Optimizing your Customer Portal to Increase Loyalty Shoppers

Giving the best customer experience is a key part of building long-lasting customers. These are people who purchase your products again and tell their friends about your store. Your work does not stop when someone makes a purchase. It is your responsibility to delight and please them again and again.

This can be done through your customer portal or My Account page. Customers should use this page to find all the information they need, to reach out to you with questions, or to make any changes to their accounts. They will be happier if it is easy for them.

How can WooCommerce create the ideal customer portal?

Customers should be able to easily manage their accounts

Allow customers to access your account page.

1. Change the password

Although this may seem like an essential part of account functionality, it is actually very important. The login page should allow customers to reset their passwords, as well as the account page.

WooCommerce allows customers to change their password automatically, but it is always a good idea for them to check this once in a while. It may be worth changing the font weight or color of the “Lost password” link to make it stand out more.

2. Change their address

You can update your address for a number of reasons. They might be moving, need to ship to their new office, or want to change the credit card address. Customers can update their billing and shipping addresses via their account page by default. You can go one step further.

The Saved addresses for WooCommerce extension allows shoppers to add multiple addresses to an account. They can then choose which address they want when they make a purchase. It’s easy to send your products to family members, friends, and even to their offices. Your customers will be more inclined to shop with you again if they find it easy.

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3. Change billing information

Customers can save their credit card information if you use a payment gateway such as WooCommerce payments. Customers can update their information on their account page, and they can check out faster in the future. Faster checkouts lead to fewer abandoned carts, and therefore more sales.

4. Change or pause a subscription

Customers who subscribe to recurring products and services should be able cancel, upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions easily. Why? It makes it much easier for them and saves you the time of contacting support via phone or email to change their plan terms.

Customers can change plans, modify the quantity of products, or cancel their subscriptions from their account page. WooCommerce payments gives customers even greater control over their subscription payment methods, recurring orders and many other features. Both of these solutions work together to create a powerful solution that benefits both you and your customer.

5. Refunds or cancellations possible

Online store owners will undoubtedly encounter refunds, cancellations and returns from time to time. They may have ordered the wrong product, received it damaged or changed their minds. It’s all part and parcel of the process.

You can relieve your team of a lot of stress and provide a simpler, more hassle-free experience to your customers by allowing them to cancel their order or request a refund right from their dashboard.

Customers can request a refund from WooCommerce Smart Refunder extension and explain why they are requesting it. Refunds can be approved manually or issued automatically — depending on what works best for you business. They can either take the form of cash refunds or store credits.

6. Customers can create wishlists

According to Google, 40% shoppers believe that online shopping would be more enjoyable if they could save the items they are interested in. This makes sense. They might wish to save their favourite products for an anniversary or birthday, to share with family and friends, or to return to later.

A wishlist is not only helpful for them, but it can also be beneficial for you. Customers don’t have to remember what products they like, and may end up shopping elsewhere. They can simply add the items that interest them to their carts, which increases conversions and sales.

This extension allows you to add this functionality directly to your WooCommerce store. Account holders and guests can create unlimited product lists, share them via email and add one or all of their favorites products to their cart by clicking a button.

Bonus: Use AutomateWoo for promotional emails that are based on items people like. Email marketing is powerful but personalizing messages can make it even more effective.

Help customers locate important information

As a store owner, you must educate customers about why your products are better than other brands, how they solve problems and how they can best be used. Your job includes answering customer questions and providing information on shipping and policies. These are just a few of the ways that you can do this through your customer portal.

1. Tracking data for shares

Tracking information can be added to your account page to keep your customers informed about the status and delivery of their product. This will answer all their questions: Has my product been shipped? It is now where? When will it arrive? They don’t have to call or chat with us.

You can add custom and automated tracking numbers to the Shipment Monitoring extension for over a dozen carriers including USPS and FedEx.

2. Add product documentation

With detailed documentation, show customers how to assemble and use your products. This will help them get the most out of their purchase, reduce refund requests, and encourage them to return for more. This documentation can be added to their account page, making it easy for them to access.

The WooCommerce My account page editor allows you to add links to your documentation on your account page. You can also add instruction content to the customer dashboard.

3. Get exclusive customer resources

When a customer purchases a product from you store, they might be entitled to download exclusive content such as podcasts, videos or prints.

You could create a membership program. This is a great option. You could also use the WooCommerce my Account Page Editor extension for exclusive content to be added to the customer dashboard.

4. Support customers via live chat

If your customers have any questions, be available to answer them as soon as possible. A live chat option can be added to your customer account page.

The LiveChat extension for WooCommerce makes it easy for customers to reach you with any questions. You can view what they have in the cart, as well as information about previous orders while providing support.

You can also add a tab on the account page to provide customer support. You can link this tab to a forum or a form. Contact information is also possible so shoppers can get in touch with your company. This extension can be used to add it.

You can customize the dashboard design

It’s more than functionality. A great account experience is about much more than that. Your business’s design can make your customers feel valued, trust you, and show professionalism. These are some ways that you can improve the design of your customer portal.

1. You can change the colors to match your brand

Consistency in brand colors helps customers know where they are and shows that you care about the details. You might consider changing the colors on your account page elements (tabs, fonts, etc. They should be attractive and attractive, while also fitting your brand.

To do this, you can either use CSS or select the colors that you wish to use with the My account Page Editor extension.

2. Customers can add a photo to their profile

Add a profile photo to empower your customers to make it their own. The My account page editor can do all of this! They can upload, modify, and remove any photo they like. Upon logging in, they will feel as if they have their own space on your store.

3. Mobile responsiveness is a must

You want your account page to be responsive like the rest of your website. It should look great on all devices. Customers should be able view their order status and change their information. They also need to have access to all the content that you’ve created, regardless of whether they are using a mobile device or a desktop computer.

To see how it looks on tablets and phones, log into your account. You can also use any of these tools for testing it on all devices. You may need to modify it with CSS, or hire a developer if something seems off.

Your audience deserves the best possible experience

Your customers can manage their accounts on your store through a robust and easy-to-use portal. This will also help to relieve some of the stress from your employees. It also makes it easy for shoppers to find the information they need, which will encourage them to return for more.