Small Business Email Marketing for the Holidays

Emails are a valuable small business marketing tool each day of the week — but they are particularly important during the holiday season.

If you do not already collect customer mails, now’s a terrific time to start. Because, holiday season apart, there is nothing more precious than having external touch points with your client base.

4 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your SMB this Holiday Season

Email is a low-cost, and possibly free, channel to advertise through and drive sales. But if you’ve never used email advertising, why start now? What advantages would it provide your small business? Let’s dive in.

1. Get Present Customers Excited to Shop with You

For those who are at the top of collecting customer emails, this is the best opportunity to make a long-lasting relationship.

They gave you their contact info, so what do they get in return?

Make your clients feel like they have got”VIP status” now that you are emailing them. Otherwise, if they do not see the advantage of getting emails from your company, they will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

2. Promote Holiday Specials

This might seem obvious, but make the most of email advertising to promote your vacation specials.

Consumers start searching for the best deals ancient — so be sure you’re ahead of the game.

Slapping a 30 percent OFF tag on your items is not always enough, so channel your internal sales rep and start thinking about unique ways to actually sell your goods.

3. Use Email to Send Virtual Receipts

These days, people want to prevent direct person-to-person contact in people — and frankly, they are tired of keeping track of physical receipts.

Save paper and choose to send email receipts this holiday season. Your POS system should have this capacity, and if it does not… well, we have your back!

However, what does this have to do with email marketing?

Fantastic question.

Offering to send clients a receipt via email is just another sly means of collecting their email address for marketing purposes. Rather than requesting it directly, the client is giving you their email voluntarily — and they do not mind because it is to their advantage.

And on the email receipt itself, you have a chance to supply them with an”exclusive” offer, like a voucher they can use next time they go to your storefront.

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4. Improve Your Advertising in the New Year

This is where your company reports come in. You’ll absolutely need to look at your stock, gains, and daily reports to see how you completed this year.

However, marketing reports aside, your clients are a fantastic resource when it comes to estimating how successful your company was during the holidays.

Email marketing is not just about sending out coupons and promotions. It is also about making room for advancement.

In the new year, after everything has calmed down, send out a survey or another prompt for client feedback. If anyone can tell you what worked and what did not this year, it is the men and women who were in your shop having the actual shopper experience.

Holidays aside, you may use surveys any time of year to get honest feedback about something you might have been testing out for the first time.

The Way to Nail Small Business Email Marketing

Now, to business — what makes a excellent marketing email? Here are a few tried and true advice for the primary elements of your email communication.



Email “From” Address

Receiving an email from’[email protected]’ or’[email protected]’ does not exactly inspire the warm and fuzzies. Furthermore, it’s a direct indicator that you are being emailed from a list or as part of a marketing effort.

If you’re ready to, include a private email address such as [email protected], for instance. Your present customers will recognize the title and be more inclined to open the email.

Subject Lines

Getting folks to start your email is half of the battle. It’s not just important to spice up what is in your email, but what is on the outside, too.

Because of this, the sender email address, in addition to your mails’ subject lines are incredibly important, as they are what is going to entice customers to start your email in the first location.

Just be careful and try not to use spammy words which will send your messages directly to junk mail.

Include humor, facts, and other eye-catching articles that will help your clients to hone in to your email in a time when they will be barraged by everybody else’s offers too.


Last, there is the meat and potatoes of your email: the material.

The message and offer is everything, as email readers are simply one click away from unsubscribing or removing themselves from the mailing list.

To keep them engaged, use high quality photos and compose interesting and interesting descriptions for what you are trying to push. Why should a customer buy this thing for their relative, friend, or significant other? It is the season of giving, so position your product as the ideal gift.

Consider sending some interesting sneak peek mails to tease what is big this holiday season. Perhaps you’ve got some exciting new products in stock, or perhaps you’ve got a massive promotion just awaiting launch. You may even try sending out some exclusive”member” offers which are only available for those on your email list.

Coupons, specials, discounts, competitions are just a couple ideas that are more likely to capture customer attention


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