What’s in store? Gen Zers

Gen Z, the generation born after 1997, is the first generation to be digitally native. They are the most tech-savvy generation ever to walk in a mall. We asked 20,000 Americans about their shopping habits in malls to celebrate National Mall Walking Day, which was held on October 8. We were surprised by the results and you may be, too.

Our research revealed that 90% of shoppers visit malls across all generations, with 60% visiting the malls monthly and almost 20% visiting weekly. This mall-walking group is led by Gen Z, believe it or not.

We often think of Gen Z as preferring digital shopping over brick-and-mortar. Our data shows that Gen Zers are the most frequent shoppers to malls, with 39% visiting them monthly, as opposed to 22% for baby boomers. Nearly 44 percent visit more than five malls per month, allowing them to enjoy “IRL” experiences and a break from social media.

However, this discovery does not change the fact that Gen Zers still rely on their smartphones when shopping in-store . This trend can be capitalized by retailers using a variety modern mobile strategies, such as BOPIS (buy in-store, pick up online) and push notifications for new releases and deals, which encourages in-store shoppers to engage with the retailer.

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Our data showed that 52 percent of shoppers are seeking experiences in shopping. Pop-ups, installations and even lounge areas can be implemented quickly to encourage shoppers of all ages to go to the mall more often. This experience shines brightest at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. It covers 4.6 million square feet. Although not all malls can accommodate an amusement park or a large mirror maze, it is possible to attract mall visitors of all ages by following MoA’s lead and enhancing mall with a focus of exciting experiences.

Malls and retailers can evolve as consumers continue to rely on technology. The world’s youngest shoppers will continue to shop in stores and spend their money at the counter, thanks to more mobile-friendly and Instagram-worthy experiences.

Source: https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/whats-in-store-gen-zers/

Sephora will open 100 stores in 2020

Sephora is a major retailer with big growth plans at a time many other retail stores are closing their doors. The beauty retailer is owned by Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH. will open 100 stores by 2020. This is the largest expansion of its real estate, more than double its store growth in 2019. This growth will not be limited to shopping centers. Sephora’s next set will have fewer stores than the existing 5,500, and it will span approximately 4,000 square feet. The company will place a greater emphasis on hair care and fragrances, two areas where it claims to have seen great growth.

Total Retail’s View: There are some positive brick-and mortar retail news that is a welcome addition to the industry. In recent years, beauty has been one the most successful retail categories. This is due to the success of Ulta and other online retailers like Sephora and Glossier. Sephora plans to capitalise on this momentum by expanding its stores in suburban areas and urban centers. The role of physical retail has been changing with the rise of omnichannel fulfillment programs like BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) and Ship from Store (ship from store). Sephora believes that customers will continue to shop in-store with Sephora because of the services and experiences it offers. The numbers show that they will, at least so far.

Source: https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/sephora-open-100-stores-2020/