Bloglist: Steve Delgado With Arial Software

Title: Steve Delgado, Marketing Director

Company: Arial Software

In Bloglist, we request ecommerce professionals to identify their favourite blogs. With this setup, we asked Steve Delgado, Marketing Director of Arial Software, a company which creates email marketing software and solutions.

The king of copywriting tips for internet marketing success. Sometimes short. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes sassy. Always succinct. Copyblogger is a site for the author’s author (defined as the advertising writer who spends time tweaking the message, reviewing outcomes, then tweaking the message ). This is the individual in your company who’s always searching for a better way to state it. Of special note: Try the free report called “Teaching Sells.”

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Marketing guru and Google darling Seth Godin has been post new advertising wisdom with an entrepreneurial turn. Consistently the promoter of change, Godin’s posts can vary from a 36-item pre-“Mail Checklist” to”Seven Tips for Amateur Form Designers,” a fast text and design primer for readers designing their own PowerPoint presentations.

Ann Handley and Allan Weiss have been generating relevant internet advertising advice for almost eight decades now. Since 2000 this former website has evolved into a free (and paid) mixture of articles, case studies, newsletters and much more.

Blogged information directly from MarketingSherpa Founder Anne Holland. With entries titled”Caution: Cease Pounding Your Email List with Special Offers!” And”Five Ways to Boost Blog Outcomes Today,” Holland continues the no-nonsense, leave-your-fluff-at-the-door heritage she started at

Writer magazine editor Ken Magill aggressively covers the email advertising industry like it is everybody’s business. While not technically a blog, Magill’s writing style carries the identical sharp wit and lack of PC filtering that lots of bloggers always use and abuse. It would take you thousands of dollars in travel expenses and many late night industry trade show mixers to learn the exact things as an hour of studying Magill’s webpage would.

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