4 Advantages of a Touch Screen POS System

Are touch screen POS systems actually worth it?

In recent decades, many industry-leading companies and organizations have invested heavily in touch display solutions. There is a lot to be excited about in regards to those hardware solutions. The most important benefit of a touchscreen is that it allows for a faster workflow and a more efficient order entry. This way, organizations and businesses can dramatically streamline company operations.

Unfortunately, with such a wide variety of touch screen POS suppliers, it is hard to understand which vendor you need to prioritize for your organization. In addition, with such rapid technological progress, it is tough to separate fact from fiction when it comes to hardware attributes and advantages.

4 Amazing Advantages of a Touch Screen POS System

So, what does your organization need to understand in regards to touch screens? In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the top-line advantages of a touch screen POS system. By doing this, you can choose if touch screen is perfect for your unique organization.

1. Payments

Among the best ways to enhance the consumer experience is to provide fast checkout and payment processing. With a touch screen POS system, payment processing is a breeze. You can swipe or add clients’ credit cards safely and quickly. Additionally, the money purchase procedures are streamlined and expedited.

Rather than manually clicking through multiple displays and/or views, users can browse through the checkout procedure with ease and precision, providing customers the ability to rapidly checkout and get on with their day — it’s that simple!

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2. Employee Management

With a touch screen POS, business owners and managers can easily track their workers. In this example, it is possible to see which employees worked, how long they worked, and much more. With this information, you can better manage groups.

When it comes to employee management, ConnectPOS Provides the following:

  • Digital Time Cards: Each worker can monitor working hours and break times. Schedule your whole team weeks in advance to make sure you have proper coverage in your small business or shop. Eliminate the administrative burden of manually calculating hours and let our system do the job for you.
  • Payroll Deduction Reporting: Our payroll report is a payroll deduction report particularly for employee in-house fees to be deducted from payroll.
  • User Permissions: With job-based permissions, every employee can be assigned to a particular”job” for example cashier, manager, or owner. This way, workers can only access particular features and functions within the tool.

3. Credibility

By investing in a touch screen POS solution, you are giving your business an immediate credibility boost. It shows customers that you are using the most recent technology. Furthermore, it shows customers which you are prepared to invest in the hardware solutions required to expedite the checkout procedure.

4. Ease-of-Use

Ultimately, touch screen solutions do not need a significant investment of time and resources to begin. Additionally, typically, lengthy training exercises only are not required.

When unexpected issues do arise, ConnectPOS provides an expansive knowledge base to orient you and your staff in the ideal direction. From useful how-to videos to frequently asked questions, this knowledge base is a plethora of amazing information. Additionally, customer care teams are always available to lend a hand.

Accelerate Checkout With ConnectPOS

There is a reason why more companies chose ConnectPOS. In regards to the most recent hardware and software characteristics (touchscreen included), we have got you covered. Take it out of Mount Pleasant Seafood. This market owner was prepared to upgrade from an old POS system to a fully customized solution constructed specifically for their enterprise.




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