current online interaction with our company?”)
  • Net promoter score (NPS) steps how willing a client is to recommend your service to their network. (Ask: “How likely are you to recommend our services to a colleague or friend?”)
  • Customer attempt score (CES) steps how simple a customer’s interaction was. (Ask:”How easy or hard was it to schedule your appointment?”)

Each of these forms of comments provide a different dimension of insight into your customer experience, and customer satisfaction software can help you handle the information you collect. However, you need to ask the correct questions at the ideal time to unlock the most precious information.

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Make your customers feel valued so that they keep coming back

Providing a positive online customer experience almost always circles back to communication. This means keeping customers informed with regular updates, quickly responding to their queries, maintaining open electronic communication lines so that they can easily reach you, and listening to their opinions.

Software will help you do it. Customer communications management solutions make it easier to schedule meetings, respond to questions, and gather feedback so that you don’t miss out on an chance to fulfill customer needs.

Ready to explore software choices?

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