Magento Community Diverse Speaker Training: What’s Coming Up in The New Year

Magento Community Diverse Speaker Training: What’s Coming Up in The New Year

Let’s start the new year filled with optimism and energy. While it was full of challenges, there were also many highlights. One of the most important is Magento’s ongoing dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are continuing to support diversity within our Magento community. This past May we hosted a “Train the Trainers” online workshop to help event organizers host Magento Speaker Diversity workshops. Jill Binder, Diverse In Tech, led the session that enabled Magento meetup organizers and conference organizers to offer this workshop to people from 17 cities in 10 different countries.

The workshop was a great opportunity to have a global impact based on the testimonials of participants.

A diverse speaker program is essential for all Magento events. This training has allowed me to help more women overcome the annoying imposter syndrome. It is a great training that I recommend to anyone looking to have a minimum 50/50 mix of women and men at their events. – Chantal Schinkels Customer Success Manager, The Netherlands

Anyone who wants to understand the reasons that underrepresented groups don’t submit talks and how to make it happen is going to love this training! Jill provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to become a good speaking mentor. Anyone who is interested in improving their speaking diversity, but doesn’t know where or how to begin, I recommend this workshop.
Eric Hileman CEO MageMojo New York, New York

Before taking this workshop with Jill Binder I struggled to overcome my imposter syndrome. I also didn’t understand why I would be valued as an speaker. Adobe and Sherrie helped me see the value I bring to the community, and I have gained confidence in myself.
Thien-Lan Websiteer, Marketing at OneStepCheckout

Many people want to be part of diversity, but don’t know how. Your program can help them.
– Anonymous participant

Other initiatives that promote diversity in Magento speakers have also helped members of our community achieve new heights in speaking careers. The Magento Community Speaker Workshop, and the Magento Community Diverse speaker workshop in 2020 and 2019, respectively, are now complete.A follow-up survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents went on to speak at events in person.. These events include Meet Magento NY, MageUnconference and SEOBenelux.

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What’s next for the Magento community after all the great work? We’re taking it one step further and offering a new workshop for 2021. We will teach event organizers how they can create inclusive and diverse events that make speakers and participants from underrepresented and marginalized groups feel welcome and included in the community.

March 4, 2009, 5 to 7:30 PM UTC (9:00 to 11:30 AM PT): Workshop Creating a Diverse and Welcoming Magento Event Space.

Are you frustrated that only one person attends a Magento event? There is a lack of diversity in your group. People either don’t show or don’t return to the event. How can you foster, promote and support diversity?

This workshop will cover five topics:
1. Mindset shift: How to change the way you view diversity
2. Community: How to attract and sustain a diverse community
3. Environment: Create a welcoming environment both online and in-person
4. Speakers and leaders: How to inspire more people from different backgrounds to become speakers and leaders
5. Allyship: How can you be a better ally?

Interactively, we will use a PDF workbook to guide us. You will leave with an action plan to get started on making improvements right away.

This workshop is not only for event organizers but anyone who wants to promote a welcoming environment for all groups, both now and in the future.

Live participation is the best way to get the most out of your event. Register even if you are unable to attend the event live. You will receive recordings and invitations for future organizer support sessions.

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Magento Commerce 2.4.2 will continue to drive digital commerce growth.

Despite the challenging year 2020, ecommerce sales experienced a remarkable growth of just below 30%. We learned a lot from 2020. All businesses must be digital. Based on eMarketer‘s 2021 forecasts, businesses are hoping for a rebound of brick-and-mortar business sales. A Digital Commerce 360 B2B survey that looked to 2021 shows that more than 80% B2B respondents indicated they were very or somewhat likely in the next year to purchase more online. It is becoming more crucial to ensure that your ecommerce platform is up-to-date as customers become more dependent on it. You will need to upgrade to Magento 2.4.2 to take advantage of the security and performance enhancements.

Adobe today releases Magento Commerce 2.4.2. It also includes security-only patches 2.3.6–p1 and 2.4.1–p1. These patches are designed to improve Magento Commerce’s security and performance and provide enhanced tools for merchants that can expand and maintain their business in order to keep up with eCommerce growth. Magento Commerce 2.4.2 helps merchants maximize their opportunities by providing enhancements to B2B buy approvals, expanded PWA/GraphQL support, improved Page Builder performance, Media Gallery performance, and better developer experience.

