Peugeot 2008 vs. Renault Captur

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If you’ve saved up a nice chunk of money and you’re looking for a
new, richly equipped car which isn’t too large, there’s lots of choice.

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Especially when you’re looking at the compact crossover-segment.
I think of it myself as a historically French thing to be honest.

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Back in the day, Renault had Baccara-editions of their cars, Peugeot
offered the Roland Garros-editions for their smaller models.

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Typically French cars, some sort of Parisian culture. Luxurious cars
for people with lots of money, but without lots of room to park.

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Those people wanted Baccara- or Roland Garros-editions. And still,
the French are able to deliver. That’s why we’ve brought two French cars…

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which still have some of that heritage. A brand-new Peugeot 2008
with the strongest engine and all of the options available. It’s going up

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against a brand-new Renault Captur with the most luxurious
trim and the strongest engine available.

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Even though it’s called GT, it reminds me of the Roland Garros-editions
from back in the day. The most luxurious trim level available for the 2008.

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And what Peugeot does best of all, is building their interiors. They show it
in every Peugeot nowadays. The design is great,

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the lines look great, and the details are great. Just look at this instrument
cluster. Sure, it’s digital and we see that a lot nowadays,

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but it’s digital in two layers. And the top layer is transparent,
which gives a very spacious, 3D-like effect.

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It doesn’t make sense, but it looks really good. And things are allowed
to look good, they don’t always have to serve a practical purpose.

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It has a small steering wheel, right in front of the dials. Not very handy,
so you’ll have to move it lower or higher. I’ve positioned it lower,

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but it’s a matter of taste. I’m able to find my way around it,
but not everybody can. That’s something to consider when buying a new…

00:02:19,143 –> 00:02:21,515
Peugeot. You’ll have to live with this weird steering wheel.

00:02:22,683 –> 00:02:28,845
I enjoy other details as well. These flip switches for example. It’s
simple and clear, but it really looks great.

00:02:29,045 –> 00:02:35,180
Unfortunately, you can’t adjust simple things like temparature or anything,
because for that you’ll need to get into the menu’s. Not very handy.

00:02:35,380 –> 00:02:40,627
The gear lever looks good, the seats are nice and I like the
stitching. It’s all very well built.

00:02:40,827 –> 00:02:49,364
It’s the most luxurious 2008 available and it’s powered by the most
powerful engine: a 155 horsepower-unit producing 240 Nm of torque.

00:02:49,564 –> 00:02:57,610
It picks up nicely in lower revs and combined with a conventional 8-speed
automatic gearbox, it’s a nice and comfortable car to drive.

00:02:57,810 –> 00:03:05,322
It’s a very nice automatic gearbox as well. Like I said, it’s a conventional
one, so it has a torque converter. However, it’s quick enough so it won’t…

00:03:05,522 –> 00:03:18,604
become annoying. Sometimes, in lower revs it might doubt a little when
setting off. However, when you’re up to speed, it’s a quiet and…

00:03:18,804 –> 00:03:22,571
comfortable automatic gearbox.

00:03:22,771 –> 00:03:30,157
Despite having the most powerful engine, Peugeot always uses
3-cylinder engines in the 2008. This being no exception.

00:03:30,357 –> 00:03:38,859
When it comes to power, you won’t notice it at all. It’s nice and powerful,
but you can hear the typical 3-cylinder buzz. You have to get used…

00:03:39,059 –> 00:03:43,453
to that. Luckily, it’s pretty well insulated when it comes to noise,
so you won’t really notice it.

00:03:45,386 –> 00:03:52,459
The connectivity is very good in here. I’ve got two USB-ports over here,
one of which being an USB-C, so you can charge old and new devices.

00:03:52,659 –> 00:03:58,717
In the back, you’ve got two USB-ports as well, so the
kids can stay entertained on long vacation drives as well.

00:04:15,853 –> 00:04:25,189
With the luxury-level being at a French standard, the same can be said
about the drive. It’s a soft, quiet car with lots of comfort.

00:04:25,389 –> 00:04:29,593
The steering is very light and it doesn’t have a lot of feel to it,
but it’s very precise.

00:04:29,793 –> 00:04:36,129
The 2008 is pretty big for its segment, and fortunately enough,
you’ll notice that on the inside. It’s nice and spacious in the back…

00:04:36,329 –> 00:04:39,605
with lots of leg- and headroom. Especially the latter is better than
in the Captur.

