How to use AliExpress for dropshipping

Once you’ve got your dropshipping store set up, what should you do when you receive your first order?

Dropshipping with AliExpress works in the same way as regular dropshippers. Once you have received an order, click on AliExpress to purchase the item and then enter the name and shipping address of your customer. Rest is handled by AliExpress sellers.

It’s possible to dropship from AliExpress by hand. A spreadsheet with a list all products, their price, AliExpress cost, and a link will help you keep track of the AliExpress listing is a great idea. It will make it easier to track price changes and find the supplier when you receive an order.


Oberlo can also be used to handle this. This makes it much easier to place orders on AliExpress, and monitor price changes. This is a much more efficient way to save time, which can be your most valuable resource. This allows you to grow quickly without having to order manually dozens (or even more) of AliExpress products.


It works like this: It is as easy as installing the Oberlo app in your Shopify shop, checking your orders in Oberlo and clicking on Order Product next each pending order. Oberlo takes care of the rest. Oberlo will purchase the AliExpress product for you and enter your customer details.

Oberlo can even notify you if a supplier on AliExpress has increased their price or gone out of stock, and will suggest other dropshipping suppliers.

Oberlo can also be used as a dashboard to dropship through AliExpress. It allows you to track all orders and monitor delivery status.

Dropshipping via AliExpress is possible if you let the seller know what your plans are. The supplier will not include invoices or promotional materials in the shipment that is sent to you. You can leave a message to the seller at checkout. It is best to leave a message like “We are dropshipping.” Oberlo will do this for your AliExpress purchase.

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If the supplier is located in China, you can choose ePacket shipping. Many suppliers offer it free of charge. Oberlo makes it easy to choose ePacket shipping at checkout for AliExpress orders.

You will receive an email soon letting you know that your order is shipped, depending on the processing time of your seller.

To view your order, click the link in the email. This will let you see the tracking number.


Go to Shopify admin to complete your order. Make sure you enter the tracking number.


Oberlo can be used to dropship with AliExpress. Your order will be fulfilled automatically. If you are using Oberlo, skip this step.

That’s all! It’s now time to wait for your customers. AliExpress will email you to confirm that your order has been received. If there are any problems with the product, delivery or shipping, please allow some time for the customer to contact you. You can then contact AliExpress to raise the issue with your supplier, encouraging them in the corrective action and hopefully solving any future problems.

What about returns and refunds?

Many dropshipping suppliers, such as AliExpress and Alibaba, don’t offer returns. You will need to deal with returns and refunds in one way or another. If a customer places an order on your website and it doesn’t arrive or they are unhappy with the purchase, this is usually a sign that there are problems.

If your order is not received, the first case will be dealt with by AliExpress. If this happens, you can contact your supplier to resolve the problem or take advantage of AliExpress’ Buyer Protect.

It’s often a matter of expectations. The customer may not be satisfied with the product they received. If the customer is unhappy with the product, I recommend that they get a refund. Also, you can ask them to review your marketing and see if you can make any adjustments to their order. In many cases, customers may not have understood what they ordered. Ask your customer to take pictures of the damaged product and then send them to AliExpress.

Growing your AliExpress dropshipping company

After you have made your first sales, you can start to look at AliExpress and dropshipping as ways to grow.

You’ll eventually be able to identify reliable suppliers and those who don’t. The best dropshipping tip is to build relationships with reliable suppliers. This will enable you to obtain better prices and faster processing of your orders.

Dropshipping via AliExpress is easy if you use WhatsApp. To establish a business relationship, ask for the seller’s Skype username if you find yourself ordering from them often. After you have proven that you can generate recurring sales, sellers may allow you to put your logo on products and include custom invoices or branded inserts in shipping packages.

Oberlo makes it easy to start a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping on AliExpress has the best advantage: it allows store owners quickly validate business ideas as well as products. Are you unsure if your product is a good fit for sale? You can add it to your shop and start testing it! If it fails, you can easily remove it and test another item.

There’s very little risk in setting up this business because you don’t have to manage any inventory or carry it around. Oberlo is free to begin, as I said.

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay

Dropshipping low-cost products from Amazon FBA is an older dropshipping model. This can still be used to sell to buyers on ebay. Although legal, buyers and platforms generally don’t approve of dropshipping. You only make a small profit.

