5G will be a key enabler for digital transformation in the public sector

5G will be a key enabler for digital transformation in the public sector

Digital transformation is an important lever for changing the functioning of government. Digital technology is increasingly being used to support government priorities such as increased citizen engagement, better productivity, and stronger economic expansion.

Most governments will soon experience tight budgetary conditions after COVID-19. 5G investments may not be a priority. In the medium and long term, however, 5G will be a key technology infrastructure at both the national and government levels.

Public education and training, government facility management and defense, blue-light and smart city services are just a few of the areas where 5G could be a significant asset to public services. 5G, a general-purpose technology will play an important role in government technology conversion


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  • 5G will set the tone for government tech transformation. 5G rollouts within the public sector are slower than in other sectors. Despite this, 5G’s impact in society and the economy will be multiplied if 5G is adopted by the public sector.
  • 5G is a technology that can be used for many government solutions.. 5G is often used in conjunction with mobile edge computing to enable enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type internet-of-things communications and ultrareliable, low-latency communications.
  • Many 5G use cases will be defined by public-private partnerships in the public sector. 5G will be driven by ecosystems partnerships between the public and tech vendors, regulators, academic institution, and international institutions.

To be Future Fit, We Need to Move Beyond Digital

Free Forrester WebinarThis is especially important for manufacturers and tech providers that serve manufacturing companies.

European manufacturing companies must become more sustainable to meet changing demands of customers, suppliers, partners and suppliers. While incorporating sustainable technology into your organization is a good place to start, it is equally important to evaluate your products through the lens of sustainability, longevity, and to involve employees, customers and partners in large-scale organisational changes.

This webinar is designed for senior executives in supply chain management, manufacturing, automation, operations and digital office.

The key takeaways

  • Learn how new technologies like the Internet of things, augmented reality (AR), and additive manufacturing (3D printer) can be used to help with both immediate organisational changes as well as long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Instead of traditional silo-based work practices, understand the importance of an ecosystem-based approach for organisational transformation.
  • Learn how manufacturers are changing to be future-fit enterprises, and learn more from industry leaders.

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