Hyundai Getz Hatchback

Price range

$13,990 – $18,340


Good: NOTE: DISCONTINUED IN AUSTRALIA DEC 2011. Excellent value for money, clean exterior design and a great engine for the price (1.6L) – a huge improvement over previous entry level Hyundai’s.

Not so Good: The Hyundai Getz is far from class-leading (however, superior competitors cost more); ride and handling suffer as a result of inexpensive tyres and an underdeveloped chassis and suspension.

Design and Engineering

Good : The Hyundai Getz was the first Hyundai to feature European styling and at launch it was by far the best ever Hyundai design.

Not so good : The Getz’s Australian launch was way back in August 2002 so no surprise its looks are starting to date against newer competitors. The mid life facelift arrived here in October 2005.

Interior and Styling

Good : Good visibility and a low dashboard provides an open, ‘airy’ feeling for the driver and front passenger. The 3 and 5 doors both have a decent sized boot.

Not so good : Unsupportive seats; cheap aftermarket-looking audio system; rear seat room is smaller than competitors; the floor covering in the Getz is so thin it should not be called carpet.


Good : The engine is responsive and smooth, the 1.6L engine has a lively heartbeat.

Not so good : Like most SUPERMINI’s the Automatic transmission is not as good as the Manual.

Ride and Handling

Good : Whilst the ride and handling in the Getz is not class-leading it is better than a number of larger, more expensive vehicles.

Not so good : This is where the Hyundai Getz is off the pace; the steering is vague with a strong tendency to understeer; suspension lets the team down with too much bounce; cheapskate tyres.

Buying and Owning

Good : Low entry level pricing on the Getz is very appealing in this price sensitive segment; generous five year unlimited kilometer warranty is a big advantage. The Hyundai Getz has proved to be a very reliable vehicle.

Not so good : Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is off the pace compared to class leaders; resale is nothing to brag about.

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