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An iPad or tablet on your physical retail industry can actually be among the very best tools for driving customers and your company and monitoring your inventory. An increasing number of retail businesses are currently using tablet technology to use as cash register, point of sale systems, accounting app, marketing app and so forth.

There are some superb business apps that can allow you to run your business more efficiently. A whole lot of these applications can be connected with our cloud pos software, so you don’t need to enter any identical information twice and all of your applications are constantly rapidly updated with new information. Cool, is not it?


For those who have ever wanted to begin connecting to your clients through email marketing, you should strongly consider using MailChimp. As you accumulate customer e-mails in point-of-sale for loyalty rewards programs, it is easy to send marketing emails to your entire customer database or selected groups using email chimp. Track data and send out highly targeted promotions utilizing this application.


I have an accounting background and that I love this program. It’s because Xero is nothing like what I used to use in my accounting times. To put it differently, it’s easier, stronger and built for everybody. Xero is a excellent way to keep track of your financial information and it fully integrates with ConnectPOS point of sale.

Boutique Window

Boutique Window is a simple to use social networking marketing platform for small companies. Layout mainly for retailers, this application lets you easily share your most recent product with your audience across multiple social networking accounts. Simply take several product shots and then instantly share them across all your social networking accounts to connect with a broad assortment of audience.

Hello Sign

Have you ever wanted to print a record simply to sign, scan and send it back? All of us have been there. Hello Sign is a revolutionary new feature that will make it simple to sign digital documents like purchase orders and contracts. You can get one step closer to going paperless with your company by using hello sign on your company documents.


A extremely popular customer care software. It’s all-in-one customer care solution with integrated live chat, knowledge base and support ticket system. Zendesk also lets you convert your social networking messages into tickets.

Traditional money Registers vs iPad Point of Sale Systems

With the evolution of technology has come an evolution in how we are able to purchase products. Input iPad point of sale systems that are quickly replacing traditional cash registers in several institutions.

IPad point of sale (POS) technology is a fantastic innovation that can do precisely the same as your basic cash register and a good deal more besides. The notion of moving towards such a contemporary method of payment may seem a daunting prospect. Is a POS system appropriate for your company?

We’ve done a direct comparison between traditional cash registers and iPad based point of sale systems that will assist you recognize the advantages that POS technology can bring to your company.

Size and distance

Conventional cash register: cash registers are bulky and heavy items which can occupy a substantial quantity of space and they need specific locations in your shop to be plugged in and operational. They are hard to move to wash around, and can’t be locked securely away.

POS technology: compared, iPad POS technology is sleek, light and mobile. There isn’t any need for big checkout counters taking up precious floor space. Instead your employees can carry their iPads together or keep them at a small and secure place by the store floor.

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Queues vs. portable sales

Conventional cash register: one of the worst sections of purchasing is facing the possibility of long queues in a checkout and the sight of one can often deter shoppers from entering your shop altogether.

POS technologies: No need for unsightly queuing, with iPad point of sale, after your client has decided in their purchase you may remove any waiting around. Got an older gentleman or heavily pregnant woman surrounded by shopping? Simply ask them to have a chair and take the iPad to them for convenience and customer service all wrapped up in one. POS systems also let you handle business transactions anywhere including private appointments at customer homes and events like trade shows.

Old-fashioned or forward thinking?

Conventional cash register: a cash register is seen by some clients as old-fashioned and obsolete and using one can subconsciously send them the exact same message about your company.

POS technology: embracing iPad POS can identify your shop as a contemporary and forward-thinking company that understands your clients developing needs and the latest payment processing technology.

Transaction reporting

Conventional cash register: the significant limitation of a cash register is it can only tell you information about the transactions that have occurred on it. More contemporary cash registers might have the ability to take a bit more detail, but they’re still restricted to specific stores. In case you have other revenue streams then you would have to manually examine and unite the transaction records for each source of revenue.

POS technology: if you’ve got several revenue streams then POS program can provide enormous advantages to your business because they can synchronise all your sales data in real time, providing you with a detailed report on your current sales figures constantly.

Not only can POS applications be used for calculating revenue figure, in addition, it has extensive reporting capabilities to get a enormous number of customisable parameters such as stock inventory and customer data. These reports can be used to streamline your business practices and marketing strategies.

Marketing capabilities

Conventional cash register: now have minimum real marketing capabilities.

POS technology: whether you’re taking customer email addresses to add to your database or tracking where the vast majority of your clients come from, point of sale systems may present your company marketing a boost.

Purchase price, ongoing costs and encourage

Conventional cash register: there’s some initial investment involved in buying cash registers and obviously the more you need, the bigger this outlay will be. Most cash registers have a life-span of 10-15 years though they may require an upgrade in this time, and besides a guarantee there’s not any continuing support in place for companies that use them.

POS technology: the vast majority of POS businesses offer you a no obligation trial so that you can establish if it’s ideal for your business before making a commitment. Initial hardware and software costs may outweigh the purchase price of a conventional cash register, and there are ongoing monthly costs like that of other merchant providers. However, the decrease in administrative costs, advantage of further analysis and time saved means that within a brief period your POS system will have paid for itself. You also have the additional advantage of ongoing customer care, with most POS companies offering email and live chat solutions 24/7.

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Receipts or paper-free

Conventional cash register: receipts can be a bugbear for many clients who dislike the very small pieces of paper than they want to keep hold of for weeks or even months at a time to protect them when there’s a problem with their purchase. Cash register receipt rolls are catchy to change, invariably have to be substituted at an inconvenient time and aren’t very environmentally friendly.

POS technology: compared, iPad point of sale is a paperless system. You may email the receipt of purchase right to the customer meaning it is always in their inbox whenever they need it. Not just that but then you get to add your client email address to your database for ongoing advertising. ‘Lost receipt sir, no problem at all’, you might even recall customer buying information about the system meaning they need not even publish it so as to create a return. Finally It’s a positive step in reducing paper waste, benefiting our world

Maintaining store documents vs online back-ups

Conventional cash register: with average cash registers you will need to keep traces of transaction receipts somewhere for years at a time. If they get lost or damaged then there’s absolutely no method of replacing them.

POS technologies: iPad POS uses cloud-based technology that means your information is occasionally basked up, always secure and accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.


Conventional cash register: a typical cash register has very few reliability issues, besides the odd technological glitch or mains electricity issues.

POS technology: the only real downfall of POS technology is that it will require an online connection. Having said that, a lot of them will also work offline and then synchronise with the Cloud the moment an online connection is back up and running.

Staff training

Conventional cash register: a few cash registers can be quite complex and require a substantial investment in terms of personnel training.

POS technology: the growth in cellular technology and prevalence of iPads means that iPad based POS systems are very user friendly and nearly all employees will require very little instruction.

If you’re looking to keep a small and basic shop then you might realize that point of sale technology is too costly and offers much more features than you need. However in the event you’ve got grand ideas of growth and diversification afterward iPad POS is the perfect tool to help your company grow in the future.

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