Window Screen Goes Big Just in Time for Holiday

In a world where we’re bombarded with continuous information, art remains among the biggest forms of inspiration. When tapped in the retail world, artwork draws customers in, evokes emotion and tells a story. Window display is an extremely visual experience and in high-volume foot traffic environments, where hundreds–if not thousands–of clients pass a shop every day, window screens can be a defining factor driving store traffic.

By developing a story, retailers reach clients in a natural manner, piquing interest, communication values, and much more. And as the holidays approach, it is more timely than ever to consider crisp weather, cheerful music, and breakthrough window screens (and we utilize breakthrough intentionally–to see why, read on).

Let’s pull back the curtain on ways retail may think larger with window screen for the holidays–and all year round.

Window Screen: the merchant’s version of curb appeal

What makes a window screen stop a consumer in their paths –whether it is Main Street at a suburban village, a multi-level shopping mall, or a bustling urban centre?

We have talked about how manufacturers can leverage retail as a theatrical stage. Retail is embracing multi-sensory, immersive experiences to great outcomes. However, what happens when there’s a wall–albeit a glass –between you and your audience? The challenge gets greater. You’ve got resources are your disposal–the key becomes leveraging them to your benefit.

You’ve just seconds to entry passersby before they’re onto another storefront. Window screens can stand out through a mixture of four key elements which help break through the noise of the environment, create intrigue, and delight customers:

  • A pop of colour can inspire joy or breathe invigorating energy into a screen –making all of the difference against monochromatic (same-old) city roads. Color may also overcome getting your screens washed out by bright sunlight or dim street light.
  • A window does not need to be static or stationary. Consider the surprising ways that you can depict a scene. Just as our days change, so can windowsand when a consumer walks past precisely the identical window daily, changes can make them take notice. Sound like a great deal of work on your part? Not really, if done with a little creative approach.
  • Whether it is the drape of cloth or fancy digital screens, motion can light up a window (literally and figuratively).
  • Like theatre, to dazzle an audience, think multi-dimensionally. Varying materials and thickness can turn any window into an evocative mise en scène.

Together, these elements spark feelings and make lasting resonance. Nearly all purchases are made based on impulse or emotional decisions, so the ability to forge a relationship is paramount for capturing traffic.

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Storytelling in activity

Medallion Retail hit the streets of Manhattan (considered by many to be the epicenter of window screens ) to illustrate what is winning over shoppers with visual brand stories. Especially in a highly trafficked areas–if New York or a mall rotunda–shoppers are engaged with visuals that enhance their curiosity and drive participation.

The Zola pop-up was exploding with bridal glee–the soul spilled over into the road from January to June. The bold, pink colored balloons seen away from the storefront proposed that the brand’s celebratory spirit and place consumers in the mood for love. Lest you believe with all the pink, this was a Valentine‘s Day window, it was not. The lush color palette, the whimsical balloon arrangement, it almost screamed”reach out and touch” Or, have a photo and share on your social websites. In any case, it attracted shoppers nearer to the shop, where they could not help but see the joys that await those who come indoors.

We caught a lively scene in Attic at the Flatiron District that celebrated spring’s earliest blossoms. To accentuate spring merchandise displays in green colors, the mannequins were interspersed with green blades of grass. A week later, spring had sprung with flowers together with a new pair of outfits. The changing screen was the ideal way for the new to project its enjoyable, optimistic energy to the city streets, and provide passersby something”fresh” to look at. Better still, it took shop employees only minutes to impact this cheery transformation.

Nike’s Soho place has ever-evolving window displays that use custom neon signs and vibrant sculptures to make movement. From a wall of white sneakers into a fleet of runner mannequins, the brand’s rotating screens depict athleticism via an aesthete lens. The signature windows emulate the brand’s hip, experimental, and constantly on-the-move mentality.

Modern bohemian retailer Anthropologie treats its windows like a multi-layered memorial piece. Each and every shop has custom seasonal art tailored to its place, exhibiting an assortment of textures, materials, and much more. If the #AnthroWindows hashtag on Instagram is any indication, the shop’s windows have quite a following. Store personnel are permitted to make windows that resonate in their specific location and hyper local shopper personas. Given the resources and latitude, creativity thrives and boosts the brand’s dedication to being unique and individualistic.

All these examples communicate their brand especially well. Before they see a title on the door, customers understand the identity of a merchant –and the soul behind it. Take a look at our Pinterest page for much more window inspiration.

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Using your words

Creativity is persuasive –but visual art for art’s sake does not always send a message. We can not dismiss the power of words to punch up a fantastic screen and make it a good one. Adding wordplay to the mix can assist your message come through loud and clear. And occasionally, a minimalist screen that is based on words can go just as far as a maximalist scene.

These windows captured out of outside and apparel retailer Orvis clearly convey the brand’s worth: they love dogs–probably just as much as their shoppers do. Orvis clearly has an insight in their shopper personas. We would venture to guess that the Orvis enthusiast is also a passionate puppy fan. Imagine heading out for a fall hike on your equipment with your trusty hound in your side. While apparel from the windows may not attest that Orvis carries dog products, the dog-friendly messaging is guaranteed to entice pet owners that pass by, and may even encourage a few to search for and with their furry friends.

Medallion Retail played with both the words and visual storytelling for the ultra sophisticated holiday windows we made for premium cigar manufacturer Davidoff of Geneva. Our windows, a complete city block in NYC and less grandiose in major markets throughout the nation, captured the luxury of time in a wintry scene which conveyed indulgence, pleasure, and traditional style. All these components work together to exemplify the brand’s message that leisure time ought to be shared and enjoyed with a cigar in hand.

Sharing your brand’s story

Vibrant windows deliver your brand vision . When deciding how to portray your brand throughout the holidays and beyond, ask yourself the following:

  • Are your windows communicative or just creative?
  • What story are you trying to tell–and are you thinking beyond the box to narrate it?
  • Are you integrating color, dynamism, motion, and feel into your screens?
  • Are you tapping into your brand’s shopper personas and creating displays that resonate with their motives and behaviours?
  • How do you use wordplay to highlight your message?
  • Do your screens spark emotion and assist the consumer construct a relationship with your brand?

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