How to Get the Best Tablet POS for Your Organization

In today’s world, technology has enabled us to change our work procedures from stationary to mobile. Now that tablet POS has arrived, business owners have managed to untether their employees and achieve better productivity. Tablet POS offers many advantages to businesses. They streamline operations, provide access to critical data, and permit you and your employees to operate more efficiently. To get the most from this, you will need the best pill POS for your fast-paced enterprise.

Here are a few tips to help you find that pill:

Consider Your Environment

Each company has its own unique requirements and challenges to overcome, so the ideal tablet POS is going to be the one which fits your environment. Retail tablet POS will have different performance than restaurant tablet POS. The best thing to do is to assess your company and your special requirements before you invest in this technology.

For fast business surroundings, durability is vital. You need your technologies to resist the wear and tear it will probably encounter. Industrial tablets are far superior than consumer-grade devices, because they’re designed to withstand the rigors of business environments, and include additional features which make them resistant to things such as drips, splashes, spills, and dust. You can establish the ruggedness of the device by taking a look at the IP rating.

IP Ratings

An Ingress Protection (IP) rating determines the level to which the unit is protected against fluids and solids. The ratings are expressed as two-digit amounts –the first referring to solids and the second referring to fluids.

The first digit ranges from zero to six, without offering no security, and six offering complete protection against fine solid materials which can be bad for the apparatus, such as dust. An evaluation between these means that the unit is protected from other sizes of solids. The scale goes as follows:

  • 0: Device Provides no protection against solids
  • 1: Apparatus Provides protection against solids larger than 50mm
  • 2: Apparatus Provides protection from solids larger than 12.5mm
  • 3: Apparatus Provides protection from solids larger than 2.5Millimeter
  • 4: Apparatus Provides protection against dust, limited ingress
  • 5: Device Provides complete protection against dust
  • 6: Device Provides protection against solids larger than 50mm

The next digit ranges from zero to eight. Again, a score of zero offers no security, while a score of 8 protections against complete apparatus submersion at a depth and under pressure. Based on the requirements of your company, you might need protection against anything from slips to sprays.

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The scale is as follows:

  • 0: Device Provides no protection against fluids
  • 1: Apparatus Provides protection against dripping water
  • 2: Apparatus Provides protection against dripping water while tilted
  • 3: Apparatus Provides protection against water spray
  • 4: Apparatus Provides protection against splashing water
  • 5: Device Provides protection against water jets
  • 6: Device Provides protection against a nozzle under pressure
  • 7: Device Provides protection against immersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
  • 8: Apparatus Provides protection against dripping water

While the finest IP rating for your company is dependent upon your personal business environment and needs, the gold standard for company use is a score of IP-65, so the unit is totally protected against dust, and protected against most water it will come into contact with, barring full submersion.

Evaluate Your requirement for Peripherals

Not only will the perfect pill POS depend on your environmental needs, but your operational needs also. One size does not fit all when it comes to business technology, so every individual company must evaluate its peripheral requirements.

Peripherals are add-on devices which make it easier and more effective to automate business processes, and there’s a wide assortment of peripherals you might need. Examples include:

  • Barcode readers and scanners
  • EMV card readers
  • NFC or contactless payments
  • 4G network connectivity

Consumer-grade devices are not typically equipped to support all of the peripherals your company might need, so it is imperative that you opt for a tablet POS designed especially for business use.

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Weigh Your Software Options

In regards to how successful your system is, the program matters just as much as the hardware. The best tablet POS system will be equipped to streamline and automate the processes that you want it to. To locate the perfect one for you, you need to evaluate your applications requirements and determine what functions you need your POS to handle.

Among the most common differences is between cloud-based POS and heritage POS. There are pros and cons to each of these types. Legacy POS is typical for conventional POS terminals, but for tablet POS systems that depend on freedom, cloud POS is the best way to go. This provides ease of use and can provide access to critical information wherever and whenever you want it.


With the growth of mobile technology and the increased demand for improved customer experiences, it is no surprise that tablet POS has become so common. Slowly, it’s solidifying its place as an important part of the way many organizations do business. It may be time your company invests in the best pill POS that can help you increase profits, remain competitive, and meet customers


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