The Retail Pop-up Shop: Power Selling

A retail pop-up store is a stunning, flexible thing. You can revive a brand, launch new products, test a theory, or create major buzz. You can also move some merchandise. This is why the “shop” section of “retail pop up shop”

Pop-ups of the old school were all about selling. Selling product is still a noble goal, even in these times of expectation-busting pop-ups that are bound to break new boundaries, and shopper-beckoning pop ups.

Five ways to drive sales at your retail pop-up shop

Allow customers to fully experience products

Your retail pop-up shop is a place where customers can see your products in action. Make sure that they find what they are looking for. Visitors can touch and feel the products in boxes by displaying samples. Make it easy for customers to touch and feel the products. Present product demonstrations, both in-person or via video, that show shoppers the benefits and uses of your products.

Make it easy for shoppers to buy stuff

You can allow shoppers to make purchases in the pop-up. It could be as simple a matter of giving shoppers pencils and paper so that they can note down the item numbers. It could also mean having nearby salespeople who can call a shopper using mobile POS or who will bring tags and products to the register as she browses.

Create upsell opportunities and cater to impulse buyers

You can maximize the space at your checkout counter by purchasing impulse items and upselling products. Shopper behavior is shopper behavior. Impulse buying can occur in any retail store, online or pop-up. In your retail pop up shop, make impulse buying work for you.

Make focal points

When designing your pop up, make sure to create eye-catching displays and focal points that will draw customers in. A focal point can be added to each department if the space has many departments. For a smaller shop, only one attention-grabbing display is required.









Empower staff to Really help customers

You want your customers to have the best possible experience in your pop-up shop. Remind them that they will be serving guests. Install information kiosks and provide tablets to employees so they can quickly access any information that customers might need. Your associates should be able to offer the shopper the type of interaction she prefers, whether it’s giving a lot or letting her explore the world on her own.


A retail pop-up shop is the perfect place to gather customer contact information because of its “special event” vibe. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. Incorporate opportunities to collect emails addresses into the design and flow for the pop-up. In order to receive VIP status, early access to the next pop up, and a discount, invite visitors to fill out their information at check-out.