Retail Gift Cards: POS Holiday Promotions Made Easy

As the autumn colors descend onto a lot of us, thoughts begin to turn towards cooler nights and the exciting holiday buying season. Determined by your presence as it stands has yielded many successful seasons in recent decades. But times do change and this year’s holiday shopper has developed a new awareness of safety given the events of this past year.

The uncertainty of what this implies for this holiday shopping season has added complexity to vacation promotions. However, while the vacation game may look different this year, some alterations can smooth the transition. Creating a retail gift cards POS strategy is a excellent example of how you can combine the on site holiday shopping season with the practicality and security that clients will seek out this season. There are lots of avenues available for you to reevaluate how you utilize vacation promotions this year, including the flip side that innovative POS technology offers.

Selling Gift Cards Today Means Modernizing Your Tech

Adding gift cards for your vacation promotion repertoire will require that you have the appropriate technical tools to handle them. Cutting-edge, cheap POS technology will offer you additional options beyond the printing of gift card certificates or the supply of single-use plastic cards. Modern POS applications will give you the ability to:

Leveraging the flexibility of POS technology in the supply and management of electronic and re-loadable gift cards presents some exciting new twists into your business plan. Data can be tapped to yield precious data-based insights, like the times of this week gift cards are likely to be sold or redeemed, and for what products. These new data points can allow you to modify your business strategy to fulfill new, emerging, trends.

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How Can an Advanced POS Platform Make Gift Cards Easier on Holiday Budgets?

A large reason for the holiday shopping blues revolves round fitting gift purchases into strained household budgets. The no-hassle approach that gift cards provide your regular clients can work to alleviate their budgetary concerns, while presenting you with a predictable vacation earnings stream. Buying a gift card doesn’t involve any sales taxes generally, making your client’s buy a known-quantity and their budgetary impact simple to calculate.

Here is how this could look: Client”A” includes a vacation budget of $250. This client has 5 more people to search for, and from what your client tells you, each would like certain things in your store. Two of the individuals are out of town, but the other three are in city and seem likely to become return customers. You recommend that the consumer buy two $50 eGift cards to be redeemed on your site, and three re-loadable $50 gift cards for those in the city.

In the above situation, you’ve helped your client satisfy the rest of their shopping list, and on budget, and also without incurring any shipping or delivery charges. Both people receiving the eGift cards may grow into regular internet customers, as a result of your POS-powered multichannel existence, while the other three gift card recipients have several incentives for getting new loyal customers to your company.

Finding New Loyal Clients Through Gift Card Redemption

Gift cards do more than helping your clients find timely gifts within any budget. They give you an open door to the minds of new prospective clients. As exemplified above, the excellent thing about using eGift cards in addition to traditional gift cards are their ability to show off both your multichannel and physical presences to a wider audience. This turns out to be a boost to your bottom line, as shoppers using gift cards typically spend more, and are more inclined to return.

Gift cards may also pull double duty as loyalty cards in an attempt to promote your company to potential new audiences. This presents you with additional choices to retain new clients long after the Christmas promotional season has finished. Gift cards are reloaded to assist shoppers remain within the limits of their budgets, and can act as loyalty cards to get personalized deals and savings opportunities. This builds long-term customer relationships, and gives you the information you will need to evolve along with your customer’s changing expectations.

Reduce Your Costs through Reduced Returns and Exchanges

We’ve been very focused on how gift cards may be used as an important vacation tool from the client’s perspective, so let’s change gears a bit to check at a number of your vacation pain points. Too often, as the crowds of shoppers fades away on December 26th, the audiences of those trying to earn talent purchases or returns surges to take their place. This is an important, revenue- and – time-saving place where gift cards may have an immediate positive effects.

The cost savings that come from experiencing dramatically slower rates of returns or exchanges are further strengthened by having impactful POS technology in the ready. Things are effectively tracked when re-entering into your inventory system, which restricts the instances of accidental and purposeful product leakage prices. Your POS system knows the specific price at the moment of sale, ensuring that refunds are correctly issued.

Maximize the Impact of Retail Gift Cards POS Innovations

Designing vacation promotions may have fulfilled its challenging year ever. With businesses under a large selection of operating limitations, in addition to competing for low-income clients, it is crucial to find alternative gifting solutions. Leveraging modern POS technology with conventional gift cards opens the doors of possibility to a larger spectrum of present card offerings that are guaranteed to strike a chord with your clients.

Determining what your present card plan should be, in addition to making the decision of if your POS solution can efficiently handle everything, is where a leading POS solution provider like ConnectPOS will help. We’ll make certain that the POS technology you rely on offers gift card solutions, such as eGift and re-loadable cards, that meet the requirements of all of your clients, while presenting an appealing model of your company to prospective new clients. Contact us to discover more about leveraging POS to your company.


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