The New Magento 2.4.4 Is Coming – What Will It Bring?

Adobe is nearing the end of beta-testing Magento 2.4.4 and will release it publicly on March 8. It is a minor update to Magento 2.4.3 but it can still be considered a major update.

The new Magento includes backward-incompatible changes and brings a lot of significant changes and additions. Support for PHP 8.1, the latest versions of ElasticSearch and jQuery, as well as MySQL, are just a few of the many features.

Adobe Commerce stores can now test the Magento 2.4.4 beta version by joining the Adobe Commerce Beta Program. Since the beta versions of the new Magento versions will not be available for stores using Magento Open Source edition, they will need to wait until the general release.

So that you are able to see what Magento 2.4.4 is all about, we have created a summary.


Support for PHP 8.1

Adobe has updated the Magento release cycle to match the PHP version end of life, as this component is critical for the e-commerce platform.

Magento 2.4.4 will be released in March. This marks the end of PHP 7.4 and the beginning of PHP 8. While Adobe is currently testing Magento 2.4.4 beta against PHP 8.0 PHP 8.0, the new Magento e-commerce platform supports PHP 8.1.

Magento 2.4.4 will no longer support PHP 7.3.

Despite the fact that Magento 2.4.4 can be upgraded to using PHP 7.4, Adobe claims only full functional support for PHP 8.1.

PHP 8.1 is a major update to this language and brings many new features. These include enums and readonly properties, explicit Octal Nural Notation, first-class syntax, fibers, pure intersect types, never return types, and final class constants.

This is not to mention the performance gains. Symfony Demo now has PHP 8.1 at 23.0% faster speed. You can read more at the official PHP8.1 release page.

Preliminary performance tests on Magento 7.4 and 8.1 have shown that the latter speeds up the store’s operation. Performance figures for a Magento setup will vary due to multiple factors such as server CPU, architecture (x86/ARM), host environment, installed extensions and Cron jobs.

OpenSearch support now available

Adobe now supports an additional in-store search engine Stores can also use OpenSearch in addition to Elasticsearch.

To mitigate the Log4j vulnerability , it is recommended that a store continue to use Elasticsearch 7.16.x

Note: Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 Cloud users will need to switch from Elasticsearch into OpenSearch

Vendor Bundled Extensions decoupled

Previous versions of Magento came with a list 3rd party extensions and third-party modules.

Adobe has removed almost all third-party extensions from its Magento core set with the new version of its online store platform. Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 has only left the Braintree extension out of the list.

Extensions that are removed from the Vendor Bundled Extension List will be available for optional downloading from a Magento Marketplace.

Software components updated

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 beta4 contains the following software updates.

  • All dependencies and project libraries are compatible with PHP 8.
  • Support for ElasticSearch 7.16.1 & OpenSearch 1.1 has been added.
  • Version 1.13.0 of jquery-ui was released.
  • Deprecated in the jQuery 3.6.x methodologies have been removed.
  • jquery.tabs has been updated to the most recent version.


Third-party modules may be affected by backward incompatible Magento changes. They should function in a different way. If these extensions are required, check your installed extensions.

The following changes are backward-incompatible in Magento 2.4.4:

Check cart load

The Stock Options section of Magento 2.4.4. now offers an Enable Inventory Check On Load option. It is enabled by default and controls inventory checks when products are loaded into shopping carts.

If the cart contains multiple products, disabling the inventory check can speed up checkout. Disabling this option can lead to errors. A customer might receive the message “Unable to place an Order: There are no Source Items with the In Stock Status.”


Three major changes have been made to the Tiny MCE Magento embedded content editor.

  • Name changed to tinymce4. The editor may become unavailable from the admin panel, which can cause the Magento Page Builder extension to be broken. This can happen if the store uses TinyMCE with tinymce4 as an alias in requirejs, or if the Page Builder JavaScript File was renamed elsewhere than PageBuilder’s di.xml.
  • TinyMCE MFTF test have been refactored. If the store uses elements (selectors), from duplicated sections, it is affected. TinyMCE core tests have been extended to address this issue.
  • Refactored TinyMCE4 MTFTF tests. If the store uses or extends TinyMCE4’s MFTF test, it can be affected.

Libraries updated and removed

Magento 2.4.4 offers many other enhancements, in addition to the upgrade to PHP 8.1. These are other important updates:

  • Updated RequireJS to Version 2.3.6
  • Endroid/qr code updated to the most recent version
  • PHP Unit 9.5
  • TinyMCE 5
  • JavaScript libraries updated:
    • Chart.js
    • moment.js
    • moment-timezone-with-data.js
    • matchMedia.js
    • underscore.js
    • PrototypeJS
  • JavaScript libraries removed
    • es6-collections.js
    • MutationObserver.js
    • Modernizr
    • FormData.js

GraphQL errors fixed

Adobe promises to fix GraphQL problems in Magento 2.4.4. These are the most important bugs that will be fixed in this version.

