The Founder’s Zodiac – How to Find a Business Partner Based on Your Sign

The Founder’s Zodiac – How to Find a Business Partner Based on Your Sign

This installment of The Founder’s Zodiac is about business partnerships. Should you start your idea by yourself or with a cofounder? What’s the best way to find a business partner if you are the latter? What is your Founder Sign? Who would be the best partner to help you realize your dream? Take our compatibility quiz and find your perfect match. The stars are aligning.

Because of their optimism and growth mindset, mountaineers are ideal business partners for many signs.

The Mountaineer is our feature sign for this month. This natural extravert thrives in company with others. Mountaineers are ideal partners for all signs, even other Mountaineers, due to their optimism, social nature, and growth mindset.

What to look out for in a business partner

Before you start your search for a great business partner, consider the advantages of having a partner instead of launching and growing your business on your own. Are you able to do the work of growing your business alone? Do you lack experience in certain areas or perspective? Are you able to work with others? It is important to understand the level of partner you are looking for. Do you want an equal collaborator? Or someone who plays a more behind-the scenes role?

Respect, trust, and communication are the foundation of business partnerships

Respect, trust, and communication are the foundations of a business partnership. This foundation is essential for building a partnership that can withstand the inevitable bumps along the way to success. There are many business partners available. However, it is important not to rush the process. The difference between a successful business or struggling to build a company is often in choosing the right business partner.

This is true even for romantic relationships. The partner you choose will have an impact on every area of your life. And while

Opposites attracted

Advantages: Possibility for complementary skill sets, viewpoints, greater coverage over various aspects of the business.

Cons: Possible disagreements over the direction or vision of the brand. Friction caused by opposing views on how the business should operate day-to-day.

Birds of feathers flock together

Advantages: Higher chances of agreement on the overall plan and vision, common working styles and communication styles, and similar motivations.

Cons : There are potential for missed opportunities. Not enough “devil’s advocate” to identify flaws in the plan, skills gaps, and strengths.




How to find a business partner

1. Meetup groups and conferences based on business interests and location are available


For potential co-founders in your industry, attend events both digitally and in person. This is the ideal place for you if you are a Mountaineer or Trailblazer personality type. You will find a partner who can complement your skills and help you achieve the goals and visions that you have for your business.

2. Find the right business partner by searching your professional network


Are you familiar with someone who has the same qualities as you? To show that you are open to networking opportunities, reach out to people proactively. You can find potential business partners anywhere. Keep your mind open.

3. Talk to your friends about finding a business partner.


Take a step beyond your professional and personal networks. Are there people you would like to meet? Ask for an introduction. Ask for an introduction.

4. Register for networking apps


This is a great way to meet potential partners and co-founders outside of your current networks. It’s also great news for introverts Outsiders. There are many social media platforms that allow you to find business partners, such as Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. It’s a great place for entrepreneurs to meet and discuss business ideas. You should also consider joining LinkedIn and Facebook groups that are focused on small businesses.

5. Take into consideration your classmates


It could be a sign of how compatible you are to co-founders if you have a working relationship with former classmates. School is an ideal place to start small businesses if you are still in school. What is the best way to test your ideas and partners compatibility in a group project.

Test of compatibility between business partners

Which signs make you the most compatible for co-founders or business partners? We need to get to know you a bit better. To find your perfect match, take our 2-minute compatibility test. Then, read on to learn how to make a partnership work based on your personality type.

Before entering into a partnership, here are 10 questions you should ask

How can you assess the compatibility of a potential business partner once you have met them? These are 10 questions to ask about the person and your relationship.

  1. Are they able to bring new ideas to the table? Do they listen to you and take into consideration your ideas?
  2. Are you familiar with them?
  3. Have you already established boundaries with someone in a friendship or non-business relationship?
  4. Do they have the same investment in the business idea as you (time, money and hard work)
  5. Are you able to share the same goals and have a similar vision for your business?
  6. Are your skills complementary?
  7. Are you both happy to share the roles in the partnership?
  8. Did you reach a reasonable compromise or solution if you had a conflict with them in the past?
  9. Have you discussed the consequences for the partnership or the business if it fails?
  10. Do you and your partner agree to share the details and set expectations on paper in order to protect yourself financially and legally?

