Ford Escape SUV

Price range

$28,990 – $28,990


Good: Now in its ninth year of sales in Australia and Ford Escape is still selling decent numbers, so that must say something. Good price, pretty roomy & pretty simple.

Not so Good: It’s ageing – it looks and feels a generation behind today’s best Compact SUV’s. Only average fuel economy.

Design and Engineering

Good : The latest facelift sees the Escape receive a fresh ‘nose’ and a front bumper now more in line with Ford’s larger Territory…

Not so good : The Escape arrived here waaay back in early 2001 and has had to make do with facelifts in 2006 and 2008; meanwhile, competitors have launched fresher, more competitive offerings. We’re praying that Ford will release their excellent new compact SUV (the Kuga) here soon, as it is a class-leading player in Europe.

Interior and Styling

Good : Comfortable seats. They’ve updated the Escape’s dash with new controls for the audio and ventilation systems, which brings a splash of life into the cabin.

Not so good : The overall design now looks at least one generation behind the times; which it is. The Escape is essentially a rebadged Mazda Tribute. The Mazda Tribute was retired from Mazda’s Australian showrooms back in 2006 when they released the far superior CX-7.


Good : The Escape isn’t the heaviest of Compact SUV’s, and although it’s not the most high-tech of engine offerings, the vehicle does not feel underpowered – at least not in an urban environment anyway.

Not so good : The official Combined Fuel Consumption of 9.8L is by no means impressive for a naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder powered Compact SUV. Combined with the fact the 2.3L Petrol unit only produces 109kW is yet another sign that this is an ageing product…(sorry, we seem to harp on about that don’t we?)

Ride and Handling

Good : Relatively high profile tyres no doubt contribute to the relaxed ride. The overall handling is pretty good, and we certainly prefer it compared to the previous V6 engine option – which with its added weight over the front wheels was less comfortable on twisty roads.

Not so good : A generation behind the best Compact SUV players of today.

Buying and Owning

Good : The Escape is priced competitively for the features included. It’s relatively roomy inside, and since the model has been similar for a while now – spare parts are likely to be available and inexpensive (relatively speaking).

Not so good:  If you can wait until Ford releases the Kuga – you’re unlikely be disappointed.

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