00:04:41,025 –> 00:04:47,248
It has a boot of 405 litres and if you fold down the seats,
you can fit 1.476 litres in the back. That makes it…

00:04:47,448 –> 00:04:50,993
incredibly royal and practical.

00:04:51,679 –> 00:04:56,824
If you ask me, this embodies the true Roland Garros-spirit from
back in the day. Despite not saying it on the badge,

00:04:57,024 –> 00:05:02,630
it has the same level luxury and comfort
the Roland Garros always offered.

00:05:20,632 –> 00:05:26,900
Then there’s the Captur. Renault’s historic trim level Baccara
has been reincarnated for some years now in the form of Initiale Paris.

00:05:27,100 –> 00:05:31,939
Named after the French capital. And you can immediately spot this
trim level because of its eggplant-purple color.

00:05:32,139 –> 00:05:38,939
It looks black, but it’s actually purple. Nicely accentuated with this
white roof. Also, you can tell by the huge wheels.

00:05:39,139 –> 00:05:42,906
If you look closely, they’ve incorporated the Eiffel Tower into
the wheel design. And if you paid attention during geography class,

00:05:43,106 –> 00:05:48,568
you’ll know the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Connect the dots?

00:05:48,768 –> 00:05:56,816
In here, it’s incredibly luxurious as well. However, if you compare it
with the Peugeot, it’s not as special when it comes to design.

00:05:57,016 –> 00:06:01,031
But that’s more because of the Peugeot instead of this one,
because Renault certainly tried.

00:06:01,231 –> 00:06:11,421
The Initiale Paris comes with a digital instrument cluster as standard and it
changes its configuration based on the Multisense-settings on the dashboard.

00:06:11,621 –> 00:06:19,385
It’s a good looking vertical screen. It’s not very quick but the design
is of very high quality. Very clear layout as well.

00:06:19,585 –> 00:06:24,062
This Captur also has some flip switches, albeit not as beautiful as in
the Peugeot, but still.

00:06:25,183 –> 00:06:31,590
What I like as well is the leather upholstery, which is standard on the
Initiale Paris-version. The stitching looks good, the patterns look good,

00:06:31,790 –> 00:06:36,103
it’s just very true to French design. It’s just good.

00:06:38,801 –> 00:06:47,822
It’s a nice and clear car as well. Very spacious. It has increased in size
compared to its predecessor, and you’ll notice that very clearly.

00:06:48,022 –> 00:06:58,670
In the back, the legroom is a tad better than in the Peugeot, but the
headroom is a tad worse. It’s up to your personal preference really.

00:06:59,652 –> 00:07:07,337
The boot is a tad smaller as well, only 377 litres. However, because this
Captur comes with an adjustable rear seat as standard, you can increase…

00:07:07,537 –> 00:07:11,129
the luggage space to 536 litres.
That’s very big.

00:07:12,105 –> 00:07:17,704
What I like most of all is that Renault doesn’t fit a 3-cylinder
but a bigger 4-cylinder engine in their bigger Capturs.

00:07:17,904 –> 00:07:23,812
That’s this 1300 cc engine, which is over 100 cc more than in the
Peugeot. It also comes with an additional cylinder compared to…

00:07:24,012 –> 00:07:31,252
the Peugeot and despite 3-cylinder engines being very good these
days, a 4-cylinder engine just feels more grown-up.

00:07:31,452 –> 00:07:40,731
It pretty much has the same power output, 154 horsepower to be
exact. However, it has more torque: 270 Nm of it.

00:07:40,931 –> 00:07:51,425
Also, it has a 7-speed double clutch automatic gearbox. Unfortunately,
it’s not incredibly quick. I mean, it’s fine but it’s not as quick as some…

00:07:51,625 –> 00:07:55,042
other double clutch-gearboxes available these days. That means
the difference with Peugeot’s conventional automatic gearbox…

00:07:55,242 –> 00:08:01,502
isn’t incredibly big. It’s a tad smoother than the Peugeot
in the lower revs, but it’s very close.

00:08:01,702 –> 00:08:06,227
The engine just picks up a tad nicer when you’re setting off,
but that’s partly because of the bigger bore.

00:08:06,427 –> 00:08:12,649
On the other hand, the Captur uses more fuel. On paper that is,
and we’re talking 5,6 litres per 100 km, as opposed to the…

00:08:12,849 –> 00:08:17,723
5,0 litres per 100 km the Peugeot does. I can’t confirm
those figures yet, you can read about that in the magazine.

