What to look for when you extend Magento with custom code or an extension

The Magento platform’s flexibility and scalability are its strengths. You have two options for customizing the Magento platform: you can use community-developed extensions available on the Magento Marketplace or build your own modules. While the Magento Marketplace makes it easy to add new themes and features, a custom module approach may be necessary in order to realize a specific vision. To save time and money, many merchants opt for a hybrid approach. They customise pre-built extensions to help them make informed decisions when expanding their store’s capabilities beyond the box.


When adding an extension or custom feature to Magento, there are many things to consider. Maintenance and development efforts can reduce the upfront cost. These problems can be avoided or minimized by selecting the right module and following Magento best practices.


Finding an extension that fits your business needs exactly can be difficult and may introduce labour cost for discovery/exploration/analysis of modules in the ecosystem. Although the Magento Marketplace is the best place to search for extensions, it’s possible to make concessions to ensure that you get as many modules as possible to meet your goals. To achieve the desired result, you may need to customize it further after you have chosen a module. Magento 2 allows you to customize the platform in many ways.


Is the extension you are considering doing everything you expected? This might be true for today but business requirements may change and the extension may need to be modified to meet new requirements. It may be a good idea to create a custom module. Magento 2 can be improved in many ways, most notably:

plugins This feature, also known as interceptors allows you to intercept most public functions, alter arguments, output or override internal logic.

Observers– This can be used to trigger specific code in response to an event. You can create your own events, in addition to many already built-in events.

Dependency injection – Allows overriding and extending classes – and many more.

These and other techniques allow you to directly control third-party and core platform behaviours in order to achieve desired results.


It is impossible to predict how long a provider of module support will be available or whether a module’s relevance will change as your integrations evolve. This is the reality of software updates. It is recommended that customizations be tested in an environment before they are implemented. This will ensure that there are no code conflicts and that the functionality or performance of the upgrade does not suffer. When deciding to integrate with a module provider, it is important to evaluate their longevity and ability to provide support over the long-term. Verified providers can be found on the Magento Marketplace.


It is not enough to add the extension and call it a day. Are you aware of all possible scenarios? Magento 2 module installation is very simple. However, testing can be costly. It’s well worth it. Knowing the details of how a module works in edge conditions and with different configurations will help you debug any potential problems down the road.


Once you have uploaded your extension, the vendor might release a newer version that includes bug fixes or additional features. You may choose to upgrade depending on your requirements. It is easy to upgrade to a newer version of a Magento module using the Magento Marketplace. To see the Module Update Guide, click here.

Magento extensions are an integral part of any implementation. Magento has many extensions that can be used to enhance your experience. You will have the best control over your customers’ shopping experience by being able to modify their behavior or create your own module.

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Post-Pandemic Travel, Consumers Look for Variety and Adventure in Safe Circles

Post-Pandemic Travel, Consumers Look for Variety and Adventure in Safe Circles

Over the course of 2020 , our data revealed an internal tension between fear and desire. Consumers expressed a desire for adventure and variety. The other was closed borders, stay at-home mandates, fearful consumers, and a halt in the growth of the travel industry. Pandemic restrictions in the US have been lifted and consumers are now more open to adventure, while pandemic fears continue to shape a new type of travel behavior. Our recent Consumer Energy Index Online Survey, which was conducted in May 2021, and lessons learned from past pandemic recoveries show that the tug-of-war between surging wants and enduring fear will continue longer than the pandemic itself. We expect this to continue for the next 12-18 months.

  • Leisure travel recovery will be driven by wealthy families.A third of US adults online say that excitement is more important than anxiety when it comes to leisure travel. This is especially true for parents who are wealthy outside of cities: 43% of US adults with a household income of $100K or more are excited about the possibility of traveling for pleasure. Only 27% of households with a lower income than $50K agree, as do 40% of rural consumers, 37% of parents with children, and 37%. The people who feel most inspired by the idea of jet-setting are those who were frequent travelers prior to the pandemic. 46% of these consumers report that they spend the same amount of time now thinking about travel as they did in spring 2020. According to 21% of US consumers, they want to avoid booking flights and hotels in the future.
  • Travel rebound will be slowed if there is fear and lack of trust in vaccinations.Despite all the excitement surrounding pandemic restrictions lifting, 29% of US citizens say they won’t travel unless they have been fully vaccinated. 27% of Americans will only travel if absolutely necessary. The reason for their hesitation is skepticism about vaccine compliance, say consumers. One traveler stated, “My concern about getting the majority of people vaccinated is that it’s not about what hotel or airline companies do to keep me safe. Only 29% of Americans trust that the general population in the United States — whether they are located across the country or in nearby cities and states — will accurately report their vaccination status.”
  • The new travel experience will be shaped by balancing fears and desires.Consumers want to travel with their closest friends and family for leisure, as they trust them to assess vaccine compliance. A third of US consumers prefer to drive to their destinations than fly, and they prefer to travel domestically over internationally. This helps limit their exposure. Fears about hotel stays will be lessened than those of airline flights. 23% of travelers report that they plan to delay booking airline tickets until next year because they expect to feel more comfortable. Only 16% of hotel bookings are as positive.

