Flexible Staffing for sandwiches

Have you ever jumped into do dishes or stepped in as a busser in your restaurant as a member of your team chose to not show up daily? Despite doing everything possible to interview and hire the most dependable individuals, the expression”no call, no show” is common in the food and drink industry for a reason, and turnover will inevitably hamper any supervisor’s dreams.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an annualized employee turnover rate of 73.8percent in hospitality, which makes it the second greatest industry rate beside technology. Your time is precious, so why should you be spending it looking for cooks and bartenders each week?

Staffing your restaurant through uncertain times can be challenging. You don’t need to add employees to your roster that you do not need or can not afford to pay if things slow down. However there are tools available that offer flexible staffing that will assist you take your schedule day by day according to your current needs.

What’s Flexible Staffing?

On-demand hospitality staffing is a solution that gives managers access to employees when they want them, whether that is in a couple of days or a couple of hours. The same way that we can purchase food via an app that’s delivered to our door, an executive chef could find a prep cook to appear and work for the day. As we become used to everyday conveniences through an app, you may also rely on technology to solve your staffing issues.

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Flexible staffing choices give restaurants access to temporary employees to meet staffing needs on a shift by shift basis. Flexible staffing platforms match contract employees who have expertise in a particular industry with companies who require additional support.

When to Use On-Demand Staffing

There is various approaches to use flexible staffing at the restaurant business, whether it’s a part of your regular operations or just used in a pinch, you have access to thousands of professionals at your fingertips.

  • Last Minute Call Outs: Gone are the days of supervisors needing to step in! Technology permits you to connect with talented professionals with just a few clicks.
  • Surge in Business: Many companies face changes in demand based on seasons, holidays, and special events. This leaves them with more employees on the payroll than needed. Avoid that problem by simply getting additional staff when you want them.
  • Recruitment: Whether you are between hires or actively recruiting, using flexible staffing permits you to fill the gaps without missing a beat. Plus, the individual that fills the shift could just be the person you’re trying to hire.

No matter the staffing demand, staying flexible empowers one to address it effortlessly.

What Happens are Best for Flexible Staffing?

As a restaurant there are a number of roles that simply don’t make sense to fill with temporary labour. You want your servers to understand your menu and POS system and your bartenders to understand your beverage menu. Back-of-house (BOH) is where flexible staffing can truly shine.

The following are functions that work good for elastic labor solutions:

  • Event Chef
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook
  • Food Assembly
  • Dishwasher

Also, if your restaurant also does catering or events orders, flexible labor may be a fantastic solution to receive extra support and maintain your restaurant operating smoothly. Here are a few extra functions that work well with flexible staffing:

  • Banquet Captain
  • Banquet Server
  • Busser
  • Banquet Setup
  • General Labor







Ghost Kitchens and Delivery Staffing

If you are trying to get the most out of delivery apps, flexible staffing might be an answer. Any cook will tell you that preparation is critical, which rings true for growing delivery orders, also. Keeping a pulse on what’s being ordered to-go on a weekly basis will permit a ghost kitchen to be prepared beforehand. It is possible to place cold meals, sauces, even utensils and napkins together before service or days beforehand. Each one of these things may take just seconds to build but those moments can make a massive difference.

Using a fresh method of maximizing revenue, you will also likely have to have sufficient kitchen employees to fill orders. Using an on-demand staffing platform such as Qwick ensures you have got a variety of talented food and drink Professionals offered in minutes.

Flexible Scheduling Designed for the Hospitality Industry

Qwick provides flexible, on-demand staffing that is particularly helpful when there’s very little budget to hire new employees, or current staff may easily become ill or call out. Our electronic on-demand staffing platform matches restaurants with seasoned, vetted food and drink professionals in minutes.

The program enables restaurants to gain access to flexible budgeting and scheduling by setting their own change rates, while still being able to be certain they’re never caught short-handed.

If you are feeling the pain of high staff turnover or lengthy interview, hiring, and training procedures without time to waste, try Qwick! It is easy to hire professionals–without a fee.

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