00:08:17,923 –> 00:08:23,683
The new Captur is built on the new chassis by Renault
which it shares with the new Clio.

00:08:23,883 –> 00:08:32,234
That means it’s nice and communicative. Pretty dynamic as well,
more than Peugeot anyway. On the other hand, it’s a tad down…

00:08:32,433 –> 00:08:37,399
on comfort. This is the more sporty one whilst the Peugeot is
clearly and solely aimed at comfort. Again, it’s up to your own preference.

00:08:37,600 –> 00:08:43,681
I like this dynamic approach better. It has more feeling in the steering
wheel and it offers more resistance than in the Peugeot.

00:08:43,881 –> 00:08:49,220
But it’s still nice and quiet on straight roads,
it’s not twitchy in any way.

00:08:51,525 –> 00:08:57,448
Past fall, I drove the 130 horsepower-version in Greece when the
new Captur was introduced.

00:08:57,648 –> 00:09:05,788
This is the 155 horsepower-version, and back then I said 130 horsepower
was enough. And I was right. You don’t really need the additional…

00:09:05,988 –> 00:09:15,305
25 horses. The only difference is that this always comes with an automatic
gearbox, whilst you can also choose a manual in the 130 horsepower-version.

00:09:31,013 –> 00:09:38,228
As standard, this Initiale Paris-version comes with the MultiSense-system
from Renault. That means I’m able to change certain aspects of the car.

00:09:38,428 –> 00:09:50,486
I can put it in Sport, or in Eco, or in MySense. The latter being my personal
preferences. Very cool and all. If I put it on Sport-mode,

00:09:50,686 –> 00:09:58,433
the throttle response become sharper and the gearbox becomes
a tad faster. Even the digital instrument cluster changes according…

00:09:58,633 –> 00:10:03,649
to the mode you’re in. If you’re in Sport, it changes to a big rev counter.
Eco-mode gives you a regular dial.

00:10:05,921 –> 00:10:11,855
If you put it in MySense, you can choose what kind of dial you want
to see. It’s all up to you of course.

00:10:13,919 –> 00:10:23,118
The Captur also considers our gadget-addiction, because this has two
USB-ports in the front. Both are regular USB-ports though.

00:10:23,318 –> 00:10:29,170
It comes with an AUX- and 12V-port as well. In the back,
there’s the exact same amount of ports, so if the kids…

00:10:29,370 –> 00:10:32,198
are still able to flat the batteries of their gadgets,
I’ll eat my shoes.

00:10:39,777 –> 00:10:48,312
And now it’s time to choose. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard.
However, it’s rarely this hard to choose, because I’ll have to admit…

00:10:48,512 –> 00:10:57,891
that both cars pretty much stole my heart. And the cars are incredibly
close. Performancewise, trimwise, everything. It’s all about feeling I think.

00:10:58,091 –> 00:11:02,013
Do you feel more comfortable in a Peugeot or in a Renault?
That’s a question only you can answer.

00:11:02,213 –> 00:11:06,898
The Captur is more dynamic, more communicative, clearly more
fit for sportier driving.

00:11:07,098 –> 00:11:13,588
The Peugeot on the other hand is more clearly aimed at comfort.
It’s softer and smoother, and you could go for that as well.

00:11:13,788 –> 00:11:20,017
The interior in the Peugeot looks amazing, and for me that would
make it the winner. That doesn’t mean the Renault has an ugly interior,

00:11:20,217 –> 00:11:27,560
on the contrary even. But I just like the Peugeot better.
I think interiors are very important, and I think I’ll be more comfortable…

00:11:27,760 –> 00:11:37,992
in a Peugeot. However, there’s another big difference: the price.
The gap between these cars is €2.000, in favor of the Captur.

00:11:38,192 –> 00:11:48,541
Despite having a more luxurious trim. Not unimportant either.
Also, this Renault has a 4-cylinder engine which sounds more grown-up.

00:11:48,741 –> 00:11:56,598
On the other hand, according to factory figures, the Captur has
a higher fuel consumption.

00:11:56,798 –> 00:12:02,461
Anyway, when we look at all of the figures, the most rational choice
in this comparison would be the Captur. So will it be winner?

00:12:02,661 –> 00:12:08,963
You’ll have to wait a tad longer for the final results, because I’m getting
a third car to join the party. The red Fiat 500X behind me,

00:12:09,163 –> 00:12:14,272
which is very excited to join in. You can read
all about the final conclusion in our magazine.