9 Secrets to Effective Retail Management for Employees [Infographic]

LoyaltyOne’s survey found that nearly half of shoppers reported having a problem during their last shopping trip.

81% of those customers decided to not contact the retailer regarding the issue. 32% of these silent shoppers said that they would not recommend the retailer to their friends and family.

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It’s not surprising. I’m not surprised.

It is difficult to understand the leadership and best management practices of a retail employee. Poor management has led to associates being as disengaged on the sales floor than in other aspects of their lives.

This allows your staff members to work at a minimal level with little interaction with customers and minimal impact on sales. Even though they want to feel part of something…part your store, part your team, part your success.

These 9 secrets will help you manage your employees if you don’t want them to be as inept as the g lasagna.

Respect them for having a brain.One grocery store driver noticed that yogurt from one store was never sold, and they had always run out of the particular salsa. He decided to double the salsa and drop the yogurt from an order. He was called by his boss to explain that he had modified the order independently.Think. This boss was wrong. The most successful retail manager knows that great ideas can come anywhere. He or she also communicates with associates to share his time and concerns.

Public compliments.Everybody likes to feel good about their job.AttaboyIt is great to have a retail manager who can do more than that. You can develop leaders within your store by taking time to acknowledge associates who did well, and recount their stories during staff meetings.Why?They did a great job. You can find out more about what employees do.RightMore thanWrongTell them directly in front of others that you want to foster employee engagement and a team atmosphere.

Train privately.Learning involves judging. Training must be able to overcome bad behavior, which will require correction. You can’t correct everyone in front of other people – or worse, in front of customers. Time can be set aside to train associates off-floor, away from customers’ demands. Retail staff can explore the store and ask questions, without being interrupted on the floor. This gives them the opportunity to learn.

Explore the product.Three of the most insulting words a sales representative can use to describe a customer are:I don’t know. Everyone should make it a habit to inspect shipments for new items. Encourage employees to handle, try on and use new merchandise.

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Minimum wage plusThe new employee was willing to accept a minimum wage retail job. Although she did a wonderful job pitching in, her check arrived two months later. She posted her dismay on Facebook. She quit soon. You must pay the best to attract and retain the best. Create an environment that is welcoming and supportive.extraordinary experience It takes the ability to think, act, and have maximum talent. People who are able to do this will be compensated accordingly.

Be accountableYou must. You must make sure that you hold your associates accountable for meeting your expectations. Retail managers are often limited in their accountability to those closest to them, such as assistant managers and shift leaders. Part-timers, who are often in direct contact with customers, should be held accountable.

You can help them find a friend.Managers are responsible for motivating, encouraging, and challenging their employees. A great team is built by a strong manager. onboarding . It is your goal to help the new employee make friends with fellow crew members. This will help you forget about the feeling of me against them.

Ask them for their opinions.Bad bosses are often criticized for their inability listen to or pay attention. You must engage Millennials and allow them to freely express their opinions. You don’t have to use all of them, but collaboration is essential.

You can reward them with thought.Reward them with a gift card or car wash if they achieve goals or make large sales.

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How To Manage Retail Employees Infographic


Effectively managing your employees will help them reach their potential, and allow them to sell with confidence while helping grow their retail business.


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