Super Bowl In-Store Marketing: A Story to Be Told

While most individuals are stocking the fridge with beverages out in team colours and making certain that their new home theater is ready for the audience on Sunday, we are already thinking about Super Bowl 2021. Specifically, the way to make the season even better next year.

There are loads of fans visiting the stadium in only a few days, but you will find even more enthusiasts planning tailgating and house celebrations. According to the National Retail Federation, a whopping 43 million people plan to host a party this season, with the typical viewer spending 14 percent over last year. No surprise then to find gains in searches on Pinterest for”home theater design” in 368% and”sound room” in 803% over last year at this time.

If football is an whole season, the Super Bowl is its main holiday. Each year, people anticipate the significant brands to control advertising with pricey commercials, expensive in-store screens and big competitions. But why should these brands catch all the spotlight? Why not offer the famous brands along with your clients the gift of the unexpected for Super Bowl 2021?

Shake It Up

Our thoughts? Join the celebration and shake things up. Make those popular Pinterest searches come to life by creating brand partnerships and translating them into visually exciting store environments.

Brand Partnerships Help Tell the Story

Imagine heading to your neighborhood supermarket, Game Day list in hand, and coming upon an elaborate Game Day Party Pop-Up directly from the seasonal aisle. There, you can:

*Test the luxury of the most recent leather sectional from La-Z-Boy whilst marveling at the authentic cinematic quality of this new LG Signature Z9 88″ 8K Smart TV.

*Shop for your favorite team gear by scanning a lifestyle photograph that has been invisibly tagged to take you to a myriad of buying options on your smartphoneinstantly.

*Use your smartphone to scan an icon onto a Tostitos bag or screen to start a Snapchat filter–that enables you to”paint” your face with your favorite team colors. Then post the photo on social websites with a hashtag to be entered into an internet contest! (All from the comfort of the brilliant sectional).

Expand Your Reach

While hanging out at a 25-degree parking lot in January is not our pint of beer, lots of individuals wake up on Game Day instead of doing exactly that–why not establish a Tailgate Zone on your shop parking lot? The change in location from inside to out provides a Chance to go bigger and do more:

*Partner with a local dealership and bring in a luxury SUV or pickup truck for a few swank realism.

*Set up a tent and invite a local chef or food truck to show the way to best cook favorite tailgating recipes while”on the blacktop.”

*Showcase outdoor heating units, sound and furniture systems. Invite a local kitchen shop to present a line of cookware for the demonstrations.

The diverse nature of the in-store Game Day Pop-Up and the outside Tailgate Zone allows manufacturers with limited budgets to have a presence in places they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to, while introducing their products to new audiences. For the shopper, these memorable, curated happenings are a stadium for unexpected experiences, brand combinations and sensory experiences that are both memorable and sharable. And that’s one huge touchdown for the merchant.

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