You can think of it as a customer: You buy the latest grooming brush on eBay for $20. After a week, you are excited. Your brush arrives in an Amazon box when FedEx knocks at your door.

You are curious, so you search Amazon for the product and discover it is a fraction of what you paid for. What would this say about the company you purchased from? This scenario is not one you should expect to repeat.

This model can increase profits for dropshippers, but it doesn’t win any other. EBay doesn’t support the Amazon-to-eBay-arbitrage business model either, allegedly banning hundreds of Israeli companies for it in 2017.

If you are looking to establish a transparent and honest dropshipping business, avoid Amazon dropshipping to eBay.

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Dropshipping Software for Amazon

This list contains tools to help you get started in Amazon dropshipping.

  1. Amazon Channel app . This Free Shopify app lets you manage your Amazon inventory from your Shopify admin and fulfill Amazon orders. Your Shopify admin can create Amazon listings, track inventory, and monitor the sales with your Sales Overview or Analytics pages. You don’t have to leave Shopify if you want to sell on multiple marketplaces.
  2. You can use this program to verify search volume and keyword data. Paid plans start from $29.99 per month
  3. Sellery. The real-time Amazon repricing tool allows you to create repricing strategies that win the Buy Box, increase sales, and profit automatically. The trial version is free. You can then upgrade to a paid plan that will earn you 1% of your monthly gross sales. Minimum monthly payment is $50
  4. FeedCheck . FeedCheck allows you to monitor and respond customers reviews in order to build relationships with customers across all sales channels. It allows you to quickly access Amazon reviews, which will allow you to provide better customer support. It also allows you to monitor the product reviews and questions of your competitors so that you can improve and analyze your products.
  5. Shop.Tools . This app automates your Amazon dropshipping shop. Access a powerful keyword manager, PPC management tools, product research tools and marketing automation tools made with ManyChat. Messenger marketing workflows can be downloaded for promotion counter distribution, automatic review captures, rebate distribution and other purposes to help you grow your Amazon business quickly.

Dropshipping from your online store

Creating an online store to sell Amazon products is another option to dropshipping Amazon products via third-party websites like Amazon and eBay. This is the best way to build a profitable dropshipping company.

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You have more control. Your online store allows you to set up a shopping environment that is conducive to selling your products, and most importantly, to adding value to your customers. You can personalize the layout and design product pages to better inform customers about your products.

Simple design. Using platforms like Shopify, it’s easy to create your own ecommerce store. You can choose from hundreds of store designs, customize it, add your products and connect a payment gateway. You can create an online store in a matter of hours depending on what type you are looking for.

Mobile-ready. Selling via Amazon and eBay via mobile can be difficult. Your online store will be responsive if it is built with a trusted hosted eCommerce platform. This means that it will look great on both an iPad and a mobile phone. This is becoming increasingly important as almost 30% of online sales are done via mobile devices.

Shopify and other online stores allow you to manage your entire business via your mobile device. Dropshipping business owners often want to operate their business from anywhere, even on the beach.

There are no third-party fees. Amazon and eBay will not charge 10% to 15% for every sale. This will greatly increase your profit margins. Starting your dropshipping company through an online store will make you more money.

More dropship supplier options. You can establish relationships with wholesalers via sites such as AliExpress, AliBaba and Oberlo if you own a dropshipping company. You can also find vendors that use EPacket shipping if you are concerned about shipping delays. This will speed up shipping and ensure your products arrive at customers sooner.

Building real businesses. You’ll also be creating equity in your business. A business that is built around a website can be sold much more easily.


You will have to generate traffic via marketing, social media and SEO. You’ll need to invest time and money in long-term campaigns to promote your store.

Shopify is the best way to grow your online business.

Dropshipping from Amazon can help you increase your sales, no matter how experienced or new. Dropshipping is a great way to increase sales for your Shopify store. We have the tools to assist you with dropshipping fulfillment and pricing. Also, be sure to read our top dropshipping tip. You can make your online business more profitable and live the life you want.

