The Way to Select the Ideal EPOS System: Tips and Solutions

“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” — Benjamin Franklin

Tools are made to boost our job performance. The ideal tools for tracking and managing your earnings are going to help you in conducting your business better. So don’t underestimate the significance of selecting the most appropriate EPOS system.

There is a huge array of EPOS systems available on the marketplace. They give a great deal more than simply payment processing. Their functions can vary from revenue reports and accounting to stock and personnel administration. They’re also able to create loyalty programs to your clients and enable one to scale the upcoming activity of your company.

Picking out the EPOS system which will match your company perfectly can be hard. It’s a core instrument for your business, so consider your choices carefully prior to making an investment.

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EPOS System — Performance and Function

EPOS, or an electronic point of sale system, is made up of hardware (the equipment) and software (chip ). It helps your organization to handle sales better.

The hardware generally contains a central computer terminal and other devices attached to it with a cable or wirelessly.

The program can be customized based upon the specifications of the business. It may be installed on your terminal, or it may be cloud-based. This will let you keep an eye on your earnings across several places.

The EPOS systems are intended to assist you handle all the various areas of your company concurrently. Including stock management, pricing of things, order procedures, and supply.

Besides the basic and standard functions, the program may be tailored for your specific needs.

EPOS Equipment and Software

Normal devices include:

  • A central computer terminal
  • recorder scanners
  • receipt printers
  • Chip and Pin devices (PDQ machines)
  • a money drawer

There can be a few extra gear especially tailored to your business requirements. Remember though, not all software works with each bit of gear. Prior to purchasing your hardware, guarantee that the program will operate on your own apparatus.

Some Normal applications features incorporated into an EPOS may include the following:

  • Buy and purchase processing
  • sales monitoring
  • accounting
  • e-commerce integration
  • stock availability management
  • promotions, discounts, and dedication applications
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • custom orders direction
  • managing and creating staff program
  • handling reservations (for restaurants and other providers )

According to your business specifications, there are also some additional capabilities. As an instance in the hospitality industry, there is a purpose for table support. This role will take care of handling numerous orders, providing the employees more time for serving the consumers. Kitchen printers could be set up, displaying the orders coming in the waiters.

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If your company is a clothing store, you may start looking for software which includes a purpose to organize things by size and colour.

A mobile company, like a market stall, will need the offline manner. The data received while offline will be saved until you connect to the web again.

The Advantages of EPOS

There are a number of advantages of utilizing a complex EPOS system. It provides you clear presence of the operations of your small business. It is a means of speeding and firming up the procedures.

The only downside may be the price. The performance of this system that you buy will depend on your finances, but the numerous benefits will probably outweigh the additional cost.

Automation raises productivity. You can have team focus more on serving the client, rather than attempting to handle the technicalities of the project itself.

The inventory management attribute can help your company with the observation of inventory supplies. It is possible to avoid running out of inventory or using an excessive, and predict future inventory provides.

The earnings reports give accurate information concerning the purchases made daily and remove the chance of human error. It is possible to see exactly what your clients are purchasing the maximum, at what place and even who your team has the greatest sales.

The loyalty applications can be tailored into the behaviour of your regular clients. The system also lets you make customized advertising campaigns.

In the restaurant and hospitality industry, you may observe the room occupancy at a hotel, or even if your restaurant is operating from their everyday specials.

The system also can help you to keep your eye on your profit margins. It makes the fiscal information more transparent, easier to get, and procedure.

The consumers are served quicker as the payment procedure is streamlined. EPOS systems incorporate directly with card terminals.

Another valuable feature is your e-commerce platform synchronization. Your online buyers will probably be up to date concerning inventory and price immediately.

The Ideal EPOS System to Your Industry

Though the cost of this system may be a problem for many small business owners, the total improvement of surgeries justifies the investment. But prior to assessing the price variants, consider these points.

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1. Your company has special needs

As we’ve observed, the wide variety of purposes corresponds with the broad assortment of specifications. So begin by thinking of exactly what your company requirements. Each business and each individual company in precisely the exact same sector is exceptional.

Consider that section requires the most attention and which procedures need improvement. You could have already created your method of finishing accounting, inventory checks, revenue forecasting, and personnel administration. But attaining it economically with a centered system can allow you to save a little excess time and avoid making incorrect conclusions. This then can help save you unnecessary costs.

