How Digital Marketing Can Help Manufacturers Survive in a Pandemic-Hit Market

The COVID-19 pandemic landed manufacturing companies like yours in uncharted waters overnight. Most had to cut production, and though need is gradually getting back on track, the ways of doing business have changed completely. Having an online presence is no longer an option for manufacturers such as you–it has become a necessity, and if you are struggling with the transition, electronic marketing can help.

However, you might have questions such as: How can digital advertising benefit my company in the current uncertain market? How are my fellow producers leveraging digital marketing channels to market their services and products? To get answers to these and related questions,

ConnectPOS conducted an industry survey on existing digital marketing practices among producers and the way their adoption has changed in response to COVID-19.

Here is an interesting finding for you: Of the 149 manufacturing respondents, 98 percent discovered digital channels such as websites and social media useful in engaging with clients, whilst 72 percent reportedly used these stations to market their products online.

This report takes a deep dive into the survey data to describe why you need to adopt digital advertising and how you can leverage the technology to maximize your internet presence.

Here is what we’ll cover:

Why should you embrace digital marketing?

Your manufacturing business can benefit a great deal from electronic marketing strategies. Let us look at how the technology can help your company plan for the future when adapting to a world of social distancing.

Adapt to the “new normal”

In the post-pandemic marketplace, doing business on the internet is the new standard. Survey results reveal that since the start of COVID-19, as much as 68 percent of respondents have transferred their business processes on the web. This implies that, from now on, nearly all buyer-seller interactions will happen digitally.

Digital advertising can help you adapt to the new standard by permitting you to build an internet footprint. It makes it easier for clients to find you or study about you online. Any interested customer might want to look at your site or social websites, and if they don’t find you on the internet, they might assume that your company isn’t legitimate. It is important to notice, per our poll, 62 percent of manufacturing respondents have embraced digital advertising since the pandemic began..





Find new clients amid tough market conditions

In our survey, 39 percent of manufacturing respondents identified”discovering new clients” among their top three priorities in the present market scenario. And as most clients are now online, that is where you will have the ability to locate them.

With digital marketing, you will have access to a global online market which has no geographical boundaries. You can interact with and sell to clients in almost any corner of the Earth, which is not possible using traditional advertising methods. It is possible to share details of your offerings on social networking, create appealing landing pages, utilize web forms to capture lead information, and much more to get prospects interested and boost their odds of conversion.

Establish brand credibility and awareness of clients

In the internet selling model, there is nothing more crucial than establishing new credibility. In reality, 28 percent of manufacturing respondents in our survey mentioned”improving brand image” as a long-term company objective. Given that there are hundreds of different manufacturers competing in the internet area, what you do to gain clients’ confidence and how you do it could make a big difference.

Utilizing digital marketing strategies, you are able to reach out to clients with the information they want, address their inquiries in real time, create eCommerce listings to emphasize the uniqueness of your offerings, and share testimonials from happy clients. This can help create a positive brand awareness among customers in addition to make them believe your company is a trustable one.

How are your peers utilizing digital marketing?

According to poll results, most production respondents are now using digital channels for three major purposes: promoting products online (72 percent ), interacting with existing clients (57 percent ), and communication business updates (56 percent ).

Survey data also indicates that a high number of manufacturers have discovered digital channels effective in communication with clients. 98 percent of respondents stated they were effective in engaging with clients via these channels, of which 24 percent reported being”very profitable.”

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Top 3 electronic marketing channels for your production company

To ensure your internet marketing efforts are successful, you will need to identify the perfect channels for building brand awareness and promoting your products. In this part, we have discussed the top three channels used by the majority of manufacturing businesses.

1. Social media marketing

Social networking marketing is among the very best tools to develop or expand your online presence. Originally established for client communication, this medium has expanded its horizons to online lead generation and sales–believe Instagram and Facebook shops. In our poll, 44 percent of respondents identified”social networking advertising” as the top electronic ability they anticipate needing most in the next six months.

