23 Great Templates for Taking Your Business Online During COVID-19

23 Great Templates for Taking Your Business Online During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has certainly presented challenges for business owners, it has also opened up creative options. Many businesses are moving online in response to this changing world. Online delivery is becoming more popular as restaurants and fitness studios broadcast classes and online stores sell and promote their products.

Do you want to be a follower? Get started with a professional and sleek website template.

There’s an eCommerce template that will work for any type of business: events, service businesses, restaurants, or stores. It also includes a set of professional tools.

These website templates will help you transition your business smoothly.

  1. Fitness
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Online Stores
  4. Restaurants
  5. Coaching Consulting & Training
  6. Events
  7. Education


Online classes and workouts are a great option for clients who can’t make it to class. You can offer Zoom classes live on your fitness website. Also, you can offer exercise videos subscriptions and take secure online payments. Your clients may be in quarantine. meet their needs and create a blog with tips for indoor fitness. Your clients can communicate with you through your website using Wix Chat and the Wix owner app.

Yoga on Demand

Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

Online Fitness Video Course

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Health & Wellness

Your clients’ mental and physical health are paramount in these times. A professional website can help you guide clients through social distancing or staying at home. Allow clients to book appointments online 24/7. You can also accept online payments and send links for video conferences in your confirmation emails. Email marketing campaign to showcase your expertise in health advice


Health Coach

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Online Stores

Sell online and take secure online payments from customers. Marketing tools such as abandoned cart emails or a Facebook advertising campaign can help you increase your sales. COVID-19 may be affecting your inventory. You can source new products with dropshipping or print on demand. Your website allows you to ship your orders and generate shipping labels. You can also offer curbside pickup at your storefront.

Plant Boutique

T-Shirt Store

Fresh Produce Farm

Online Bookstore

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Restaurants & Food

Online ordering is possible with beautiful menus and a complete restaurant system. Wixchat allows you to collect special requests, food preferences, and make dish recommendations. Orders can be accepted on the phone or on your website, so you can manage all orders from one place. You can create delivery zones to set up unique minimum order quantities or fees depending on where you are located. Customers are able to pay online, and even tip online.

Restaurant Site

Vegetarian Restaurant

Burger Corner

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Coaching Consulting & Training

Book calls with clients or stream live webinars from your website. Your website can be used to promote your services, and gain new clients. Allow visitors to book introduction calls and feature real customer testimonials. A blog can be used to showcase your expertise and provide advice on COVID-19.

Virtual Assistant

Finance Consulting

Success Coach

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Your guests may not be able to attend your events. Your website can host lectures, concerts and meetups. Invite your fans to listen online to your music or to attend drive-ins. To track and manage attendance, collect detailed RSVPs. You can stream live from your virtual event by connecting to Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube Live. Keep your community involved by creating a Members Area or a Wix Forum discussion board.

Webinar Landing Page

Meetup Event

Drive in Movie Theater

Rap Artist

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Live-streamed lectures allow you to keep in touch with students and clients. Create a video library that includes courses and classes. Visitors can choose to sign up or log in. Keep all student resources, including registration forms, online if you manage a school. Display testimonials from tutors and allow parents to schedule sessions whenever.

Online Education Lectures

Private Tutor

Online Courses


Four Simple Steps to Great Free Advertising

Advertising a product or service, or any undertaking such as a website, has always been difficult for the wallet.

I am a follower for the free advertising mode.

Two strategies that I used to get free advertising are what I want to share with you.

Advertise on free, but highly-visited websites is the first strategy.

Some of my favorite web sites accept advertising free of charge have been published. These free advertising sites can be accessed by visiting internetmarketinglearningcenter.com/classified.html.

To post free ads, I used the second strategy of buying a Classified Ad Course.

It is a short course, and I paid $19.95 through Clickbank to access this ad resource.

The Free Classified Ad Course’s highlight is the link to a free program that will allow you to monitor and post your ads.

This is a free classified ad course.

Clickbank doesn’t charge $19.95 and you don’t need to spend hours searching for this software.

Simply go to my website listed in the resource box below and click the link at the sidebar menu titled 4 Simple Steps for Great Free Advertising. Then you can start posting your ads. It’s free.

You will be a success at ad posting.

Four Steps to Unbeatable Marketing

You may have noticed that certain people always get the best deals. You pay full price, and you think you did okay, until someone else shows up with the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost. This really gets your goat! How does this happen? They aren’t afraid to ask for an additional discount.

You can’t be too proud of yourself if you don’t ask the next time an advertising representative visits. Ask for a larger discount even if you are already receiving one. You don’t have to…because you didn’t ask.

2. 2. Trim

Or is it? Advertising is a competitive field. You might find that some of your shorter ads are more successful than the larger, more expensive ones. You don’t have to reduce the advertising budget, but you won’t be reducing the quality of the ads.

