4 Frequent Uses of Self-Service Kiosks in 2020

Self-service kiosks were a hot-button problem in 2019, and it seems to be the same this season. A pillar of advantage, kiosks give clients more control over their experiences and enable them to get more information efficiently.

Self-service in retail evolved from analog vending machines into the high-power, internet-connected touchscreen kiosks that we’re knowledgeable about today. While the aviation and supermarket industries were quick to embrace self-service kiosks, other small business owners are discovering their usefulness in their own industries.






Here are just four of the most common applications for self-service kiosks in 2020:

Fast Food and Quick Casual

Forbes recently posted a piece that mentioned a Tillster study, which claims that 65 percent of clients said they would go to a restaurant more frequently if self-service kiosk were offered. In that same study, many clients (30%) say that they would prefer to purchase from self-service kiosks.

Quick-service and quick casual restaurants are starting to adopt self-service kiosks in droves, since they’re good at increasing order sizes through upselling and cross-selling prompts. These encourage clients to add things, or upsize items in their carts.

Kiosks also streamline the whole process, from food order entry, to payment, to food preparation. Clients can enter orders on intuitive displays and have them shipped directly to the kitchen, with all modifiers contained, so that they can immediately begin working on orders.

C-Stores and Super Markets

For companies centered on customer convenience, kiosks offer the ultimate benefit. Clients can use kiosks in an assortment of ways, from self-checkout to information and price lookup. Many clients choose self-checkout since the traces generally move faster and they feel more at ease when they do not need to worry about interacting with cashiers.

Kiosks can also be set on the sales floor and in the ends of aisles to help clients find instructions on where certain goods are in the shop, and look up other product info without needing to track down an employee to ask a question.

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Brick-and-Mortar Retail Endless Aisle

Based on Frank Mayer & Associates, a recent study shows the typical retail order total at a kiosk is 15%-20% more than a classic counter transaction. There may be several reasons for this, but one compelling one is the endless aisle.

E-commerce retailers are capable of endless aisles, which enables customers to browse for lengthy intervals and see more products which may interest them. Traditionally, brick-and-mortar retailers have not been effective at this. Installing self-service kiosk solutions throughout the store in strategic places may permit these retailers to mimic the endless aisle effect.

Shoppers can browse a merchant’s physical stock, but also explore additional colors, styles, sizes, and much more on the retailer’s site, on the kiosk in the store. With this, retailers can maintain lower inventory quantities for individual goods, and a wider assortment of products they maintain in-store.

In-Store Digital Signage

Placed strategically throughout the shop or in a window screen, kiosks could be implemented as dynamic digital signage to show new stories, product demos, or even more.

These may be interactive or static, based on the merchant’s needs. Digital signage is an efficient means to enhance the shopper’s in-store experience, while also highlighting your products and brandnew. With kiosks, it is possible to create continuity between your in-store and internet presence.

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Self-Service Kiosk Versatility

By now, kiosks are leveraged by a vast majority of service-based businesses, and beyond. They are good at automating processes, supplying advice, and engaging with clients to provide a better overall experience. We have just reached the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering their potential across different businesses, but the consensus is they are useful, cost-effective, and here to stay.

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