5 POS Suggestions for the Silly Season

With the hectic holiday season almost upon us, it is time to prepare your Point of Sale for the Christmas rush. To ensure that your POS system is set up for success beforehand, our staff has assembled 5 ways that you maximise holiday cheer and prevent disappointments or downtime.
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1. Create a Custom Holiday Message

Chris Rushton, Workshop and Service Tech and the latest member of this Triniteq support group, reminded us of a little-used function that may offer an additional means to communicate with your clients.

“A simple way to supply some holiday cheer and best wishes to your clients at your POS is to establish a Christmas or holiday message to grow your receipt. You could use this function to make a particular message or promote your vacation specials like’Do not forget to try our favorite smokey ribs next time!’ . It’s simple to do, just put in your custom message to the reception area in your POS touch screen”

2. Get Menu Changes Programmed Early

Matthew Bartels, POS Support & Setup Technician, mentioned that clients sometimes forget about the programming of the Christmas menus or standard holiday menu changes before the last minute.

“We’re coming up to the busiest time of the year and when clients need a customised menu or modifications made to their existing menu within their Point of Sale, clients will need to get in contact with us as soon as possible to ensure we can find the programming done in time.”

3. Set-Up Your Surcharges
Aaron Oliver, Triniteq’s Business Developer, wanted to remind clients about setting-up their public holiday surcharges early.

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“If places are available across the public holidays, they are probably paying their staff holiday prices, so it is important that their surcharges are installed properly to help offset these costs. Although not tough to do, many clients call us to ask help setting up their surcharges in their POS. If clients do need assistance, they ought to call as soon as possible so that we can set up their surcharges ahead of time, to automatically run on the assigned days.”

4. Stock-up on Printer Paper Rolls & Ribbons

Jonathan Hurst, Triniteq’s Revenue Manager, brought up the importance of stocking up on consumables prior to the rush.

“Although common sense, it is awesome how many stories we have learned about our clients running from kitchen or receipt printer paper rolls mid-service and needing to fanatically find paper rolls and printer ribbons from other places or shops to wave them over. The best thing to do would be to stock up early and, since we’re now discounts on bulk orders of our premium-quality printer rolls and printer ribbons, now’s a terrific time to do it.”

5. Get Set-up Early

Shaun Munro, Triniteq’s CEO, reiterated that the most important thing to remember is to get everything set-up early to avoid any problems mid-rush.

“Triniteq service is always available but through public holidays, just mission-critical issues will be prioritised. For help with general requests like setting-up surcharges and menu programming, clients need to contact us as soon as possible to avoid any problems during their hectic holiday period.”

We would like the vacation period to be a massive success for your organization. By getting everything set up early, stocking-up on printer paper rolls and ribbons, and with your POS holiday messaging efficiently, we hope this contributes to a rewarding Christmas and a prosperous new year for your company!

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