You have a greater chance of creating a mutually beneficial partnership if you answer yes to all of these questions. This is not an ideal test. However, it’s important to discuss every possibility and communicate frequently with a lawyer to create an agreement that protects the business and partnership.

It doesn’t necessarily signify that you are incompatible if you answer no to all of the questions. These results are a sign that you need to do more research before you start writing.

Partner ideas based on the Zodiac sign of your Founder

Is it better to work with a cofounder or solo when you are looking to start your own business? Is it better to find a business partner who can help you transform your business into something great? Your personality type may play a role in your answer. Based on your Founder Sign, learn more about your potential partnership.

Jump to your Sign:

The Mountaineer is the Feature Sign

Illustration of the Mountaineer sign  You’re Mountaineer’s sign of honor for this month. You are a lover of attention, and feel most at ease when you’re in the middle of it. This is your chance!

Why Mountaineers are great partners

As a Mountaineer and a team player, you are a valuable asset for any entrepreneur looking to partner in the growth or launch of a business. You’re most at your best when you are surrounded by ideas and the energy of others. Even though you prefer to be the driver, you can thrive in some form of partnership. You are a natural leader , and a social butterfly . Your strength is growth-mindedness. You can complement others with innovative ideas (like Trailblazers), or strong business plan (like Cartographers).

What Mountaineers should be looking for in a co-founder or business partner

Mountaineer is known for his attention to details. Mountaineer, your great ambitions don’t allow you to take the time to focus and stop. We think you are an ideal partner because of this. A Cartographer is the perfect personality type to balance your partnership.

Mountaineers might also be compatible with Firestarters and Outsiders. The former is more open-minded, motivated by ideas, but also knows when to stop looking for rainbows. Mountaineers have the ability to find opportunities and take them on. If you can both learn to keep your feet on the ground, outsiders may be a good business partner. The serious Outsider isn’t usually interested in ideas or growth. You can leave those tasks to Mountaineer. However, respect their privacy and process.

Partnership Potential: 5/5

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Mountaineer of Note:Q&A With Renata Pappin (Co-founder of Vagaband).

Renata took Walker, Renata’s son from high school to Asia with her childhood friend Eddie. This trip helped them to solidify their plans to start their own business, which was inspired by a friend who died while on vacation. The Vagaband is a waterproof wristband for travel that records personal information such as medications and emergency contact numbers.

Although the global pandemic caused some difficulties for the partners, they have not lost their determination to continue production. They plan to continue expanding the award-winning business over the next few months. Renata says, “We’ll be launching a whole array of digital, physical and experiential products, all designed for travel safety.”

Renata spoke with us about running a business and how it feels to have two partners, including her son.

Shopify Tell us about starting a family business.

Renata There are ups and downs but it has made our team dynamic stronger. Sometimes, the lines between work and home can blurred. Walker will sometimes wake up to talk about Vagaband ideas that he had the night before. Walker and I share many of the same challenges, but we also have our successes.

Shopify What is your role in the company?

Renata : Walker has always been a storyteller, strategist, and Eddie has a very practical mind. The guys joke that they are always on some sort of mission to save…something.

Shopify What makes you three compatible as partners?

Renata isWalker like me, a Mountaineer and Eddie’s a cartographer. Although sharing a sign with someone may sound like a dream pairing it is a lot of dreaming when there are two dreamers in a group of three founders. We would still be sitting at the same kitchen table, surrounded by half-finished ideas and fantasies, if Eddie wasn’t there to keep us connected to the real world. Although it’s not a common trope to talk about balance, this is the key to making things productive, enthusiastic, and energetic.

The Trailblazer

Illustration of the Trailblazer signWhy trailblazers are great partners

We have nothing to say. People love you. You are loved by others because of your passion for a project. You may be sought out by an Outsider or Cartographer to help them fill in the gaps in their business, particularly when it comes down to the front-facing aspects of the business. You are great at communicating ideas and connecting with people.

What should Trailblazers look for in a co-founder or business partner?

You are a trailblazer, and you can be caught up in the excitement of an invention without having to do the necessary research or find a market. It’s obvious that it will work. Passion and gut instincts are great, but you will benefit from a partner who has financial acumen or pragmatism. You should look for Firestarters who are able to turn ideas into cash or Cartographers who can crunch the numbers.

