Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo Increases Customer Satisfaction with ConnectPOS and AllReceipts™

Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo, located in Rochester, NY, provides ready to wear whole custom choices, to personalized appearances that helps to express identity. For over 45 years, Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo has been helping Rochester look great, 1 tuxedo at one time. The previously family-owned business was passed along to Matthew McDermott that has been working to grow the company by increasing customer loyalty and creating a more seamless sale.

After obtaining Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo about five decades back, Matthew decided that it was time for a technology upgrade in the point of sale system. Vittorio was needing a better system to track customer information and analytics, and customer-facing technology that enabled them to engage with and provide value-added solutions to their shoppers. Lightspeed POS solution with Thirdshelf and Star Cloud Services loyalty, along with ConnectPOS peripherals supplied the perfect system for Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo.

ConnectPOS‘ TSP100 receipt printer with Lightspeed POS enabled Vittorio to enhance the daily workflow of their business and maintain their clients more satisfied with their service than ever. These technologies provided detailed analytics and customer information that enabled them to compete with large retailers. Vittorio was now able to provide each of their clients a personalized experience, and give hints and promotions based on the customer’s previous purchases and leases. With Lightspeed’s stock management, Vittorio could readily see what dimensions were easily available versus what had to be special ordered for clients.

Because of this, Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo enhanced their overall customer involvement strategy with Thirdshelf and Lightspeed POS. They are now able to access customer information and purchase histories nearly immediately, which helps to tailor exceptional promotions and increase customer satisfaction.

Star Cloud Services’ Receipt Flip feature allows Vittorio to easily outline their return policy and add advertising rolls directly on the rear of the digital receipt with no additional promotional costs to publish. The instantaneous Customer Survey enabled Vittorio to better understand what their customers enjoyed in their expertise versus where they had to improve.





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