Trust vs Security: How To Reduce the Risks Of Employee Theft At Your Restaurant

Part of running any successful business depends on hiring employees which you can count on to do the required work, not harm the provider. Having a trusted staff is among the numerous actions to ensure the continuing success of your company. But hard working employees aren’t enough to keep your company safe. Among the most harmful things that can happen to a company is repeated internal theft. So how do you balance security protocols with the confidence necessary to conduct a successful restaurant? Here are the keys to reducing the risks of employee theft in your restaurant.

Cash Management

The processes that you use to handle the cash transactions on your restaurant may limit your vulnerability to employee theft. The more intuitive your POS system is, the clearer it’s going to be when the register is brief. With software that could project the anticipated money in the drawer at the end of a change, it is going to be apparent to management and other employees if there’s a problem with the recorded money.

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When you are able to keep better track of transactions, it lessens the likelihood of employees trying to benefit from the restaurant. This is effectively shutting off some of the available opportunities for employee theft without demonstrating any lack of confidence. Additionally, it makes finishing cash management tasks easier for employees. This is a time saving tool which will benefit honest employees and safeguard the restaurant from possible cases of theft.

Effective Surveillance

Tracking your restaurant permits some amount of employee theft prevention, since it is very likely to discourage the most brazen criminals. Additionally, it does a lot to protect your employees from wrongful accusations. You can get to the bottom of any problems by reviewing the footage. You can expect your employees and get to the facts. Reviewing a questionable situation doesn’t have to be carried out with any obvious amount of suspicion. No accusations have to be made until all the information is collected.

Restaurant owners can look in the best safety cameras for their requirements, and are very likely to find something which matches both the funding and desired documentation parameters. Just be certain that the footage is saved in long intervals to give yourself sufficient time to react to an incident. Cameras need to be able to clearly capture faces and compact details in most areas which are vulnerable to theft. The lighting on your restaurant may affect which sort of cameras you can use and the clarity of your footage.

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Improving Access Control

Who has access to specific regions of the restaurant goes a long way to having the ability to ascertain who is dismissing protocols. By way of example, the amount of individuals with the combination to the business safe ought to be kept to a minimum. This will make it much easier for your documentation to point out a mishandling of money. There’s also the matter of who has the keys to lock up the restaurant at the close of the business day.

Maintaining the amount of workers with keys to a minimum reduces the probability of after-hours crime. Things like alarm codes must also be limited to a restricted number of workers. This limits the exposure to overall theft and will let you narrow down the pool of suspects if there’s ever a problem with surreptitious theft. This sort of trust should be earned in order to effectively safeguard safety.

Train Employees With Safety In Mind

One of the simplest ways to trust a worker is when you know they have been properly trained. In reference to preventing and reducing the possibility of restaurant theft, you want to have the ability to train your employees on what you expect from them. It’s important to not do this practice with the goal of scaring your employees. Instead, concentrate on enabling them to come forward when they become conscious of the kinds of questionable behavior that you want to be alerted about.

Give your employees the tools they want to be your ears and eyes. When they see something you’d deem suspicious, they will need to understand that you expect to be educated. They also should understand whom they could approach. If they’re supposed to attend a supervisor, but the manager could be responsible or complicit in the crime, then you’ve limited your own protection. If your punishments or handling of this situation is viewed poorly by other employees, this may also dissuade anyone from coming forward. Be fair and clear about how you’d like employees to take care of theft reporting.


With the particular security concerns of a restaurant, there’s always the prospect of employee theft. And if have a high employee turnover when you’re moving from a busy period into the offseason, it may be tricky to create the necessary confidence with all your staff. That’s the reason it’s essential to have security procedures which you can trust in also.

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