New Remote Work Skills Small Firms Should Be Developing

Your company operates differently than it did pre-COVID-19. The job of customer service today requires a specific level of tech-savvy. An internet storefront and marketing approach takes a different skill set than a brick-and-mortar company typically needs. And online payments and remote device security are probably new concerns you were not considering before.

This means your remote workers will need to work differently. But just what does this look like? And what new skills are needed today?

We surveyed* 577 small business leaders inquiring about the distant work skills they anticipate needing the maximum over the next six months. Below is a look at the top 5.

Two electronic skills stood out to me as the most universal challenges companies are facing now that we are working from home: cybersecurity in 23% and social networking advertising at 29%.

For more insight on these new abilities needed I asked dozens of small business leaders to tell me their distant worker stories. In this column I’ll highlight the challenges and solutions small business leaders have shared with me. Hopefully you find some inspiration and insight to your digital acceleration.

Fend off new types of cyberattacks with cybersecurity vigilance

In our survey, of the companies that did implement remote work since the onset of the pandemic, 31% report security threats as their principal concern for remote workers.


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CEO and founder of GetVoIP

GetVoIP is a cloud communication adviser helping companies make informed decisions about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems.

CEO of GetVoIP, Reuben Yonatan shares,”The hardest part has been figuring out a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. That includes everything from best practices to a tech update. We quickly realized that with no cybersecurity solution that takes into account the security vulnerabilities posed by a distributed group, the odds of data breaches was large.”

A data breach costs a company approximately $8.19 million in america . But when we asked small business leaders what IT security applications they have added in the last 3 weeks, a surprising 11% reported none. Though your remote team is the first line of defense against security threats, every employee has to be armed with cybersecurity abilities to secure your newly remote firm.

What you can do today:

  • Provide workers with endpoint security applications and be sure it’s installed on the device(s) they really use for work.
  • Instruct employees on password best practices and how to secure their house Wi-Fi networks.
  • Share IT security hints like how to find phishing emails and reminders to update passwords and make them complicated often and regularly with your staff.
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Put hesitant customers at ease with virtual meeting etiquette

Company is changing–and so is how you meet, greet, and interact with customers.

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John Pinedo

Co-founder of Instinct Marketing

Instinct Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency, dedicated to giving the best results for each client.

John Pinedo, co-founder of digital advertising agency Instinct Marketing shares,”The new normal does not allow us to network like we used to. Before COVID-19, my business partner and I would go to networking events in our town and would reserve discovery calls with small companies. Now that California is on lockdown (again), it has been hard to get qualified prospects through our sales funnel and expand our clientele.”

John sees that it has been tough for some business owners to get used to internet conferencing tools and occasionally even email–many are not accustomed to their recently remote job. His group works with leaders that are just more accustomed to the old ways of communicating and struggle to take the new remote work experience. He states,”We see the immunity weekly.” More business owners are falling out of paid media classes every week because they can not stand the new standard of virtual meetings.

Like cybersecurity, your staff is the first and best source to help clients become familiar with virtual meetings and communication entirely online with you. Soft skills are evolving to fulfill the requirements of the remote environment, but at the core it is still all about taking an warm and inviting approach.

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What you can do today

  • Encourage your remote working group to empathize with customers, responding to virtual awkwardness like lagging with a light-hearted and warm approach.
  • Train every remote employee about the best way to troubleshoot common technical problems, like checking and changing the sound settings.
  • Provide workers with templated directions to give to customers about the best way best to combine virtual meetings and include a telephone number they could call if they need assistance.
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Embrace new technologies to handle new challenges

All of us know that content, for example late night tv shows and music videos, is looking quite different in the era of social distancing. And that is ok. Embrace change within your company and recognize the technology and tools your staff has been using might not be the most apt for now.

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Cristina Maria

Marketing executive in Commusoft

Commusoft is an award-winning supplier of job management software for field service companies around the world.

Cristina Maria, marketing executive in Commusoft, stocks that before the pandemic lockdown her firm had spent significantly in movie production tools, both for advertising purposes and for customer services. After the team realized they would not have access to the studio and equipment setting at the office, they needed to think of a new approach to produce social media content.

“The solution we found was, actually, Skype instead of Zoom as a result of its useful plugin named eCamm. This made it very simple for our videographer to capture multiple streams of video in exactly the exact same time and keep producing our web collection, Success in the area .” When viewing the series, you can see it is working out well.

“It is a testament to how tech has gotten so we can still create it without being in the exact same physical place or even having the ideal hardware.”

What you can do today

  • Do not force it when it comes to using existing hardware and tools –demands have changed in this age of distant work and so have the tools that best serve them.
  • Encourage your teams to get creative in order that they can continue to provide solutions, participation, and create sales while working remotely.
  • Be flexible in your expectations of what advertising content resembles: the new format may prove even better than what was planned.
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Upskill with peer reviewed training and cross training which promotes remote collaboration

Sometimes, the skills one worker should develop are a part of another employee’s or team’s experience. Switch to your team to market growth from within.

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Bradley Steven

CEO in LLC Formations

LLC Formations’ only focus is making company ownership simple for everybody by giving the insights, how-to’s, and support for every step of the business formation procedure.

In LLC Formations, CEO Bradley Stevens has concentrated on upskilling his staff so as to find the new skills required. This approach not only avoids furloughs or lay offs, but also strengthens the team’s commitment to the firm. He shares that his teams”are learning new skills on the internet to help in different areas of business. Our employees whose sections are down temporarily and learning new skills are already knowledgeable about the work environment.”

Investing in your company and your team at precisely the exact same time with upskilling and training is a win-win and should be your first approach to filling the skills gap created from the distant work environment. You will probably be surprised by how prepared your staff is to learn about different areas of the business, help each other learn, and show their new skillset.

What you can do today

  • Supply continuing training to help your staff meet new challenges in their work in a sustainable and productive way.
  • Schedule peer-to-peer learning sessions, like a”Lunch & Learn.” This approach not only provides cost-effective cross-training but also relationship building throughout the company.
  • Invest in a learning management software tool so employees can access training in the times in the work day that works best for them.
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Together we will continue to learn and grow within this tumultuous time

As your ally in electronic pivots and virtual-based company plans, we hope you found this informative article informative. Prior to going, here is a review of the key takeaways plus a recommended reading list that will assist you keep building a successful remote workforce.

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