Hyundai Grandeur Sedan

Price range

$39,990 – $41,990


Good: NOTE: DISCONTINUED IN AUSTRALIA DEC 2010 Impressive 3.8L V6 petrol engine and a powerful yet economical turbo diesel; much improved over the previous model (as is every new Hyundai these days).

Not so Good: Falls short of it’s lofty name; improved yes – but previous model was nothing special. Far from being the Large Class leader.

Design and Engineering

Good : The mid-life facelift arrived here in June 2010 with updated styling front and rear. As with the pre-facelift Grandeur the still non-offensive design won’t ruffle any feathers in the car park…

Not so good : The overall shape was launched Down Under back in mid 2006 and is getting on in car years. We wouldn’t argue with you if you thought the styling is bland – its styling is more American than European (but of course, design appeal is subjective).

Interior and Styling

Good : Only one grade available (but two engines on offer) means it’s loaded full of standard safety and equipment such as eight airbags and dual-zone air-conditioning PLUS there’s plenty of back seat room and a large 523 litre boot. From mid 2010 the Grandeur’s cabin now has a metal finish on the centre console, an improvement over the pre-facelift model.

Not so good : It’s difficult to find that perfect driving position; front seats lacking support. The blue backlight in the centre console doesn’t match the white backlight in the drivers console and is far too bright at night.


Good : Smooth 3.8L Petrol V6. Plus, there’s sufficient torque coming from Australia’s least-expensive Large segment Turbo Diesel.

Not so good : 5-speed auto could be better tuned to Turbo Diesel engine. The V6 Petrol’s fuel economy is nothing to write home about…

Ride and Handling

Good : The Grandeur sedan has a very comfortable ride when the pace is relaxed.

Not so good : When it’s pushed a bit, it falls well behind its more dynamic competitors, with a strong tendency to understeer into corners. Also, the steering feels too light and offers no feedback, thus could do with greater accuracy.

Buying and Owning

Good : The Grandeur has improved its value and changed its price…plus its five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty. It has great fuel economy for a Large sedan (Turbo Diesel). Hyundai is a brand on the up, and is going places.

Not so good : Unlikely to hold its value as well as competitors. Plus, new car sales are now in tiny numbers so demand is low.

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