How Your Twin Cities Restaurant Can Boost Itself Using Instagram

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Last time, we went over why your Twin Cities restaurant should consider utilizing Instagram as a platform to market itself socially.

Today we are going to go into detail about what steps your company can take to use Instagram efficiently.


Make food porn!

Yes, it is a term that has been floating around the web for some time, but it is the best way to describe the method restaurants use to draw in customers.

Food porn essentially means taking short videos or pictures of your menu items, and introducing them in the most enticing way possible. Instagram has over 97,000,000 posts with the foodporn hashtag, and it continues to grow continuously!

This is pretty easy to do, put some time and thought into photographing your meals. Think about the lighting, and possibly use a little bit of slow motion.

Brand all of your posts!

You can make a gorgeous 30-second movie of drizzling chocolate over your restaurant’s famous dessert, but if folks do not have a way to trace it back to you, there is a problem.

Instagram is terrific for resharing others movies, but it can be easy to lose track from where the first video came from. To ensure that your name remains connected with your post, add a small logo to each picture with your company’s name on it.

Below is an example of a company having their logo in the upper corner. Notice it doesn’t distract from the movie, but still retains their brand certainly present.

Maintain Instagram strictly business.

Instagram is a fantastic way to become more personal to your clients, but do not become too personal. As tempting as it is, keep your business Instagram page as concentrated as possible. This doesn’t mean that you can not show genuine fun minutes of your employees, but no pictures of your family pet or holidays.

If it is not related to your business, save it to your own personal account.

Folks accompany you on Instagram because they are interested in the pictures of your restaurant or pub. Posting random pictures that don’t have anything to do with your company will cause you to lose followers.

Share customer photos!

It is so free and easy, plus it’ll win you brownie points with your followers! Anytime someone tags a photograph of your company, make sure you share it on your Instagram account.

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A great deal of individuals and smaller businesses have discovered this an easy way to interact with their customers.

This also provides you additional content to discuss without doing a great deal of work. If you use an app like Repost, it is a lot easier to share others photographs of your company. Make sure to credit the client who shared the photograph, a quick”Thank you” and tagging them is a way to show you care.

By using hashtags and places on Instagram, you set up your business for some pretty simple advertising.

A last thought on using social media.

Social media is a fantastic and low-cost means to provide yourself free advertising and a few reach. However, before you set out to make an Instagram account for your restaurant, then you will need to make the commitment to use it.

As mentioned in our Pinterest site, social media takes time and effort to obtain any return on investment. So commit to a game plan before and if you wish to see some ROI.

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