Assess your business needs from the following regions:

  • Online ordering for in-house pickup
  • Delivery alternatives and monitoring
  • Integrated e-commerce and/or email purchase
  • Age Verification or ID prompt
  • Mobile POS
  • Integrated appointment or course calendars
  • Promotions & dedication applications
  • Performance reporting capacities
  • Third-party software integrations
  • Different reports
  • the company dimensions and the scope and diversity of this inventory
  • Hardware tastes

2. Transactions operations

Contemplate how transactions will be processed. Are you going to require a barcode reader or a touchscreen? Based upon the EPOS supplier, you could have the ability to select your payment processor. In other events, you are going to need to incorporate with the payment processor that’s partnered with your EPOS supplier.

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3. Stock levels tracking

It might be a challenge to always take the ideal quantity of inventory. Can you appreciate automatic reminders when you are running low on goods?

The EPOS system supplies not only tracking of inventory, but also forecasting your prospective earnings. It can enable you to constantly be prepared for the demand. Your clients will also appreciate the efficacy of your inventory control.

4. Client personalization

According to a poll completed by Infosys, 59 percent of clients think that personalization has a noticeable effect on buying. 31 percent of surveyed customers wish their buying experience was personalized.

Are you interested in finding ways to enhance your customers’ experience? Your system must provide tools to upsell, see purchase history, and make customized loyalty applications.

You can synchronize all of your sales channels to offer you exactly the very same promotions, or you are able to keep them exceptional. Tailoring several kinds of loyalty notions into your instore along with your online store can be a struggle with no centralized monitoring system set up.

5. Simple to Use

Buying a system which isn’t simple can be counterproductive. Your employees should not be losing time seeking to run complicated applications.

The interface ought to be appealing and intuitive. It might be a fantastic idea to settle on a chip. Then start looking for the gear which will be most suitable with it.

6. The future of your Company

Discovering the proper EPOS system for the company ought to be a long-lasting investment. You do not wish to consider replacing it in a couple of years so examine the future of your organization.

How can your business’ needs change in time? What will your clients need? Are you going to have to incorporate new revenue channels? Are you currently planning to broaden your offer? Be certain that the system will encourage all future alterations.

7. Mobile POS

With a smartphone or tablet computer to carry out the POS services is becoming popular with retailers in trade shows or in places with restricted floor space.

This attribute could supply a brand new customer encounter and avoid long lines at the cashier. There is also mobile apparatus ordering and brand new methods of merchandise screens. These possible new avenues of support have to be harmonious with all the EPOS you are considering to purchase.

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8. Data safety

The prevention of unauthorized access to a EPOS system is a top priority for the organization and your clients. The theft of customers’ private information, such as credit card info is of amazing concern. So ensure you have a robust data security system.

9. Cloud backup

The EPOS software may be set up either on your own terminal, or it may be cloud-based. The benefit of owning a cloud-based chip is real time reporting and the capability to get the information from any place. This can save a great deal of time, particularly in the event that you’ve got several shops. The information in the cloud is encrypted and secure.

10. Setup

Nearly all retailers prepare the system , without the aid of a specialist. Based upon how big your enterprise and your finances, you might or might not choose to employ an installer.

11. Added software integration

To appeal to the constantly evolving demands of your customers and your business, you will want to purchase a system which will encourage additional applications in the foreseeable future.

These new tools can also be known as third party integrations (or applications). They expand the core functionality of your present system. Prior to purchasing your EPOS, be certain that you are able to expand its performance later on.

12. Data backups

The excellent thing about an EPOS system is storage. You do not need to worry about losing some critical documents, what’s stored in the system.

However, just like each software, be certain that you backup your data on a regular basis. This is essential if an error occurs in the system. You might need to restore all of the information stored in the most recent backup.

12. Leasing or purchasing

If you are thinking concerning the cost of getting the system, you might be thinking about if it is possible to lease. In the end, not every company is in the position to produce an outright buy and you might be fighting to choose a system.

Some EPOS suppliers give the choice of leasing the system. But, you might wind up paying more at the conclusion. The contracts can limit you for a protracted time period. So consider your possibilities attentively.

A fantastic excellent EPOS system can reduce the costs made by your company. It is intended to boost cash flow and stop the reduction of earnings. It may improve marketing strategies and encourage customer loyalty. In the long run, you won’t regret your first investment into a effective EPOS system.

If you are attempting to adhere to a very low budget, you could be tempted to get a cheap and easy system. But it might not be flexible , and it will not have the ability to grow with your business. You’ll need to alter it later on and you are going to wind up spending longer term.

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EPOS systems to Select out of


Pack4it brings together offline and online shops, warehouses, and vendor lists in 1 place. It consistently presents up-to-date earnings and inventory details. And there isn’t any more need to modify amounts by hand or change between various applications.

