MoEngage and Apxor: Develop persuasive campaigns for adoption and onboarding

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Apxor. Apxor is the first global no-code mobile app adoption and growth platform. This partnership will allow you to create more persuasive campaigns, by linking your onboarding and adopt activities to in-product messaging.

What is Apxor?

Apxor helps product managers and growth marketers set up and run product experiments easily without creating a dependency on release cycles. To find the best product for your users, you can monitor and analyze campaigns. Apxor allows you to create smart nudges such as tooltips and coach marks. This allows you to create onboarding walks, product tours and contextual new feature discovery nudgings.

How to use Apxor and MoEngage to onboard and adopt

Use MoEngage to bring people to your app via push, email, SMS, or social, and Apxor to guide them through the optimal conversion path via nudges, tutorials, and more. To optimize your onboarding, adoption and marketing activities, analyze campaign data from MoEngage or Apxor. These are just a few examples of how this partnership is being used:

Personalize your onboarding journey

MoEngage allows you to find out how many people have downloaded your app, but not yet opened it. To encourage users to download your app, create a segment and send personalized push notifications. After they have logged in, Apxor will launch tutorials to help them understand your value proposition and highlight your key functionalities.

For example, take a food delivery service that uses MoEngage segmentation to identify users who have dropped off and not yet placed a order. This app can send out personalized push notifications (via MoEngage) to bring users back to the app, and then use Apxor to launch onboarding tutorials taking them through the most exciting food items.

Bring your users to the app and take them through an engaging journey

Users should be moved down the funnel

Use MoEngage’s user path analysis to find out where your users are dropping off the most, indicating that your users could need some extra information at this stage to proceed forward. Apxor can be used to fill this gap. It provides contextual nudges to give your users information, motivating them to take the next step.

Consider a retail app that detects high drop-offs during checkout using MoEngage’s user path analysis. The app could then show users a contextualized nudge using Apxor, saying ‘No Shipping Charges for your area,’ incentivizing them to check out.

Identify drop-offs and onboard them with contextual campaigns

Keep users who are likely to convert and keep them happy

Use MoEngage’s predictive segmentation to identify users who’ve been hibernating for too long and are most likely to churn. Send them an email or SMS announcing new features, the latest arrivals, or changes in subscription plans. Use Apxor’s coach marks or in-product tooltips to introduce them the latest updates.

An EdTech app could use MoEngage predictive segmentation to identify students who haven’t been to a course for a while. This app can send out an email announcing an exciting new course and then set up coach marks using Apxor to introduce them to the new courses.

Create campaigns for adoption using smart nudges

Cross-sell and upsell using targeted recommendations

Analyze your user’s behavior with MoEngage to identify purchase trends and champion customers. Personalize your messages with MoEngage, and use Apxor to deliver them at the right moment, encouraging them to discover upsell or cross-sell benefits.

For example, a BFSI app could use MoEngage’s behavioral analysis to determine which users are most likely to invest with mutual funds. Send these users contextualized recommendations via Apxor, encouraging them to start investing instantly.