Boost Retail Sales with Laughter

A shared laugh at a store makes everybody relax. Laughter whilst purchasing and selling lets us reduce our defenses and opens us. I can tell an excellent retail store by simply listening. Can not you?

When both shoppers and partners are having fun, it can be appealing to everyone in the shop.

When you are attempting to increase retail sales, it is not just about what you hear, it may be what you do not hear…

One of the results we find when circumstances are right at a retail shop is that individuals are:

  • Relaxed.
  • Open.
  • Confident.

And bliss ensues.


The sound of joy, acceptance, and yes…

Making the purchase.

Laughter as in a simple joke, an aside, or gentle kidding. I have seen the best salespeople deliver it in spades in many different sales situations.

Is laughter something which may be trained or driven?


That is why I’ve avoided writing this post for some time. I can hear the Analytical character styles today,”So are we supposed to learn a whole lot of jokes and use them on everybody?”


But I am saying, if you create a fantastic hire, train them encourage them not to be a robot by stating the exact same thing to everyone, you will find laughter in your sales floor.

And laughter is among the most effective ways to surprise and delight customers.

Nope, surprise and pleasure are not achieved with a reduction, another Friends and Family afternoon, or tax-free advertising.


Laughter indicates a client has found a true person. Open, engaging, engaged.

I have not heard plenty of laughter in many stores – which was pre-pandemic.

After almost thirty years as a luxury sales trainer, I will tell you this much about retail sales coaching; it has a great deal of mystery around it.

That is because what people state they need, and what they really want are usually two distinct things.

As customers, we initiate the conversation with what we want . That’s where the cluttered clerks flourish asking,”Can I help you?” – looking to fill the stated needs like a point-and-click on the net.

To get past that needs retail workers who can be permitted to be themselves. But that requires a base of building rapport first.

You do not joke with people that you haven’t developed rapport with.

So how can you try to find laughter? Some will say you will need to have several funny stories to pull out at a minute’s notice.

An experienced professional may be able to do so, but not most people.

The trick to using laughter is allowing it begin with the customer. When they’re laughing, you can laugh and discover different minutes to make the laughter infectious.

Five fast rules to increase sales with bliss:

  • Listen to your client to describe a situation or problem that makes them laugh.
  • Do not make fun of a person’s nationality, looks, or background.
  • Keep it light, not dark.
  • Self-deprecating comedy is always a fantastic place to start.
  • If a joke does not land, and it may not, don’t attempt to make your customer laugh by forcing a laugh . Simply return to the client by asking a question.

And bear in mind, the purpose of bliss is sharing a moment on the way to making a sale. Occasionally associates get caught up in trying to be funny that if retained at more than a couple seconds, gets older and costs them the sale.

Selling the product takes plenty of practice and tools so the partner feels confident to engage a stranger.

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In Sum

Your employees have to be comfortable in your sales floor, not stressing someone is looking over their shoulder to take their personal style.

Your team should be generating laughter with the folks in front of them, those they’re serving. Not between themselves or on the telephone but with the clients.

Retailers Elephant in the Room – It’s about us

Ever been jilted and blame the other person for being a jerk? All of us have. Not until a good friend tells us like it’s that we aren’t that good to be around, do we look in the mirror and change.

Dear Macy’s, Best Buy, Pottery Barn, and such, today is your wake-up to check in the mirror!

For the last twenty years, you’ve given us your thought of hearts and flowers: 20 percent of vouchers, secret Saturday earnings, family and friends nights, and purchasing for charity tie-ins. These have all danced round the elephant in the room – like using a dull date who just talks about himself, we just don’t need to visit you.

You’ll continue to attempt and get us to”come home” for the holidays. When we finally break down and go, we will take the bargains and run. Then you will keep contacting us such as the Jon Favreau character’s awkward answering machine scene in the film Swingers.

Here is some news for you. We are just not that into you, it is about us.

Many significant retailers tout”experience” but in most instances – can we just admit it – you are only Wal-Mart with less polyester.

The exact same unenthusiastic, bored workers seeing their lives slip away you would find at a mass merchant. The hive mentality that allows them locate security stocking shelves, averting customers, and sticking together behind the counter has left us shoppers aloof and alone. Your pleas to go back undetected because we know you have not changed.

Sure you will try pop-up shops and special events but the headlines will continue reading Shoppers Hold Back since you expect we will change, not you.

The retailers which are increasing market share – and they are out there – are taking the long view of this pandemic as an chance to change.

Looking to increase sales whether you are a significant player or mom & pop? Look in the mirror – it is time for a makeover. Now! Otherwise, we will just sit at home eating our Chunky Monkey ice cream until somebody better comes along to sweep us off our feet. And that is the next elephant in the room.