Order Ready Board for Easy Pickups

Improve Operations with an Order Ready BoardPickup orders, sometimes called”curbside pickup,” have become commonplace at the post-pandemic dining arena. Takeout orders jumped in volume in the months after the outbreak of COVID-19 and following restaurant re-openings. With fewer people dining on-premise, there is definitely value in a well-organized expo window. An order ready board might just be the technician your restaurant needs. It helps keep operations running smoothly as customers, delivery drivers, and wait staff alike flock to a pickup counter to generate sense of the packed orders.

In the next blog post, we will explore factors which help elevate an off-premise guest experience. We will also take a close look at efficiencies and solutions improvements an order prepared board can present to your restaurant. The way to win with off-premise dinersEspecially if you’re customer obsessed, the concept that off-premise dining probably accounts for the vast majority of the guests swallowing your meals can be bothersome. After all, how can you send an exceptional guest experience when no or few diners stay with you throughout the meal? Luckily, the restaurant industry has responded quickly, largely out of necessity, to obtain some answers to this question. A significant way to win is with pickup orders.

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This is why:

Benefits of pickup orders

Unlike delivery orders, pickup orders still offer you great convenience to your customers. For starters, there isn’t any shipping fee tacked onto the end of the bill. Pickup orders decrease the wait time between order placement and meals receipt. And (assuming consumers arrive close to the estimated order completion time), the food is probably fresher and ready at the ideal temperature as soon as it is in hand. All those factors add up to a more positive off-premise dining experience for customers. And the benefits do not stop there. Pickup orders have concrete benefits for companies, too.

More rewarding sales

Think about it. With pickup orders you are paying fewer people than you are with delivery. Whether you consider in-house drivers or a third-party offering, both options require extra cost per order. And, without additional delivery fees, your customers are more inclined to tip your employees well, since the order subtotal will not have them balking.

Short lead time for development and execution

Another gorgeous part of pickup orders is that you do not have to change much to make them happen. There is a little configuring involved if you would like to provide online ordering along with orders called in by telephone. However, several contemporary point of sale (POS) systems provide integrated online ordering solutions. These can be”turned on” with a fast call to your account representative and the flip of a switch. Better yet, integrated online ordering means inbound orders will strike on your system for kitchen prep, and afterwards, your backend reporting, in precisely the identical way. The only key difference with pickup orders includes packaging and packaging them so they are organized and ready to go when the customer arrives.

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A cost effective way of increasing sales

With minimal investment or operational changes your organization can be prepared to adopt a new revenue stream. Pickup orders are the ideal bridge between restaurant access and contactless, off-premise dining. This avenue can help companies like yours reach wider audiences. It can remove diner anxiety around wait times and order status. Ultimately, it can offer a safe, positive experience for guests.

Boost your order stream with an order prepared board

Tailored to boost speed-of-service and enhance the pickup and delivery expertise for your institution, Revel’s order prepared board is a public-facing screen that colour codes and readily assimilate order details. It’s intended to help clients and delivery drivers equally quickly identify the status of the available orders for pickup.

Optimal efficiency using a kitchen display system

Kitchens already using kitchen display systems (KDS) to display orders for homework and shooting online could connect directly to an arrangement ready board. That means there is no disturbance from order placement on a POS, so transmission into the kitchen, to order status updates on the order prepared board. The process is fluid, ensuring rapid and accurate execution of every order. Digital solutions enjoys these are helping restaurants improve their services.

Order up!

With an order prepared board, consumers receive their orders quickly, easily, and accurately, with observable status upgrades on the way. Whether the order is for delivery, available for curbside pickup, or a drive-thru alternative, an arrangement prepared board delivers a fully-branded expertise and a packed final step in easy order flow. The order prepared board’s direct integration with Revel’s online ordering solution ensures customers are not asking questions such as,”Where is my order? Did the restaurant get it? Are the kitchen staff working on it yet? Where do I pick it up when it’s ready?” And as an electronic solution for order info, it removes the need for human interaction at the point of pickup.

Since COVID-19 remains a current threat to health and social engagement, reducing person-to-person touch points makes for a safer pickup experience. A last step that brings true peace of mind for each order, the order prepared board is a way to make a lasting positive impression with guests.

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