This POS solution manages retail and online sales dictates . Any sort of sale is managed in the exact same, transparent manner. It isn’t important whether it’s a market sale, wholesale bargain, or purchase by telephone. At any moment, a supervisor has the choice to convert the purchase to drop-ship, or forwards it to other vendors to have estimates.

A significant facet of a successful company is to keep good relations with customers. Keeping tabs on how clients store is significant information for enhancing customer experience. Pack4it includes a characteristic that handles customer-related notes, tasks, and background.

The integration of the various modules has important advantages for the consumer. It’s unique because it combines POS, CRM, and stock modules into a single tool. Information that’s available to supervisors or personnel is factual and current. Authentic planning and demand forecasting become viable. So clients are not disappointed with supply chain inefficiencies.

The program is simple to install and use. Pack4it user may anticipate outstanding support from the programmers. Both endings stay connected for specialized assistance and expeditious implementations of necessary customizations.

Firms that are looking to enlarge, may return due to the big investments in infrastructure that are included. Pack4it is the best instrument because it enables companies to scale a company without substantial added costs.


This EPOS operates offline. It provides features like Quick Staff Training, practice receipts, returns, refunds, and shop charge.

It satisfies smaller to midsize retailers and its own platform is user friendly. It may be connected with your e-commerce site, supplying multi-channel stock, merchandise import and direction, and real time coverage. It supplies a cloud-based system along with also a fantastic mobile revenue function. 1 drawback is that it merely uses third-party payment chips.

Vend’s customer support provides 24/7 support through email and chat.

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This EPOS permits you to market in person, online, and on social networking. It’s built-in attributes for assessing and creating digital marketing and advertising campaigns. It delivers a single dash for handling the orders, shipping, and payments, so it’s simple to use. The merchants will appreciate their inventory management tools. It has been rated as easy to implement and flexible.

But this system will not function for the hospitality market. You will also have to purchase extra hardware.

Epos Today

This system will fit little to midsize retail businesses. The purposes contain stock management, accounting, client management, and much more. It is cloud-based.

Epos Now provides both hardware and applications. One of the components are card scanners, barcode scanners, age verification, a team clock, along with other capabilities.


The qualities of the EPOS include stock management, layaway management, shop management, and a loyalty program.

It is available as a web app and native iPad app and may work with several different POS hardware peripherals.

Additionally, it functions in offline mode.


This system is excellent for retail. It has some special features for bicycle shops, clothes companies, and game distribution outlets. It’s user friendly and has received high ratings among consumers.

Another benefit is it’s partnered with different payment processors.


This is a favourite system for companies in the hospitality market. It features menu direction, floor plan direction, tableside ordering, and inventory administration.

It’s simple to navigate and fast for both pub and restaurant support.

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This hospitality business EPOS features inventory management, integrated kitchen direction displays, table-side ordering, online ordering, equally devotion, and promotion management, menu management, plus even more.

It is suggested for restaurants, clubs, pop-ups, and market stalls.


Nobly EPOS is a iPad system for little to midsize companies in the restaurant industry. It’s been reviewed as a simple platform that’s fast to establish. Minimum training is obligatory for tech-savvy staff.

It integrates with many different reliable payment procedures. Among a number of other features, it gives gift cards, inventory management, personnel and revenue reports, table support, ingredient monitoring, and loyalty strategies.

Nobly’s customer support has received high ratings because of their service system.


This cloud-based EPOS platform for retail provides stock management, order order management, accounting, cash drawer management, along with other tools.

It offers a totally integrated e-commerce platform. The EPOS is simple to use with a blank interface. Their customer support has also been commended.


This really is a mobile POS App which lets you market Magento products in your retail shops.

It supplies multi-warehouse support, client information management, personnel management, and immediate inventory upgrades. It sports an on-hold purchase purpose. It’s a layaway choice and it is famous for its Kiosk style. It supports multiple payment methods.

End ideas on buying an EPOS system

A strong EPOS system is an integral instrument for your enterprise. Why is it useful is that the synchronization of all of the procedures which are so crucial for your enterprise. It is 1 platform which permits you to handle a broad array of information, using this data from anywhere.

It’s a system which will be appreciated by both the customers and management alike. It’ll make running your business more efficient and more cost-effective. In terms of your clients, they’ll experience far better customer support, inspiring them to remain faithful to your enterprise.

As soon as you’ve opted to purchase a brand new EPOS system, take your time and consider your particular requirements . Then research the potential of your company and foresee the possible growth and development of your business and business. Put yourself into the shoes of your prospective customers.

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Whenever you’ve examined both your present and future needs, pick the ideal software. After that, get an EPOS hardware that’s quite harmonious with it.

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