How Much Can a POS System Cost?

As an industry-leading small business point of sale supplier, it is a question that we get all of the time. The brief answer? It depends.

If you are reading this report, there’s a great likelihood that you are shopping around for a point of sale solution for your company. In your search, you have probably seen how diverse POS pricing could be. The worst part is that there are several different POS solutions on the market, each with different applications, hardware, and attributes. How can you be certain you’re not overspending on a solution for your organization?

How Much Can a POS System Cost? 5 Important Factors

Finding the ideal POS system sounds like it is easier said than done, right?

A careful analysis of these key elements can allow you to locate a cost-effective POS solution for your unique organization.

1. Item Catalog

Sometimes, the size of your merchandise catalogue could influence the amount of money you pay upfront or on a recurring basis. In this scenario, when you’ve got numerous SKUs, you need to pick a POS solution which has a high SKU threshold.

ConnectPOS provides an infinite database of things and SKUs. Whether you’ve got a couple of things in stock or an ever-changing inventory of merchandise, with our software, you don’t ever need to be worried about how many products our database can hold.

2. Features

Often, price changes based on the program’s capabilities. If you’re just beginning, it’s a fantastic idea to prioritize systems that only provide the qualities and/or capabilities that you want.

To help determine the best solution and strategy for your company, create a list of all of the features you want and break down those features into two categories, such as”nice to have” and must-have. ConnectPOS takes pride in our ability to groom companies with customized, all-in-one hardware and software solutions. Our POS hardware and software is specially configured to your unique organization. This way, you are never overspending on features you don’t need.

3. Users

Furthermore, with job-based permissions, every employee can be assigned to a particular”job” for example cashier, manager, or owner. In this scenario, users can only access particular features/functions delegated to them.

Schedule your whole team weeks in advance to make certain you have proper coverage in your small business or shop.

4. Stations

A register is the device where your POS software operates. Typically, POS pricing changes based on the amount of registers you buy.

From basic setup to heaps of add-on peripheral devices, we have got you covered. Perhaps you’re completely new to POS hardware, or perhaps you’re knowledgeable about the setup, but you are not really sure which gear you actually need.

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5. Locations

In the end, POS pricing may vary depending on the amount of business locations. In case you’ve got multiple business locations, you will likely require a plan that supports this spread structure. Some vendors charge for additional places, but others have plans to support an infinite number of locations or outlets.

ConnectPOS is well-equipped to support you and your organization, no matter the amount of locations. In the past, we’ve supported single-location and multi-location companies, organizations, and enterprises.

With careful consideration of the above components of a POS system, you will get the best POS solution for your growing company without overspending. Needless to say, we might be somewhat biased, but ConnectPOS provides some of the cheapest small business POS hardware and software.

In actuality, cost is just one reason why we have become an industry-leading supplier.

We chose to go with ConnectPOS over the other companies out there because I found that many were for restaurants/bars rather than retail and those that did function retail were adaptations from restaurant/bar systems and were not very customizable OR had high monthly costs of $60+ (that is a good deal for a charity). ConnectPOS has almost full customization and no monthly charges if you do not need the monthly tech support – Justin S., Manager



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