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Things to Look for in a Point of Sale System

When opening a new company and looking for a point of sale system, how can you know what features to look for? You’re going to be given a good deal of recommendations in this process, so our team of specialists is here to discuss what you need to watch out for.

Though some features we mention might not apply to your organization, they are the most frequent requests we get from folks like you that are searching for their first point of sale system. Take note of what’s most important to you and speak with your sales representative about whether their applications will meet your requirements.

POS Training and Support

The obvious feature to search for in a point of sale system is availability. You will probably do a demo of the software and decide whether you want the look, feel, and functionality. A demo is a terrific test drive, but have you wondered what happens when you actually get the box in your storefront? Preparing a system is easier said than done.

Ensure that your POS company offers hardware and software training. All of us know that technology may experience difficulties, which means that your company should be there for you if something fails. If your system is down during your business day, you might be missing out on valuable sales. Fortunately, ConnectPOS provides training and 24/7 support, so you will never be stranded to figure things out by yourself!

Business Reports with Your Point of Sale

What’s a very important part of operating a small business? Tracking your gains and reporting data, of course! Your point of sale system should have the performance to put out the information that is most important for you in an assortment of reports.

Our software lets users see sales by the hour to track when the business is the most active, track sales by the worker to reward people that are exceeding expectations and more. On-screen charts and graphs outline top-selling goods, which items are low in stock and have to be ordered, and other data in easily-digestible formats. You’ll appreciate utilizing a point of sale system which does all of your coverage for you!

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a excellent way to get to know your clients — that is much more important than ever for small companies. A reward system provides individuals with an incentive to come back to your shop more frequently.

Regrettably, not all point of sale software has this attribute, leaving business owners to make an extra investment if they would like to implement a rewards program. Our software has integrated loyalty program performance and lets you easily reward your regular clients. The program can be programmed to monitor points and reward discounts or free items however you want!

Getting to Know Customers with Your POS System

As a company owner, you understand how important it is to get to know your clients on a personal level. This is particularly valuable if you are running a smaller company that receives a whole lot of local traction. If this is true, your clients probably want to get to know you, too, because this adds to their purchasing experience.

Regardless of the situation, there are numerous unique techniques to contact your customers–and your point of sale system can play a major role in this endeavor!

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Create Customer Profiles

A excellent feature that ConnectPOS’s point of sale systems provide is the creation of consumer profiles. During a transaction, your cashier has the choice to make a profile for the client they are engaging with, entering contact details like telephone number, email, or mailing address.

There are a few advantages of developing a customer profile. For one, your client has given you their contact info, which opens the door to talk outside the storefront — a clear way to get to know your client is to get in contact!

Secondly, after a profile exists for a client, you can monitor their purchase history and pull up previous orders. This can be a wonderful marketing tool, also, since you can personalize your communication with this client to meet their interests and mention their favorite products.

Manage Loyalty Programs

There are numerous loyalty and stage system software on the marketplace, but the benefit of ConnectPOS’s system is that this attribute is part of the bundle! Clients love feeling like they gain something extra in their purchase, even if it’s 1 gold star.

Track points with your POS system to reward clients once they reach a level of your choice. Ring up the order, pick the customer profile, and the system does all the loyalty program work by itself. Point programs provide incentives that will help keep your clients coming back for more!

Customize Receipts

ConnectPOS’s point of sale software lets you personalize your receipts, which provides opportunities to connect with your clients when they leave the shop. If you include a voucher which will discount their next purchase, even a small percentage off their transaction will leave a positive impression.

You may also try including a vanity URL on the bottom of your reception that produces a questionnaire or survey. Becoming transparent with clients and letting them discuss feedback is a quality way to connect and get to know them as customers. If they’re prepared to voice their concerns, be there to listen!


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