Citroen C5 Sedan

Price range

$36,190 – $57,190


Good: Great styling; elegant yet modern interior; economical Diesel engines; standard features.

Not so Good: 2.0L petrol engine is underpowered; pricey for a semi luxury brand; lacks useful cabin storage.

Design and Engineering

Good : The current C5 Sedan arrived in Australia in September 2008, with an all new design over the previous model. We think it looks great and love the creased ‘swage’ line running across the flanks at the height of the door handles (a little BMW inspired?!). No skimpy wheels on this model with Comfort grades running on 17 inch alloys, the Exclusive gets 18’s and even 19-inch alloys are available as an option.

Not so good : The C5 is almost a half size larger than most medium sized European offerings = greater passenger space, however with this comes an increase in body weight which does affect performance. The Limited Edition 2.0L petrol sedan especially looks underpowered in this size vehicle.

Interior and Styling

Good : A very refined and elegant cabin design. Step up to the Exclusive grade and brushed chrome highlights and full leather interior further lifts the ambience. The steering wheel adjusts for both reach and rake and the front seats are soft and supportive so finding a comfortable driving position should not be an issue. The front seats also feature 8 way electric adjustments with driver’s memory.

Not so good : The electronic handbrake takes a little getting used to and the single (why not dual) cupholder in the centre armrest is poorly designed.


Good : The two Turbo Diesel offerings – a four cylinder 2.0-litre with 120kW of power and 340Nm of torque and a V6 3.0-litre with 177kW and 450Nm suit the C5.

Not so good : The 2.0-litre petrol engine offered from March 2010 is underpowered, producing only 103kW and 200Nm (which is about normal for a small family sedan, but not a larger than normal medium sized player).

Ride and Handling

Good : On a freeway or a smooth highway the C5 rides beautifully, you’ll struggle to find a more comfortable way to travel. The floating ride is a result of Citroen’s unique Hydractive III+ (hydraulic air) suspension. It is also a quiet vehicle with not much wind or tyre noise evident in the cabin.

Not so good : The air suspension works less well over rough surfaces and in an urban environment – often feeling floaty at lower speeds. This isn’t a sports sedan so those used to firmer riding BMW 3-Series or Mercedes-Benz C-Class’s will need time to adjust.

Buying and Owning

Good : Economical turbo diesel engines; lots of features for the money – such as cruise control, climate control air-conditioning, auto wipers and headlights and a dimming rear view mirror. Ticks the safety box with at least seven standard airbags (nine for the Exclusive grade) and the driver’s airbag is anatomically shaped thanks to the fixed steering wheel hub.

Not so good : A niche vehicle in Australia so future resale can’t be expected to match a number of higher selling competitors.

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