Tech in Restaurants: New & Helpful Systems & Trends

Tech in Restaurants: 5 Essentials for Every Enterprise

During the past decade, restaurant guests have changed their habits. People have changed the way they eat, what they eat, and where they consume. They want their food to fulfill an assortment of dietary requirements and limitations while still giving a delicious experience. Guests also want more choices like a multitude of ordering and payment choices or a extensive menu that they could navigate on a high-end tablet.

The substantial shifts in expectations and tastes have surfaced using a parallel consumer technology boom. Tech in the restaurant industry makes it possible for companies to keep up with all the latest trends and conveniences customers have come to expect.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the most vital restaurant technology which can help maximize efficiency and earnings.

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1 . Tablets for Customers

Giving your guests the ability to order through a contemporary digital menu and then safely and make payment will bring your restaurant to another level. Self-service restaurant technology trends started with quick-service restaurants (QSRs) such as Taco Bell. Once Taco Bell allowed their clients to place orders with tablets, kiosks, and mobile apps, their electronic order earnings increased by 20 percent over conventional orders created with an individual cashier.

However, it is no longer just Taco Bell — today, it is possible to discover self-service technology in restaurants everywhere. From fine dining restaurants to casual pizza places, companies everywhere utilize restaurant POS systems to display their digital menus and empower their visitors to place orders quickly and effortlessly.

Tableside ordering is a superb option that boosts productivity and saves time. It results in quicker table twist, safer payments, and happier guests.

2. Self-Service Kiosks

Stand alone, self-order kiosks are a remarkable example of new technologies in restaurants which enhances customer experience and service efficiency. They are particularly popular in casual restaurants because of the many benefits they bring:

  • Restaurants are better able to meet guest expectations by providing a topnotch digital experience.
  • Guests have more control over the entire process, which makes it easy for them to navigate through the menu and customize their requests.
  • Lines Boost, fostering ordering quantity and general restaurant productivity.
  • Self-checkout options are among the hottest restaurant tech solutions, appreciated by guests worldwide.

By providing your clients with an easy-to-use standalone kiosk, you’ll delight them visually and practically. However, you’ll also eliminate lines and permit employees to concentrate on tasks of greater value.

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3. Handheld POS Order Takers

Restaurants using traditional POS systems undergo a somewhat lengthy payment procedure. The server should go to the table and ask if the guest is ready for a check, then bring the attention to the guest, then take it to the POS terminal and eventually return again to the table with change when the guest paid in money.

Handheld POS order takers–sometimes called mobile order takers–allow your workers to streamline their operations by allowing guests to order and pay at their own table. Because handheld POS technology in restaurants enables rapid ordering and payment, order speed and accuracy improves, and guests spend less time waiting for their orders and invoices.

4. Contactless Payment

Contactless and mobile payment is becoming extremely important to guests worldwide. It is a brilliant solution that can help keep your visitors safe by letting them swipe to cover their food. It helps prevent unnecessary physical contact between staff and guests, allowing everyone to keep as secure as possible and maintain a social space.

Contactless payment devices are lightweight and durable, and a number of them enable all possible payment methods — anytime, anywhere in the restaurant.

5. Printers

We can’t discuss technology and restaurants without mentioning printers. While contactless payments and electronic receipts could be taking over and growing in popularity, most restaurants still want the option to use paper receipts. And to print any kind of receipts, you will need an excellent printer. There are two basic types of printers for restaurants:

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers, also referred to as thermal printers, are most widely used on the customer-facing side since they operate quietly and much quicker than conventional printers. Every receipt printer is a thermal printer, which means it does not use ink to print. On the contrary, it creates images and characters by heating thermally sensitive paper.

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Impact Printer

The effect or ink is the most frequent kind in the rear of the restaurant. If your team is busy, they might not see a new slide in the printer. But, impact printers and their loud printing procedure catch the interest of chefs and cooks easily, so that they can process each order after the order arrives.

Revel Systems Technology in Restaurants

Restaurants all over the planet are embracing technology as a vital part of their business. From barcode scanners to self-ordering kiosks, the restaurant business gives its best to keep up with developing trends. At Revel, we supply an entire restaurant information system with high-end tech solutions. Contact us to find out more about our packages including business POS platforms!