5 Retail Tips to Boost Your Christmas Sales

It no doubt feels just like the Christmas sales season is right around the corner. There is a lot to get organised, from stocking up your stock to ensuring your employees and systems are well prepared. Take a look at our tips for ensuring you are on the ball once the crowds — and their wallets — hit the shops.

Integrate your in-store and online stock

Inventory control integration is an absolute must if you are selling in both the physical and online worlds. Thus, if you sell stock from your Bondi location, your online stock availability will also reflect this decrease in stock. This not only helps to stop over-stocks and under-stocks but in addition, it ensures you avoid the danger of an angry or disappointed customer in case that you can’t really fulfil the order.

Ensure employees are adequately trained

Last-minute gift grabs in December provide the chance to upsell, cross-sell and provide alternative products. If the client has already decided to come into your shop and take time to settle on a product, an easy offer to upsell or cross-sell could significantly increase margins on each sale.

Often retailers spend a good deal of time organising and training new employees on possible upsell and cross-sell opportunities across their many shops, especially during Christmas when casual employees are hired. Ensuring that you have a POS system in place that helps to create these recommendations immediately and will help provide the tools your employees should do during the hectic Christmas period.

Master your present lay-bys

Tons of folks like to set aside presents months beforehand, and if you do not have a decent lay-by system set up you’ll find it a nightmare to set up and handle those details manually. Ensure that your marketing reflects your capacity to accept lay-bys both in-store, online and through your email communications. Provide suggested lay-by alternatives for different segments of your market and you may even break down the procedure for them so that they know they just need to commit $5 per week and these pair of shoes will be prepared and wrapped prior to Christmas.

Get your targeted messaging on stage

Don’t miss your opportunity for highly effective and tailored Christmas advertising this year. Your POS solution ought to be installed to capture customer buys, send out personalised email campaigns, monitor results and link customers directly to your internet store. When you haven’t already, segment your client database and get cracking on targeted email and social marketing campaigns. For those who have a loyalty program in place or intend to implement one, you may even send out discount coupons and bonus points to observe the return of consumers who’ve purchased particular products or invested certain quantities.

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Get your gift cards in order

Gift cards are incredibly popular around Christmas, because everybody knows someone that has everything! Spend some time perfecting your branding for gift cards and that is going to find a excellent answer under the Christmas tree. And ensure that your in-store systems can easily allow the customer experience you’ve planned out so that you can concentrate on getting the most from the hectic season for you and your company.

So do you have your plans in place for the Christmas rush? And how well will your company systems enable these plans? If you want to hear how other Australian retailers are preparing to raise the bar this joyous season, get in touch with us now.


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