5 Reasons Why Retailers Want Ergonomic mPOS Solutions in 2017

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions have rated on retailers‘ list of”nice to have” technologies since their introduction many years back. However, for many merchants, mPOS solutions are”must-haves” for 2017.


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Here’s why:

1. Convenience. Customers are no longer willing to stand in long lines to complete sales transactions. They want options that enable them to pay for their items quickly, which permit them to pay from places apart from the stationary checkout lane. With mPOS solutions, retailers can take payments in store aisles, at temporary checkout stations on the sales floor and, in the event of sidewalk sales, in the front of the shop itself. Furthermore, retailers that sell merchandise in different environments, such as craft shows or farmer’s markets, can safely process credit card payments when mPOS solutions are in their technology toolbox.

2. Access to Information. Increasingly, consumers are using their smartphone whilst shopping at brick-and-mortar shops. According to a recent poll by mobile loyalty company SessionM, 90 percent of respondents said they research products in their mobiles; 54 percent hunt for price comparisons; 48 percent search for product information; and 42 percent check reviews online. Equipping sales partners with mPOS devices allows store employees to get the exact same merchandise information as shoppers, and it enables them to engage shoppers at the point of choice.

3. Endless aisle capability. Today’s consumers want what they want, when they need it and when it is not available at your store, shoppers will turn to your competitors to get it. MPOS solutions can prevent this from happening by providing endless aisle capacity. Endless aisle capability enables customers to access an institution’s e-commerce shop, find the item that’s out of stock in the present brick-and-mortar location and order instantly. Customers can store endless aisles and arrange for the product to be delivered or picked up in the shop, due to mPOS.

4. Space saving. Traditional POS technology occupies plenty of space on retail counters; the bulkier the gear, the harder it is for store workers to operate in tight spaces. High-tech gear is also less aesthetically pleasing. By comparison, ergonomic mPOS solutions have a small footprint and a sleek appearance, in addition to require only minimal counter area. This paves the way for a more appealing shop, with more space on the counters to display product.

5. Support for a top-notch customer experience. Retail in 2017 is all about providing customers with the outstanding client experience they’ve come to expect and need. MPOS solutions contribute greatly to this experience by enabling retailers to provide effective customer service, payment flexibility, accessibility to the broadest possible assortment of product, and a greater degree of customer engagement.







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