Client relationships aren’t like romantic ones. When one ends, it is not them, it’s you.
Something about the way you are doing business or something you are not doing is what caused that client to look elsewhere for products like yours. So what’s behind those lost client relationships?

You’re Making Them Play the Waiting Game.

Now that a client can buy anything they want online in seconds, they’re much less willing to stand in a line in any shop to get things they want and need. A lengthy line in the checkout ends a customer’s shopping experience on a sour note that they will remember when they leave. Point of sale software can expedite transactions to keep the line turning at an increased pace. Cloud-based POS systems can even eliminate lines entirely and enable your sales associates to complete transactions on the sales floor with iPads.

A ship with no crew is one that is likely to sink, and a shop without the right staffing might endure the same fate. If you don’t have enough employees available to answer questions and retrieve merchandise when you’re busy, clients are likely to see if your competitors offer better service. Hourly sales reporting stats from your point of sale system can give you insight into when you need more people on the ground and as soon as you can afford to have a skeleton crew.

You Are Not Staying Fresh in Their Minds

How often are you staying in contact with your clients via social networking and email? If you are slacking with your online marketing methods, you are giving your competitors a chance to capture your customers‘ attention and steal them. Today, point of sale systems can allow you to market across numerous channels quickly, so staying fresh in customers‘ minds does not have to mean taking tons of time away from other focuses.

This is simple–if you do not have it in stock, your customer will go somewhere else to purchase it. Point of sale software with inventory functionality can help you avoid selling out of your most popular merchandise and permit your partners to save sales by quickly determining what items are on your storeroom waiting to be stocked.

Someone Else Is Rewarding Their Loyalty

Wouldn’t you rather be earning discounts and free merchandise when you shop than not? Stores have loyalty programs because they really do work and provide a competitive advantage. POS systems make it easy to implement and manage one, so that you can stay on pace with competitors.

You Are Not Letting Them Pay the Way They Want

If you don’t accept credit cards yet, you can be sure you’re losing customers to firms that do, but now you may be losing customers even if you’re accepting cards. People using contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay will frequently choose businesses that allow them to pay the way they wish. With a point of sale system that’s set up for the most recent payment methods can help you avoid losing these tech-savvy clients.


POS software, you probably don’t know what you are selling, once you’re selling it, and how much you are selling.

Without POS applications you may not even know your inventory counts and you probably can’t check how your store is doing without physically being at the store. Basically, you’re facing a significant information deficiency that can mean the difference between becoming a flourishing company or one of the 50% of new U.S. businesses that fails in the first five decades. The solution? IPad POS applications, of course!

What is iPad POS Software?

At its most basic level iPad POS software is a program that allows you to make sales with an iPad. But the term”POS applications” is slightly deceptive since in addition to enabling transactions, most iPad POS software enables merchants to track and manage inventory, employees and customer data – often in real time.

Why iPad POS Software?

Traditional, PC-based point of sale systems can cost up to $10,000. That’s right those clunky eyesores aren’t just ugly, they are expensive! Besides providing you with the tools you will need to run a more product company, iPad POS software lowers operating costs and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for servers and fees related to setup, upgrades and repairs. Best of all, most iPad POS software is so intuitive you can literally get up and running in minutes. However, not all iPad point of sale software is created equal, so ensure that you do your homework so as to identify the right fit and the best value for your company.

Researching iPad POS systems can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t know what questions to ask or what you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a point of sale, prevent some of the most frequent pitfalls with our free Selecting a POS Guide — complete with the 10 questions each point of sale provider should be able to answer.


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