Honda Accord Sedan

Price range

$28,190 – $47,290


Good: Refined, spacious interior – large boot – quality engines – a great highway car yet still fine on twisty roads. Overall: excellent value for money!

Not so Good: The exterior design is fairly conservative; the steering lacks the feedback of more ‘sporty’ rivals and the rear seats don’t fold down.

Design and Engineering

Good : The current Accord was launched in February 2008 and is a larger car than the previous model – it is now truly a ‘Large’ (i.e. Falcon & Commodore sized).

Not so good : The exterior styling is on the conservative side; with the Medium sized Accord Euro looking the more aggressive of the two!?

Interior and Styling

Good : The larger design translates to a very spacious interior; and the quality of materials is very good and the build quality appears excellent (a Honda strength). Whilst the centre console features a high number of buttons they are all logically placed.

Large, comfortable, soft front seats and a supportive large rear bench seat with lots of legroom on offer. Good sized boot.

Not so good : Rear seats can’t fold down to create a larger boot/cargo carrying area (however, there is a small ski-port for carrying…um…ski’s and ski-sized things…)


Good : The 2.4-litre four-cylinder and 3.5-litre V6 are both very good engines, refinement is high and compared to petrol-powered competitors the two engines are economical. The V6 also features Variable Cylinder Management whereby the Accord can run on as little as three-cylinders when power is not needed to improve fuel economy. Of course the V6 is significantly more powerful than the four and offers excellent acceleration from standstill and has good overtaking ability.

Not so good : Honda doesn’t seem keen on bringing the European Turbo Diesel’s to Australia so it’s petrol only for the time being. What are the odds of an Accord hybrid engine being offered some time in the future? Hmmmm…

Ride and Handling

Good : A far nicer drive than the previous Accord; the ride is very comfortable and the handling is perfectly suitable for most Accord buyer’s; the steering is good for a front-wheel drive… The VTi’s standard 16-inch alloys have larger tyre profiles than the V6 variants (with 17-inch) and so it is the pick of the two for comfort. If you’re looking for fun on a twisty road then choose the four-cylinder VTi as it has less weight over the front wheels…

Not so good : Lacks the sports car handling of a number of Falcon and Commodore grades (but Honda is not trying to build a sports sedan, so this is not necessarily a negative point!?) The steering is also on the light side and feels a touch lifeless on the highway.

Buying and Owning

Good : The Accord is great value considering the body size and features offered in each grade; it’s an excellent vehicle for travelling long distances and thankfully a full size spare tyre (not a space saver) is fitted.

Not so good : Large sized sedans aren’t the most trendy choices these days so we wonder if future resale will be as good as a similar sized SUV? But don’t let this thought put you off as for most driving conditions the Accord is a far more enjoyable drive than a large-ish SUV.

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