Lure in Diners with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is exploding across the planet. It might be a short term summer 2016 fad or it may become a long term broadly played social media game using a dedicated user base. In any event, entrepreneurs are already finding ways to attract Pokémon Move players in their restaurants and bars. We’re going to offer you some quick hints to help you to begin on doing the same.


First off, what’s Pokémon Go and who’s playing it? Pokémon Go is a brand new game for smart phones, according to an extremely popular Nintendo® first dating back to the mid 90s. Which means it has a built in user base of millennials. It uses a fairly new technology, known as augmented reality. Augmented reality games combine the actual world with the digital world of this game by using real world maps and smart mobile cameras. Users are encouraged to go out into the real world and interact with it so as to play the sport. The aim of this game is to locate and catch Pokémon, train themand have them fight other players’ Pokémon.

Why should I as a bar or restaurant owner care about Pokémon Move? Because it’s inbuilt mechanisms that will assist you capture customers while they catch Pokemon. In the game there are things called “Pokéstops”. Pokéstops were randomly created all around the world and utilize actual existing businesses, and landmarks. Users are encouraged to check in at Pokéstops to get in game benefits. Players can attached baits at these Pokéstops to lure in Pokémon. All players may reap when a lure is set at a halt, and you will see the Pokéstops in your area that have these baits attached.The player that set up the lure can be recognized by anyone, which provides a restaurant the ability to give incentives to players who set up the lure. We’re already seeing numerous examples of this. Chuck’s Hop Shop at Seattle paid for the baits in their location for a Kind of Happy Hour. The Ballard Loft in Seattle, Washington is offering 10 percent off for anybody that puts a lure. The Meekong Bar is offering free things to anybody that posts pictures of Pokémon they captured in their company on Facebook.

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Another digital object that has real world places is referred to as a Gym. Like the title implies, it is a place where players can train up their Pokémon once they’ve caught them. Gyms are less frequent than Pokéstops, and draw large groups of gamers. At gyms, users will choose a team and battle for control of the fitness center, which raises the in-game rewards. Some pubs are already offering specials according to your group. If your pub is close enough to a fitness center, a fun idea is to offer a special to the group in charge of the gym.

What if you’ve got no Pokéstop or gym nearby? Well you missed the first rush, but don’t worry because there is currently a way to submit a petition to bring a gym or Pokéstop close to your place of business. Some areas are offering deals by simply having players demonstrate they are playing the game in their restaurant, such as Red Robin. Niantic, the company that developed the game for Nintendo has also announced that it will be enabling businesses to create sponsored places , so prepare for huge business tie ins. Pokémon Go is simply getting started.

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