For most signs, Mountaineers are great partners. Your mutual energy and enthusiasm will be a benefit to you, and the future-thinking Mountaineer may help you see the bigger picture. Can your idea become something better?

Partnership Potential: 5/5

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The Cartographer

Illustration of the Cartographer sign Take a moment to look up from your notes, Cartographer. You may be so far down the rabbit hole that you have missed an opportunity. Although we know that you are happy on your own, there are business relationships that can work even for a single flier.

Why cartographers are great partners

Even great ideas are not always successful. You know the details behind successful businesses. Other signs like Trailblazers and Mountaineers are more interested in the details. They are looking for someone who is reliable, productive, detailed, and like them. You can anchor your wild ideas and make them real.

How one-minded cartographers can work in business partnerships

Let’s face facts: Taking on more responsibility and letting go of certain parts of the process is scary. Cartographer, you are a solopreneur and are very good at it. You have the organizational traits that allow you to manage the many tasks of a solopreneur easily. You’re multi-talented and business-savvy–others may seek you out as a partner because of this. Consider what partnerships may work for you before you say no instinctively.

Trailblazers share the same passion and bring complementary skills. While they thrive as brand ambassadors, you might be reluctant to attend community events or network with others. A Mountaineer or Firestarter could be a good partner if you are looking to expand your brand, but don’t have the courage to take risks.

A full-fledged partnership might not be the right fit for you. You can augment your self-respect with “partners”, who are arms-length and bring specific skills to the table. These include PR agencies, marketers, influencers, or consultants.


5 Causes Why Cloud-Primarily based POS Programs are Higher

What’s a cloud-based POS, chances are you’ll ask? Cloud-based means your knowledge is saved digitally on a number of distant servers on the web, as a substitute of saved on a tool. Conventional POS methods retailer all knowledge throughout the in-store POS {hardware}. Nonetheless, retailers are transferring away from this mannequin, and are as a substitute choosing the extra trendy cloud-based POS methods. Why?







  1. Mobility. You’ve got entry to your POS anytime and anyplace. Conventional POS methods solely allowed entry immediately from the terminal at your entrance desk, and nowhere else. With cloud-based, you’ll be able to entry your POS anyplace you have got an web connection and a tool. Think about the chances! You possibly can go anyplace, and produce your complete store with you. This undoubtedly is useful in the event you’re bringing your store anyplace else, comparable to a pop-up store or if promoting door to door. Some POS methods can be found in your cellular gadget, comparable to ConnectPOS, or supply cellular {hardware} for improved mobility.
  2. Updates are fast. With a cloud-based POS, when you replace it, it will likely be up to date in all places. No have to waste helpful time updating on each gadget. Along with that, in case your POS is absolutely built-in together with your on-line stock, then there’s no want for guide updates in any respect! Your POS will replace in real-time, robotically, and prevent the effort of getting to replace stock when you make gross sales in your POS.
  3. Extra inexpensive. Total, cloud-based POS methods are extra inexpensive than conventional POS methods. Conventional POS methods require in-store servers, which may be fairly expensive, particularly in the event you’d like a number of checkouts or a number of areas. With a cloud-based POS, any gadget can be utilized.
  4. Data is extra accessible. With a cloud-based POS, all your knowledge, data, and reviews are far more accessible and correct. They replace in real-time, so you’ll be able to verify your knowledge at any level throughout a day and it will likely be updated. You possibly can entry your store’s knowledge from anyplace, as effectively, in contrast to a standard POS for which you would need to be within the retailer to verify your reviews. With cloud-based, it’s far more handy to maintain monitor of your enterprise.
  5. Safer. All your store’s data is within the cloud, which implies in case your {hardware} will get stolen or broken, your POS and all its data will nonetheless be untouched. Since every part is up to date in real-time, within the case of injury, lack of energy, or some unexpected malfunction, your data continues to be secure! It may be simply restored and opened on one other gadget. Along with this, your knowledge is safer as a result of cloud-based methods permit for additional safety measures comparable to encryption and two-factor identification, so your POS is secure from bugs and breaches.

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