B2B Digital Advertising Optimization is Broken. Here’s how to fix it.

B2B Digital Advertising Optimization is Broken. Here’s how to fix it.

B2B paid media investments are affected when companies adopt a “more traffic, less money” optimization mentality. This is because traditional digital optimization starts and ends with two flawed assumptions: that advertising’s greatest and most effective use is inviting direct clicks and visits and that optimizing for clicks to visits and conversions at the lowest cost is the best way to maximize advertising ROI. It is impossible to be more wrong.

Traffic is a great goal for advertising. However, it’s important to avoid focusing too much on click-through rates and conversion rates in a paid media mix. Instead, focus should be placed on maximizing the efficacy, amplitude and value of traffic coming from multiple sources. To unlock the full potential of B2B digital advertising impressions, and the creative within them, it is important to shift the focus from click-through and conversion rate. Reaching and influencing the attitudes and behavior of targeted audiences and buying groups digitally wherever they are is key to unlocking their full potential.

These changes require a complete overhaul of the standard optimization approach. This is the right time to make these changes, since recent increases in advertising budgets have raised paid media governance to higher levels within many B2B organisations.

For evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of paid media flights, organizations must adopt an audience-centric approach. Our new report, “Rethinking B2B digital advertising optimization” outlines this approach.

This report gives an overview of paid media maximization and recent benchmarks from Forrester’s advertising budget data. You can read the report and contact us to discuss paid media optimization for your company and how to show the value of your paid media efforts.


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