Audi A5 Sportback

Price range: $68,900 – $132,800

Good: Audi has taken the philosophy of a Coupe and the practicality of a Hatchback and combined these elements with a Sedan to bring into being the Audi A5 Sportback. After driving this car you’ll think twice before buying a normal sedan again.

Not so Good: Interior cabin space can seem confined to some passengers but to others it gives a real sense of sportiness. Entering and exiting the driver’s seat takes some time to get the hang of when the steering wheel is closest to the driver.

Design and Engineering

Good : I’ve never been excited by a five door Coupe…to be honest I just didn’t see the point…until now. Audi has done a superb job at executing a sporty four door car – without the visual need of big spoilers and unnecessary side skirts. The front design is identical to the A5 Coupe which is a good thing, from the side Audi has managed to design an oblique roof without removing too much rear headroom – well done Audi. And just like the front of the A5 Sportback, the rear is identical to the beautiful A5 Coupe. The rear hatch when opened has an almost 100 degree loading capability.

Not so good : The rear overhang is a bit on the heavy side however it’s a small compromise to a terrifically styled vehicle

Interior and Styling

Good : The interior is like any other Audi, sitting in the driver’s seat creates the sensation of a cockpit. Audi has done a great job designing the A5 Sportback to be a real driver’s car. Audi A5 Sportback owners can feel at ease their money was well spent, standard features include eight airbags, a multi-function computer with a decent size display screen, multi-zone climate control system, Bluetooth phone connectivity, keyless entry and start, cruise control, power adjustable front seats, leather all round and much more to keep you busy.

The A5 Sportback is as functional as a wagon, as sporty as a two door coupe, with the security of a sedan.

Not so good : Front footwells could be larger and Audi could have supplied a more user friendly steering wheel adjustment mechanism. Majority of the switchgear is located at the base of the gear shifter and the lowed section of the dashboard, which means to adjust something on the Sat Nav system driver’s have to look down for longer than usual which means their eyes are off the road for longer, that is until the button locations become second nature which doesn’t take too long. But for the more frequently adjusted features like the audio, the steering wheel controls have this covered.


Good : The Audi A5 Sportback is available in two great engines, the 2.0 TFSI four cylinder petrol engine with 155 kW and 350 Nm of torque, and my favourite the 3.0 TDI V6 Turbo Diesel power plant. The Turbo Diesel is the pick of the two with 176 kW and an inspiring 500 Nm of torque. Both engines provide excellent levels of performance whilst maintaining very conservative fuel economy figures of 7.5 L/100km for the petrol and 6.6 L/100km for the Turbo Diesel on combined cycles. You’ll appreciate the A5 Sportback provides an excellent balance between power and economy.

Not so good:  There’s nothing negative about the performance of the A5 Sportback; both engines offer bang for buck and very good levels of performance.

Ride and Handling

Good : My favourite attribute on the A5 Sportback is its handling capability, the quattro all wheel drivetrain combined with its wide track in addition to a fine suspension setup and grippy tyres equates to an excellent cornering vehicle. The steering uses Audi’s Servotronic speed-sensing system, so when parking the car and driving at low speeds the steering wheel becomes nice and light and on the highways if firms up to maintain a straight line with ease.

Not so good : The tyres are soft and a tad noisy on coarse bitumen but that’s the conciliation for that extra grip. At times on uneven surfaces the ride can feel firmer than average, but this comment is subjective because of the vehicle’s sporty nature. And for buyers that want even more sportiness in their Sportback’s DNA, Audi offers optional sports suspension for $700.

Buying and Owning

Good : The Audi A5 Sportback offers great value for money for a good sized luxury vehicle, on top of the impressive standard features list Audi offers and wide array of options for customers to further bespoke their vehicle. The A5 Sportback is a real head-turner, for new car buyers in the market for a medium sized luxury car wanting something with a rapid heart rate – go take one for a test drive and you won’t regret it.

Not so good : There are vehicles of similar size for a lesser expensive price tag but looks don’t come cheap and in this case they’re not out of reach either

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