3. Grab the Freebies

What is the difference between publicity and advertising? …who is doing the talking. It’s advertising when you sell yourself. It’s advertising when someone is trying to sell you something. This generates credibility, and you don’t want it to end.

Consider all the ways that you can put your business in the limelight. Have news? Write a press release. Send some “how-to” articles to magazines, newspapers and other publications. Include a brief byline at the bottom. You can promote the product from a competitor in exchange for them promoting it. Think about the completely different markets they impact!

There are many ways to get free advertising that will benefit your company. You won’t always be able to get free advertising, but you can still get some for nothing.

See others:









4. 4.

Are you too excited to miss your opportunity? You need to make it better. You don’t have to reduce prices any more, but you still need to make profit. It’s possible to make the deal more appealing by making the product more valuable or offering bonuses that are valued but not too expensive.

Use expirations to motivate buyers. Open ended offers encourage procrastination, which leads to…nowhere. If the customer is aware that he only has Saturday to buy an item that he will pay more for, he will make it a priority and head to your shop.


Advertising doesn’t need to break the bank to be successful. You can increase your profit margins by learning to negotiate and knowing when small ads are more effective than large ones.

Great Wall Motors X240 SUV

Price range

$23,990 – $23,990


Good: Aggressively low pricing; high levels of standard features; exterior styling; off-road capabilities.

Not so Good: Fit AND finish below average; interior design; lacks a couple of important safety features; disappointing 2.4L petrol engine; manual only (auto arriving soon).

Design and Engineering

Good : Arriving in Australia in October 2009 ensured Great Wall Motors X240 was the first (and only at this stage) Chinese SUV to go on sale here. Foglights, chrome finished door mirrors and alloy wheels (all standard fare) finish off a relatively smart designed 4×4. What’s even more impressive is that whilst the X240 is classified as a compact SUV, in concept it is similar to the far more expensive Mitsubishi Challenger (both being derived from 4×4 utility platforms).

Not so good : Build quality appears poor and the doors close with a ‘tinny’ note rather than a reassuring ‘thud’. (The former point is disappointing whilst the latter is common to many a dual cab utility, which the X240 is derived from).

Interior and Styling

Good : Standard leather seats for all five passengers (however we wished the front pews offered more lateral support); the driver’s seat also features electric adjustment, second row legroom is decent as is the cargo space on offer in the rear. Climate control air-conditioning is another surprising item considering the vehicles low price and a USB input demonstrates that Great Wall Motors is moving with the times.

Not so good : Sub standard fit AND finish. We’ve no doubt quality will significantly improve going forward, but right now it’s less than impressive with noticeably larger than usual panel gaps around the dashboard. Also the cup holder in the centre of the dash is positioned too close to the manual gear lever, to the point of almost rendering it useless. Not as spacious inside as one might expect from the outside profile. (Put it down to the agricultural ladder frame-chassis resulting in a significantly higher floor than the now far more common ‘car based’ SUV’s).


Good : Sourced from Mitsubishi the 2.4L four cylinder petrol engine should be a reliable power plant and is even more powerful than the same displacement engine that Mitsubishi fits to the Triton utility today.

Not so good : With our short time with the car we found the performance to be only average. The X240 is disinclined to be hurried; almost feeling constricted at times and at high revs the 2.4L engine becomes too noisy and unrefined. The manual gear shift is also a little notchy.

Ride and Handling

Good : Sporting a rugged ladder-frame chassis, low-range gearing and quality Goodyear tyres, from our time behind the wheel (unfortunately all on-road) we have confidence that the X240 would be a decent off-roader. On road the handling is o.k., as long as it’s being driven in a smooth and relaxed manner.

Not so good : Push on and the disadvantages of the heavy and agricultural chassis become more apparent. The X240 is no match for more modern (but more expensive) compact SUV’s, almost all now featuring a monocoque (car based) chassis. The softly sprung suspension can feel unsettled and sloppy when driven with a little vigor and the steering could offer more driver feedback.

Buying and Owning

Good : Every X240 comes standard with Anti-lock brakes (ABS) and dual front airbags as well as reversing sensors, an often overlooked but important safety feature on a family vehicle (as it’s all to easy to not see if a child is behind when reversing in the driveway onboard an SUV). A full size spare wheel (over a temporary ‘space saver’) is good to see in a vehicle with off-road aspirations. Reassuring 3 year, 100,000 kilometre warranty with 3 years roadside assist.

Not so good : Excluding the ‘tiny tot’ Suzuki Jimny, the X240 is the least powerful (at 100kW) petrol powered compact SUV on sale in Australia. Yet an official fuel consumption figure of 10.4L per 100km also ensures the X240 as the most thirsty naturally aspirated 4 cylinder compact SUV here (excluding turbo charged and V6 grades). With no Electronic Stability Control or curtain airbags (even as an option) we can’t give the X240 the tick on safety features.