We Built Shop

Shop was created to strengthen your relationship with customers on the phone. We’ll be sharing more details in future blogs about the strategy behind Shop, our first consumer-facing app. We’ll be answering the following questions: Why did we make Shop an app? How does Shop work with your business?

Shop is an app.

You might see trends in the ScreenTime feature of your Android or iPhone. We spend more time using a few apps than we do browsing the internet, so social networking and shopping apps are increasingly important drivers of commerce.

This is also reflected in Shopify’s metrics. We’ve seen a 275% rise in traffic to Shopify over the last four years. This is despite people leaving online shops and landing at checkout. Apps are the most popular way to discover and buy. However, it can be costly to use apps to drive traffic and build one yourself. The Shop app is a free channel that allows merchants to secure high-value real property on their customers’ phones.

Imagine your store being the third most-popular shopping app in America. Shop makes it possible.
Shop is the personal shopping assistant of your customers, and this makes it the best shop in town. It simplifies and improves customers’ cart-to-home journeys in all their favorite stores. Shop’s app is unique because its features aren’t only convenient but also meaningful. ShopPay is faster and safer to shop safely. It also offsets carbon emissions by planting trees free of charge. Customers are less likely not to miss a delivery with real-time order tracking that includes push notifications and a live map view. Shop has been able to earn its place in the top 100M smartphones and app store leaderboards thanks to these thoughtful touches.

How Shop works for (and with) your business
Shop helps merchants provide a better cart-to-home experience. Shop also makes it easier to drive repeat and new purchases faster with easy remarketing opportunities. Shop gives merchants the ability to create store profiles that Shop users can use to search for new products and deals. We already see that 9 percent of Shops tab users click to see merchant profiles and product recommendations in greater detail. __S.30__

Every merchant who wants to grow their business must be able to drive targeted discovery and rediscovery. It can be five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Marketing Metrics shows that conversion rates for existing customers are between 60-70% and 5-20% for prospects. Shop helps merchants level the playing field by increasing brand visibility in an app and facilitating discovery through the app without having to build one.

There are many options for shopping

Imagine being able to notify customers instantly about a flash sale or product launch. The Shop channel allows for valuable, timely and exciting interactions with customers. We’re only just beginning.

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