B2B enhancements for purchase approvals, and headless commerce

Magento Commerce 2.4.2 now supports online payments. This is an improvement on the experience of purchasing approvals, which was previously only possible with offline payments. Merchants can now accept purchasing policies regardless if they use online payments. Buyers can also use the same approval process for all orders.

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Online payment options at checkout. Email notifications and screen reminders for adding payment details.

Magento Commerce 2.4.2 includes new GraphQL APIs, such as Company Credit and Requisition Lists. These APIs support important B2B use case scenarios for headless commerce implementations.

Storefront performance and content management improved

Image Optimization is now available in the Media Gallery. This feature was first introduced with Magento 2.4. When enabled, the storefront will now use a web optimized version of an image rather than the full, high-res version that is stored in the Media Gallery. The storefront will generate a smaller file of the image without altering the original. This ensures that the shopfront renders quickly for shoppers.

The Media Gallery now supports an Access Control List in Admin. Merchants can create user permissions to access the Media Gallery and manage actions. This enhancement allows digital agencies and designers to access the Magento instance without having to expose their data.

Page Builder allows you to view previews of content on mobile and desktop. There are improvements that will reduce the effort required to migrate content to Page Builder. Customizing Page Builder CSS will also reduce the developer’s effort.

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PWA Studio offers a faster time to market and lower ownership costs.

PWA Studio continues its efforts to speed up the time to market and lower total cost of ownership in Progressive Web Application development. PWA Studio now supports multi-currency and language support for merchants, making it easier and faster to launch international websites as well-performing PWAs.

The latest PWA Studio updates include new Venia components that cover “My Account”, which will accelerate launches. There are also extensibility enhancements and performance enhancements that greatly improve the developer and shopper experiences. All the latest updates can be found in the PWA Studio Release Notes.

Internationalization and new Venia components

With In-Product Guidance, you can achieve a faster time to value

Magento Commerce 2.4.2 introduces In Product Guidance. In-product Guidance provides proactive, personalized and scalable in-product experiences that help users connect with key product features and value pathways. These experiences increase time to value and enable customers to become more self-served power users faster. In-product experiences, for example, can be used to increase awareness, teach users how to use high-value features that are under-used, and help new customers get on-board quickly.

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Magento Commerce merchants that are running on 2.4.2 or higher can only access in-product guidance. Users must opt-in to Admin Usage tracking. This option may be enabled by many customers. Customers can disable this option or change it in the Admin UI under Stores> Configuration> Advanced > Admin .

Performance and quality of platform

Magento Commerce 2.4.2 features numerous enhancements to platform performance and quality that support both merchants and developers. Highlights:

  • VBE enhancements include: Braintree now offers Buy Now Pay Later functionality; dotdigital delivers transactional text messages; Vertex supports commodity codes to ship in and out from global regions.
  • Multi-store implementations and large catalogs can benefit from greater scalability thanks to better API performance and quicker admin response times.
  • Cloud supports remote storage solutions. AWS S3 support is available out of the box. This will allow for infrastructure optimization and cost savings.
  • More than 280+ issues of functional quality were solved, including all known problems from 2.4.1.

Additional Q1 announcements and updates

Upgrade Compatibility Tool

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is now in Alpha. It allows you to compare your Magento Commerce 2.x version against a newer release and analyze the compatibility with installed custom modules. This tool can be used between any Magento Commerce 2.x version and will produce a report detailing issues and warnings regarding compatibility of custom codes, along with an estimate of the complexity of the upgrade process.

Alpha releases are limited in scope. We will expand our coverage as we learn from customers. To learn more and get started, visit our blog Introducing Upgrade Compatibility Tool.


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The Way to Keep Customers Coming Back: Lessons in Community Building

Great companies make sales, but amazing businesses work out how to keep customers returning.

Since the pandemic began, many companies have had to adapt to the electronic”new normal,” including new competitors, smaller staff, reduced hours, evolving customer needs and expectations, and new fiscal restraints on both companies and consumers.