  • GraphQL returns configurable child products even though they are disabled at the site level. The MDVA-39935 patch is compatible with Magento 2.4.1-2.4.3.
  • GraphQL sorting using DESC/ASC might not work for products of equal price or relevance. The MDVA-40120 patch is also available for Magento 2.4.1-p1.
  • Hidden categories using a GraphQL queries for a B2B share catalog feature is not possible. All stores using Adobe before Magento 2.4.4 will need to request a patch separately.
  • GraphQL cannot add a configurable product into the cart if the store ID is different from the website ID. Patch MDVA-37779 works with 2.4.2-p1.
  • GraphQL error in setting shipping address for carts that have an empty phone number. The MDVA-39521 patch for Magento 2.4.0-2.4.3 is now available.
  • GraphQL queries return products that are not part of a shared catalogue. The patch MDVA-37748 can be downloaded for 2.4.2 – 2.4.2-p2.


Magento 2.4.4 will bring many improvements to security and performance for online shops. This platform will be available for public download on March 8, 2022. Now is the time to prepare your online store for its transition.

Protect your Magento-based business while ensuring that customers have a seamless shopping experience.


This Company Owner Used Software to Bring Back a Beloved American Tradition: The Drive-In Movie Theater

Doreen Saygeh chose to shut her movie theater from concern for the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Shortly after, she had to come up with a way to earn some revenue to cover the bills.

She got creative.

At first, she began selling concessions to-go twice weekly, then enlarged customers’ choices to gift cards and merchandise such as t-shirts. Then, she heard that drive-ins were making a comeback and decided to open one, something she has always wanted to do.

“A lot of drive-in theatres have closed and you do not really hear of drive-ins opening,” Saygeh stated. “It was definitely something I have always wanted to do, and my opportunity came about, surprisingly, in the center of a pandemic, but when the pandemic has done anything for me, it has definitely made me a whole lot more creative.”

After the show must go on, software can help

The first thing she had to work out was how she was going to put a screen up. She didn’t need to use a blow-up display, so she built one to provide the drive-in an”authentic” feel.

“For those who was to drive-in, I desired them to relive that experience, and if you had never been, I wanted to make a memory for them,” Saygeh stated.

After she built the display and procured a place, she had to determine how the drive-in would operate, logistically–selling tickets, directing cars to their spots, and delivering concessions while minimizing contact between clients and staff.

While Saygeh hired a service devoted to building sites and apps for movie theaters to help, not every company has the capacity to hire an app programmer. No matter your budget, it is possible to attain similar results with the ideal software.

Keep reading to learn how Saygeh used applications to tackle her business’s needs and how you will find software solutions that will assist you streamline your company.

3 ways applications can help you streamline your business

1. Sales management

When Saygeh opened the drive-in, she wanted a simple way customers could purchase tickets and concessions while staying cashless in light of their COVID-19 outbreak paired with easy-to-track sales. Software made equally possible.

“We managed to do a lot beforehand like [selling] tickets and concessions, without having to worry about money and touching money,” Saygeh stated. “It would have been a really messy process without technology.”

Regardless of what types of goods you are selling, point of sale software can help you streamline your revenue management procedure. Frequent features of POS applications include inventory management, payment processing, sales tracking, and reduction management.


2. Customer experience

Saygeh’s app also streamlined communication between staff and customers, which makes it easier to supply a seamless customer experience.

By way of instance, customers could order concessions on the web, beforehand. When clients came, a team member would check their automobile information and, once verified, send a notification to the kitchen they had arrived. Saygeh said that a large part of the time, they would have their concessions over 10 minutes of being parked.

“That was something that people actually enjoyed, especially the children,” Saygeh stated. “They just parked, and all of a sudden, their food is in the vehicle.”

Saygeh claims that in the long run, she’ll probably return to the brick-and-mortar theater but keep the order management applications she embraced during the pandemic.

Providing a superb customer experience can make a massive difference for your organization and increase customer loyalty. Software can assist with this ongoing goal as we adapt to the new normal, even when you embraced it in response to the pandemic.

Customer experience applications can help you collect feedback on what your company is doing well, and what you could improve. Delivery management software can help you streamline delivery to clients and enhance your reliability.

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3. Inventory tracking

Software also allowed Saygeh to monitor not just total sales but just how much of each product she was selling, which makes it much easier to manage inventory.

“We can better prepare and plan,” Saygeh stated. “The app gives us an idea of just how much popcorn to get on site, how much food, how much candy. We can see just how much we are selling every time quite easily.”

Effectively managing your stock can save you money, too; companies that carry excess inventory pay an additional 30 percent in costs annually. By tracking how much she offered every night, Saygeh managed to better prepare her company based on customer demand and save money in the long term.

Software can help improve business performance

Opening a drive-in helped Saygeh bring in revenue to pay recurring costs of her theater, but that is not the only reason she chose to do it.

She really wanted to return to the local community and supply them with some sense of normalcy, even if it’s only for a couple hours.

“Once the movie begins, with the exceptions of having to wear a mask, what’s ordinary –there is no pandemic,” Saygeh stated. “For this hour and a half or two hours, they are escaping. They are not thinking about the information or the pandemic.”

Software assisted Saygeh transform her company while positively impacting her community, and can assist your endeavors, too.

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