Use social networking channels to market your services or products, build online user communities, discuss the content you have created (e.g., blogs, videos), interact with and take comments from clients, participate influencers for paid promotions, and much more.

Concentrate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. ConnectPOS’s Channels for Digital and societal Revenue survey* indicates the incidence of the platforms for societal marketing initiatives.

2. Content marketing

Content promotion is all about sharing and creating content that’s very likely to interest and engage your customers. It may be social media posts, blogs, customer testimonials, product videos, infographics, case studies, etc..

Websites have become a vital content marketing channel in today’s business environment–51 percent of manufacturing respondents reported an increase in traffic since the pandemic began. What is more surprising, half of those respondents stated the traffic growth came from countries where they had not previously operated.

3. eCommerce marketing

Because of COVID-19, retail sales have taken a hard hit, but eCommerce has helped counterbalance that affect. That is a likely reason that the adoption of eCommerce applications has skyrocketed among producers since the pandemic. According to our survey, 23 percent of manufacturing respondents were using eCommerce applications pre-COVID, whilst 67 percent are using it today.

ECommerce marketing enables you to expand operations beyond in-house earnings, which means that you can keep on doing business even in today’s socially distanced world. It helps establish electronic stores, list and promote your products on eCommerce sites (Amazon, Etsy, etc.), monitor the purchasing behaviour of prospects, leverage user-generated content (e.g., reviews, feedback), and a whole lot more.

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Create your electronic marketing strategy in 3 steps

Creating a prosperous manufacturing marketing strategy needs a whole lot of preparation and deliberation, without which your business won’t have the ability to reap its benefits. Following is a five-step approach you can use to design your electronic marketing strategy.

Step #1: Identify the Perfect channels

Perform a first analysis of buyer demographics, per your line of business, to determine digital advertising channels best suited to your company requirements. Here is our recommendation on these stations:

Channel Most appropriate for
Social networking marketing Millennials and Generation Z buyers that use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. LinkedIn can be used to target similar B2B production customers.
Content advertising Buyers who do extensive research on product characteristics, performance, product roadmaps, pricing, options, etc., before making a choice.
ECommerce advertising Buyers who prefer buying products on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Measure #2: Perform the initial setup

After identifying the stations you will use, perform the initial setup for them.

Channel Installation
Social networking marketing Create accounts on all social networking platforms, and keep up-to-date company information on them.
Content advertising Design a site featuring your services and products. Update the site with sites, client testimonials, product videos, infographics, case studies, and much more.
ECommerce advertising Produce profiles and list your products on all identified eCommerce sites. Consider investing in an eCommerce solution for managing inventory and listings.

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Measure #3: Designate a stakeholder for each station

The next step is identifying stakeholders to manage and push digital marketing efforts for many stations. We recommend using the following approach:

Channel Approach
Social networking marketing Identify a social networking manager to manage campaigns across societal channels.
Content advertising Build a group of authors to create content that boosts your own offerings, explains their performance, and addresses clients’ queries or pain points. Designate a content generation and marketing director to oversee this group.
ECommerce advertising Identify an eCommerce specialist to make listings across eCommerce sites and update them frequently.

Conclusion: The best way to make the best of your electronic marketing efforts

Creating your online presence isn’t an overnight job but a constant effort. As soon as you’ve got a marketing plan, you will have to continue monitoring its performance. Track cost vs. profits, so you understand how well your campaigns are doing. It is also possible to research paid campaigns to target a broader audience. Here are our recommendations on how to keep improving your electronic marketing plan:

  • Find new advertising channels: Stay on a constant lookout for new, innovative marketing channels. Involve all station stakeholders in this procedure.
  • Audit campaigns: Review your campaigns regularly to identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure close coordination between marketing and sales teams: The sales staff can offer intelligent inputs on customer requirements and tastes, and entrepreneurs can use these inputs to finetune campaigns. Thus, ensure both groups are working together.

In a competitive manufacturing industry, how well you track the operation of your electronic marketing efforts will be the deciding factor. As your partner in successful digital transformation, our findings and recommendations are aimed at helping your company navigate the current uncertain market conditions.

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