Pir Fahad Momin is an electronic advertising expert with an advertising agency that also runs an internet bakery for a side job. When COVID-19 struck, he detected earnings falling, especially after he ceased offering discounts.

“The only people I saw were placing orders were those that had been my clients before,” Momin said.


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Because of this, he began investing more in his present customers so that they would keep coming back, and Momin is not the only small business owner that has been compiling customer retention.

According to a recent poll, 46 percent of small-business owners believe customer retention among their top short-term objectives, and 39% believe it among their top long-term objectives, too.

Perhaps you have customer retention and loyalty on the mind.

Maintaining clients usually boils down to not just offering excellent services and products but also offering an unmatched customer experience. To do so, shift away from selling to assisting and place a greater emphasis on client success (full research accessible to Gartner clients).

3 ways companies are building community through their content approach

1 way companies do this is through content advertising. By offering their clients useful content, they provide value and establish brand trust (full research accessible to Gartner clients). Content, however, might not be sufficient as some companies turn to community building as an extension of the content strategy.

“People come for articles but remain for community,” said Hannah Reynolds from Flipped Lifestyle.

Here’s what other companies did to provide valuable content to their customers, build brand trust, and create a community around their brand, paired with suggestions that will help you do the same.

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1. Tailor your content to the here and now

Valuable content is relatable; folks want to read content that addresses their current challenges. When the pandemic struck, disrupting businesses across industries and our everyday lives, content plans had to change, too.

Home Grounds is a site written by baristas and an internet community for coffee lovers. Since the pandemic, it has shifted its content to reflect the budding readers are confronting: More folks are at home having to brew their cups of joe.

Founder and CEO Alex Azoury chose to alter the website’s content approach to address the evolving demands of his readers and concentrate on building a community around its publication that currently has 30,000 subscribers.

Azoury says they’ve been careful to use a positive tone around staying in the home and”enjoying the ritual of making coffee.” Their newsletters include information about the best way best to make espresso with no espresso machine, fresh takes on java tendencies, and how to select and roast coffee beans.

“It appears mild, possibly even insignificant, but I believe the grounding ritual of preparing a cup of coffee for yourself and others is an act of kindness and care, which all of us need at this time,” Azoury stated.

Like Home Grounds, you can alter your articles to address your clients’ immediate needs. 1 way to watch your tone and the way in which your clients are receiving your articles? Social listening.

How applications can help: Social networking monitoring software can help with social listening strategies, monitoring the web for trending challenges and topics that could inform your next piece of content.

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2. Create a hub of content that is easy to access

It is possible to make customers feel appreciated by providing them content that’s easy to access.

Learn from Anabolic Aliens, a startup which produces home workout videos and has a workout generator app, Exerprise. Manager of articles Michael Kenler stated they saw a spike in competitions in the house workout market at the start of the pandemic.

They had to stand out, so they created a website on their site which functions as a resource hub for existing customers and attracts new clients with free content.

“By posting weekly articles, we’ve been able to participate with our customers like never before,” Kenler stated. “Free content which truly adds value to the client has helped to create a thriving online community of customers who enjoy our services and products.”

Every community needs a base and a homebase–what better place than your own site? When you haven’t blogged or posted content on your website before, you do not need to figure it out by yourself. There is software out there that can help you to get started.

How applications can help: Website optimization software can help you to get the most mileage from your site by ensuring that your content is visible to readers and optimized for the best possible user experience.

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3. Show your customers you care with exclusive content

Exclusive content may strengthen the community between your brand and your present clients, while appealing to the interest of possible customers.

Matthew Dailly, managing director at Tiger Financial, stated they recently hosted a free online seminar for existing customers only. This seminar was intended to help individuals better understand aspects of the financial industry like the stock exchange, interest rates, and how the pandemic might affect the economy.

“It was a terrific turnout, and we could secure some elongated contract talks with a number of our clients, which only shows that sometimes, all you need is to get in contact with the people who help you keep the company running and see what else there is that you could help them with,” Dailly said.

By providing an exclusive convention, Tiger Financial managed to get in touch with its present clients, identify new challenges, and build off the services that they were providing.

Clients want to feel like they matter to your business, not as clients but as individuals. A simple way to strengthen customer relationships is by offering exclusive content to your brand’s community.

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