Dropshipping Fulfillment: Understanding Supply Chain and Fulfillment

The supply chain is a fancy way of describing the journey a product takes from conception to manufacturing and then finally to the customer’s hands. Hard-core suppliers chain experts would insist that a product’s supply chains extend all the way to the extraction of materials (such as oil and rubber) needed to make it. This is a bit intense.

We don’t need too much detail for the purposes of this guide. It is enough to know the three main players in the dropshipping supply chains: wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Manufacturers. manufacturers create the product, and many do not sell directly. They sell bulk to wholesalers or retailers. Although buying directly from the manufacturer is the most cost-effective way to buy products for resale is the best option, many manufacturers have minimum purchase requirements that you must meet. When selling products to customers, you will need to stock the product and then re-ship it. It is often more convenient to purchase directly from a wholesaler.

Wholesalers. Wholesalers purchase products from manufacturers in bulk, mark them up slightly, and then sell them on to retailers for resale. If there are minimum purchasing requirements, these will be lower than the manufacturer’s. Wholesalers are likely to stock products from many manufacturers, if not hundreds. They also tend to specialize in one industry or dropshipping niche. They sell to only retailers, and not to the general public.

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Retailers. Anyone who sells products directly at a markup to the public. You are a retailer if your business fulfills orders through dropshipping suppliers.

Dropshipping is not a job, it’s a service.

Notice that dropshipper is not listed in the supply chain. Why is that? Why? Because any one of these three — manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer–can act in a role as drop shipper.

If a manufacturer offers to ship their products directly to you, this is called dropshipping. A retail merchant can also dropship but its pricing will not be as competitive as that of a wholesaler because it doesn’t buy directly from the manufacturer.

A “dropshipper” doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get wholesale pricing. This simply means that the company will ship your products for you. You want to get the best price so make sure you are working with a genuine wholesaler or manufacturer. This topic will be covered in detail in the next chapter.

Dropshipping in action: How to order

Let’s now look at the process of a drop-shipped order. We’ll show you how an order placed at Phone Outlet, an online retailer that sells accessories for smartphones, is processed. Phone Outlet dropsships all its products directly from Wholesale Accessories, a wholesaler.

This is an example of how the ordering process might look.

Step 1: The customer places an order with the Phone Outlet

Mr. Allen is looking for a case to protect his new smartphone so he orders one through Phone Outlet’s online shop. A few things happen once the order has been approved:

  • Phone Outlet and Mr. Allen will receive an email confirmation (likely identical to the original order) that the store software generates automatically.
  • The payment of Mr. Allen is automatically captured during the checkout process. It will then be deposited to Phone Outlet’s bank account.

Step 2: Phone Accessory Outlet places the order with its supplier

The next step is to forward the email confirmation from Phone Outlet to Wholesale Accessories. Wholesale Accessories will charge the wholesale price plus any shipping and processing fees to the credit card that Phone Outlet has on file.

Note : Some dropshippers support automatic XML order uploading (a common format to store inventory files), but the easiest way to place an order with dropshipping providers is via email. It’s universally accepted and simple to use.

Step 3: Ship the order to wholesale accessories

Wholesale Accessories will pack the order and ship it to the customer, provided that the item is in stock. Although the shipment is from Wholesale Accessories, Phone Outlet will include the name and address on the return label. The invoice and packing slip will also contain its logo. Wholesale Accessories will send a tracking number and an invoice to Phone Outlet once the shipment is complete.

Please note that dropshipped orders often take less time than you might think. Quality suppliers can usually ship an order within a few hours. This allows merchants to advertise same day shipping even if they use a dropshipping supplier.

More information: Everything you need to know dropshipping and ePacket

Step 4: The customer is notified by phone outlet about shipment

Phone Outlet will email the tracking information to the customer once the tracking number has been received. This may be done using the email interface built into the online store interface. Once the order has been shipped and payment received, and the customer is notified, fulfillment can begin. Phone Outlet’s profit or loss is the difference in what it charged Mr. Allen versus what it paid Wholesale Accessories.

Dropshippers can’t be seen

The dropshipper, despite its vital role in order fulfillment and delivery, is invisible to the customer. Only Phone Outlet’s logo and return address will be visible on the shipment once it is received. If Mr. Allen receives an incorrect case, he will contact Phone Outlet. Wholesale Accessories would coordinate behind-the scenes to send the correct item.